Frugal Hack #7: Use Coupon Alerts To Save Money

February 14, 2013 by Kyle

Happy Valentine’s Day! Looking for a last minute frugal gift? Check out our old post: 50 Valentine’s Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

Let’s wrap up the coupon talk with this latest frugal hack. I’m all about automating your savings as a great way to build security and fund you retirement. But nowadays there are many ways to making savings automatic that extend way beyond taking money out of your paycheck each month. One of them involves savings when making necessary purchases.

For example, let’s say you need to buy a wedding gift in the near future, or perhaps a birthday or anniversary gift for your spouse. A good frugal hack to ensure you get a discount is to register for our free coupon alerts, pick the stores you’re likely to shop with, and let us send you a coupon via email when we add one to This will guarantee you WON’T pay full price.

Here is a video I made that shows the easy process of signing up for ‘Coupon Alerts’:

The Skinny:

~ Think Ahead – Like I mentioned above, make sure you are registered for coupon alerts at stores you know you will be buying from in the next couple months. Examples include Toys R Us if buying birthday gifts for kids, Abe Books if buying textbooks for next semester, Crate & Barrel if buying from a wedding registry, and Lands’ End if buying for back-to-school.

~ Easy to Unregister – Once you have used the coupon and saved money, just un-click the store from your account and you’ll never get an email from us again. The reason I even mention this is I know there are people who will make purchases just because the coupon or deal is so good and not because there is an actual need. I totally get this and have made it as easy as possible to unregister.

Would love your feedback on our coupon alerts feature. Do you think this is something you would find valuable?

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Corina Ramos

Hello Kyle,

I never thought of this idea before. I do have some special occasions coming up and I love saving money 🙂

Thanks for sharing this with us! Have a great weekend and hope you had a Happy Valentine’s Day!



Sherry J

Thanks for the post,great tips.

soha molina

I will share this with friends.