10 Bad-Ass Blogs That Will Improve Your Life

September 1, 2011 by Kyle

1 – Lifehacker.com (Bad-Ass Meter 9/10)

– Lifehacker reminds me of Costco. They have a lot of stuff you didn’t know you needed but clearly cannot live without. Like the picture below. Who knew you could use an old tennis ball to open your dam jars that seem to be welded closed. Now if I could just pry our only tennis ball out of our golden retriever’s mouth I will give this life hack a try. But I am thinking the drool will make my hand slip. Which brings me to a new life hack. Dog owner’s, always use a kitchen towel to cover the drooly tennis ball before opening your next jar. Lifehacker.com, you can have that one for free.

2 – Mashable.com (Bad-Ass Meter 10/10)

– Whenever I hear the word Mashable, I think gravy and stuffing. Is there an app for that? But Mashable specializes in bringing to the attention of us lesser folks some really cool gadgets, tech tools, and social media goodies. And they’re really good at it. If you are a techie you need to be reading Mashable. Otherwise, how in the world would you know that Blondie is Set to Release their New Album exclusively through Amazon.com. Or that Netflix is raising prices. Dam, Netflix, why have you forsaken me.

3 – MSN Smart Spending.com (Bad-Ass Meter 9/10)

– Big fan of spending your money smartly. Hover car, Fiji water, anything from the Hammacher Schlemmer catalog need not apply.  Also, never buy a wooden iPad in the Walmart parking lot. But I digress. The best part about MSN Smart Spending is the blog posts from Donna Freedman. I’ve had the distinct pleasure to be interviewed by Donna on a couple occasions and her professionalism and attention to detail are worth noting. She blogs about surviving and thriving on less, as well as tips on finding the best deals online and off. A true bad-ass.

4 – Wisebread.com (Bad-Ass Meter 9.5/10)

– Wise Bread will make you a bad-ass, one post at a time. If you become an active reader you will be the envy of your friends and will be able to wow them regularly with your new knowledge. The variety at Wise Bread absolutely cracks me up. For example, you will learn 25 Alternative Uses for Lemons, How to Avoid (and Treat) Cold Sores, as well The Worst Investments You Can Make. OK, Wise Bread I need to see a post in the next couple months titled, ’10 Investments that are Lemons and May Give You Cold Sores If you Suck on Them’.  OK…it’s a working title. But I guarantee I would read it.

5 – Parent Hacks.com (Bad-Ass Meter 9/10)

– Hey parents, who doesn’t need some solid parenting tips every once in a while? Can I get an ‘Amen’? I sure could have used one this morning when I had 3 kids who couldn’t agree on anything. I was so close to throwing them out in the street in their under-roos and Dora the Explorer nightgown it wasn’t even funny. I have used Asha’s blog several times over the past few years to find some juicy parenting tidbits.  A couple of my all-time favorite posts include Baking soda deodorizes a mattress after a stomach flu disaster (aka vomit), What to say if your kid finds one of her presents before it’s wrapped, and my all-time favorite bad-ass parenting hack Peanut butter spoon as a substitute for thumbsucking. This so worked for my wife and I. On our kid that is, my wife and I don’t suck our thumbs (anymore). Ummm, Jif.

6 – Money Saving Mom.com (Bad-Ass Meter 9/10)

– I’m not a money saving Mom, per say, we’ll actually not at all. But I am definitely a money saving Dad and have used Crystal’s blog frequently to find a printable store coupon or a restaurant coupon when taking my family out for dinner. Also, if you’re interested in Becoming a Work-At-Home Mom you will enjoy the Money Saving Mom blog. Part of becoming a bad-ass is learning how to stretch your hard-earned dollars as far as possible and that is one thing this blog will help you do.

7 – Smart Money.com (Bad-Ass Meter 9/10)

– When it comes to investing and financial advice, Smart Money.com is a great stop. Their articles always make me feel smarter when I’m done. Their advice is always written for someone who has NOT recently graduated from the New York School of Business. Which is very refreshing. Some of my favorite posts include 10 Reasons I’m Cancelling My Credit Cards and 4 Reasons Your Retirement Is Nothing Like Mom’s. My retirement is nothing like my Mom’s because I don’t stash a coffee can with cash in the back of the freezer. My can has frozen Snickers in it so my kids won’t sniff them out like a bunch of hound dogs.

8 – Get Rich Slowly.com (Bad-Ass Meter 9/10)

– I have been reading J.D.’s blog since I was knee high to a grasshopper.  This guy taught me the importance of getting and staying out of debt and what a total bad-ass it will make you feel like.  I realized the goal of being debt free back in 2007 and I gotta say, Chuck Norris had nothing on me. It really can be done and the archives at Get Rich Slowly can show you how to do it. Some of my all time favorites include How to Get Out of Debt, 9 Methods for Mastering Your Money, and Daily Links: Money Saving Tips Edition. The last post was when J.D. mentioned Rather-Be-Shopping.com back in 2008. Bad. Ass.

9 – Consumer Reports Blog.com (Bad-Ass Meter 9.3/10)

– I have fond memories of going to our local library with my Mom and looking at the latest Consumer Reports trying to figure out which washing machine to buy. Good times. Although, I was always so disappointed they didn’t carry Playboy in the periodical section. Anyways, Consumer Reports has always been a highly trusted and unbiased resource for consumers and their online blog continues that tradition. On the blog, they answer puzzling questions like Why do mattresses go on sale on a day that celebrates work? and of the course, Gifts that’ll make Dad a happy camper—even at home. To anybody reading this who has a Dad who is not taking a dirt nap, please read this post and seer it to memory. Thanks!

10 – Motherlode.com (Bad-Ass Meter 9/10)

– The tagline on Lisa’s blog is ‘Adventures in Parenting’. That pretty much sums up my life right now. 3 kids, a mortgage, stained carpets, more toothbrushes than kids (for some reason), and more hilarious stories than you can imagine. Motherlode is such a gem because of the writing style. I call it fun, yet serious. Some of the posts which hit home with me include Are Parents Too Involved in Children’s Sports?, Calling Mr. Mom, and Finding Time for Hobbies After Baby.  Motherlode understands the true essence of being a parent, from both the Mom and Dad’s perspective, which I REALLY appreciate. Go check it out today, I think you will bookmark it.

– Any bad-ass blogs you want to add to this post? Please leave a comment and let everyone know about it.

By Kyle James


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Great post, as usual. Familiar with most of these but excited to check out a couple new blogs as well.

Donna Freedman

That’s MR. Bad-Ass to you, maggot! Now drop and give me 20!!!!
(Seriously: Thank you for this.)