Frugal Hack #6: Go Social and Save Money

February 5, 2013 by Kyle

(Welcome to the sixth post in my new Frugal Hacks series. Frugal life tips which take very little time to implement, but could conceivably save you a ton of money every year.)

Do you have several online or brick & mortar stores that you consistently shop at? If you do, be sure to “Like” their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter as a great way to be kept in the know of new promotions and exclusive content and coupons. As social media reaches more and more of the masses, almost all nationwide retailers are using it as an effective way to interact with loyal customers. Even your smaller specialty stores and “Ma and Pa” shops are taking to the power of social media.

Below is a screenshot of an exclusive 30% off Lands’ coupon found on their Facebook feed a few weeks ago.

The Skinny:

~ Think Ahead – If you’re planning a large purchase like an appliance or a television, plan ahead and follow Best Buy, Home Depot, and Lowe’s on Facebook and don’t buy until the right deal comes across your Facebook feed. Be patient and only buy when the price is right.

~ Use Your Smartphone – When you’re out at the mall or local store and approaching the checkout counter with a cart full of merchandise, whip out your smart phone and go to the Facebook or Twitter page of the store you are at. One minutes of your time could conceivably save you up to 30% off your purchase.

Have you tried this frugal hack before? If so, have you been getting some good money saving coupons or deals via social media?

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DC @ Young Adult Money

All great tips that I have used in the past. Many businesses will also host giveaways. The Minnesota Viking’s have a Twitter account that is made SPECIFICALLY for giveaways. Leading up to the regular season they had giveaways every single day last year. I won some golf balls, which is better than nothing though I would have loved a signed game-worn jersey instead 😉

I’ve also won a gift card from a local restaurant. Also, because of my follower count, I have been sent free stuff with the company asking me to give them a shoutout tweet.

Anyway social media is where most of the deals seem to be heading. Just look at the sheer number of companies and websites sponsoring giveaways 😉

Chris @ Stumble Forward

We did the same exact thing when we were buying appliance for our house late last year. In fact we even were able to get a service rep to call us back when the best deal of the year was going on and we saved around 15% on our appliances.

The Happy Homeowner

This is definitely something I need to get better with, especially considering I need to buy a new laptop within the next month!

Shannon @ The Heavy Purse

Great tips, Kyle! There are lots of ways to score good deals and more places are rewarding their social media followers. I love how easy it is to compare prices too, makes shopping more fun!


Great tip. I have gotten discounts from Red Lobster, Yoplait yogurt, Heritage Square amusement park, and the Colorado Rockies from Facebook. Never hurts to check.

Mendy Dinsmore
Mendy Dinsmore

I always check Facebook and websites for coupons. It sure helps out.