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June 22, 2011 by Kyle
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We have been getting some email from folks wondering exactly how our new ‘Coupon Alerts’ feature works. So I wanted to take this opportunity to break it down for you. I will answer some of your specific questions and by doing so I think you will understand exactly how this feature works.

Question #1 – Is it free to sign-up for your ‘Coupon Alerts’?

Answer – Yes, totally free.

Question #2 – How often do you email me new coupons?

Answer – If we add a coupon for one of the stores or categories you chose to get alerts for, then you will get an e-mail that day. So it really depends on your particular stores and how often we add coupons for them.

Question #3 – How do I sign-up for your ‘Coupon Alerts’?

Answer – First thing you have to do is Register with

Question #4 – After I register, what do I do?

Answer – Next you need to Sign-In to your account and configure your ‘Coupon Alert’ Settings. The image below shows you exactly what this page looks like. You just check off all the stores and shopping categories that you want to receive alerts for. Once you have done that, just click ‘Submit’ at the bottom and your done! If you do not want to receive any e-mail alerts just uncheck all of your boxes.

Question #5 – I am still having trouble figuring this out. What do I do?

Answer – Please Contact Us and we would be more than happy to help you out with your specific issues. We want to make sure everybody gets registered so they can save money.

coupon alert page

Here is a video tutorial we made that shows you how to register for ‘Coupon Alerts’:

To get things started, here are some stores you might want to get Coupon Alerts for:


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