Blog Spotlight: 10 Questions With Eric of DollarVersity

May 30, 2013 by Kyle

Proud to add Eric of as our newest blog spotlight contributor. I stumbled across his blog a few weeks ago and was immediately struck by his candor and “say it like it is” writing style. I have always been drawn to those types of blogs as they are typically very interesting reads because you never know what you’re going to get. (Except brutal honesty!) Check out his interview below to learn more about him and his blog.

10 Questions With Eric of

Q: Describe your blog in 5 sentences or less?
Eric: DollarVersity is simply an outlet for me to voice my opinions on a variety of issues I deal with in my personal or professional life. It’s a place where I hope people can come to be informed in an entertaining manner and in a way that is not typically done in the personal finance space.

Q: What makes your blog different from all the rest?
Eric: The way in which I write and the angles I take in covering many topics makes DollarVersity stand out (in a good way I would hope). Taking personal biases out of the equation, while looking at certain issues with a broad view is something that generally isn’t done on many sites. Two of the more distinct issues that are in very steak contrast to the mainstream finance sites are credit and frugality. I don’t believe that everyone is interested in living a frugal life nor does everyone have the same negative view of the credit industry. Consequently, I speak a lot about responsible handling of money rather than frugality (there is a difference) and the benefits of credit & debt.

Q: What would I be surprised to find in your refrigerator right now?
Eric: I’d have to go with Brussels sprouts. Most people only know them as those bland, disgusting balls of green leaves that their parents forced them to eat as kids. In reality, when done the right way, they are and awesomely nutritious and versatile accompaniment to any main dish. I love me some garlic roasted Brussels sprouts!

Q: If you were deserted on a desert island and could pick one music CD to bring, what would it be? (assuming you had a CD player and electricity )
Eric: Licensed To Ill by the Beastie Boys. Growing up in NYC in the 80’s and being Jewish it was cool seeing a trio of white Jews becoming huge hip-hop stars. To this day, it’s still one of the few albums I can actually listen to from beginning to end without a single track I want to skip.

Q: When and why did you first start blogging?
Eric: July 2011. I was tired of reading the same things all over the place and wanted to provide a different voice so people would know that there are other ways of looking at the same issues. Even today, there are so many articles that cover the same exact topics in the same exact manner from the same exact viewpoint that I can’t understand why people wouldn’t get tired of it.

Q: What post on your blog best depicts the essence of you?
Eric: There are a few, but one that I would have to say captures who I am the most is The Brutal Truth: Why I Hate Visiting Your Site. It pretty much reflects what I said in the last question. I always have opinions and don’t like to keep them to myself if they can possibly provide benefit to others. With that post, I got to vent my frustration with blogging, but at the same time if only one person looked at it and realized that they could be doing something different to provide more to their readers, then it was worth it. Granted, some people may take offense to some of the points I make, but I really don’t care, especially if others are thinking/saying the same things (which they are, as I have heard directly) yet are too nice/intimidated to say something themselves.

Q: What blog or website influenced you the most when you started?
Eric: JD Roth’s first site Get Rich Slowly and Budgets Are Sexy by the estimable Mr. J $ (he of the awesome Mohawk) were the first two I really started reading and the approaches they took made me think it was possible for me to do the same. They were different from the rest of the websites I saw, and different from each other but they were each able to convey coherent, informative messages which made me feel like my approach would be possible as well.

Q: Who would play you in a movie about your life, and why?
Eric: I’d like to think that I’m an original, so there really wouldn’t be anyone I would want to play me in a movie. Besides, I’m not into “fake celebrity”, so I doubt I would ever sign off on a movie about my life.

Q: When it comes to blogging, what is your biggest pet peeve?
Eric: See question #6. I can’t stand how unoriginal so many blogs are. That, and how people can’t see it themselves, leaving comment after comment about great and informative a post was even though it was the 1,000th article to say the same thing about the same subject, and in the same way with little value added.

Q: What is your favorite breakfast cereal and why?
Eric: I don’t eat cereal. Actually, I don’t separate foods into “time of day” items. I’ll eat eggs or pancakes for dinner, and I’ve been known to eat pizza or steak in the morning. Basically, I’ll eat what I feel like, when I feel like it. That’s pretty much my attitude on everything, so why should food be any different? 😉

Thanks Eric. I gotta say that after reading his post on why other blogs suck, it made me take a good hard look at my own blog and what I could do to make it stand out more in the crowd. Covering the same old topics in the same old way ain’t going to cut it any more. Good stuff that all bloggers should think about when they sit down and put fingers to keys.

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Grayson @ Debt Roundup

I really enjoy Eric’s work. He has a candor that many do not possess. One of the many things that set him apart is that he might not like your site, but he surely doesn’t resort to name calling or little kid tricks. His honesty is quite refreshing.