I Took Two Girls to Justice and Came Out Alive

August 23, 2013 by Kyle

Story time boys & girls….

Are you familiar with the Justice clothing brand? Lots of bright colors, mainly pink, yellow, and lime green. Well anyways, my two young daughters absolutely love the store and pretty much everything located therein. So last week I took them back-to-school shopping as my wife was busy and being the great husband that I am, I volunteered. I figured how hard could it be, walk in, they each pick out an outfit, pay for it, and grab a Starbucks as my reward on the way out of the mall. Easy cheesy.

Um, yeah, not exactly. So we walk into our local Justice store and within 15 seconds a very friendly, bubbly, teenager is in my grill telling me about all the current sales and how we picked a great day to come in because the entire store is 40% off. To myself I am saying, “OK, OK, enough of the sales pitch, leave me alone so we can get this dealio started.”

So the first thing my oldest daughter picks out is a stripped “fancy” t-shirt and I notice the price tag is $27.50. I was like, “Is it $27.50 for all of them? That can’t be right.” But then I remembered the 40% off deal the teenager preached and already I am not liking this store as it’s requiring me to do some fairly complicated division and I have only been in the doors like 2 minutes.

She then picks out a pair of shorts to go with the top and the price tag on it was right around $32. At this point I am saying to myself, “Does anybody every shop here when the entire store is not 40% off?” They’d be crazy. Come to find out that the store is almost always 40% off and sometimes more. What an interesting pricing strategy. Mark everything WAY up so the prices are literally laughable, especially when you consider that close to 100% of the clothing is made in China or Indonesia for dimes, then throw out the “40% off” bone to entice the deal hounds.

At this point my youngest finds a backpack and matching lunch box and falls in love with it harder than a Taylor Swift song. She looks over at me with puppy dog eyes and I simply can’t resist buying them for her. By this time the 40% off bug has gotten under my skin and I am looking at the price tags with rose colored glasses. I am totally becoming what the execs at Justice want, a parent who thinks he is getting a great deal when he is actually paying more than he probably should. My only excuse is that I am a total Justice rookie.

Things then got really uncomfortable for me when my daughter was trying on some clothing in the dressing room and asked me to come in. I walk in to a bunch of moms staring at me like I’m some perv and I just keep my eyes forward like I have blinders on. I get to my daughter’s dressing “cubicle” and quickly check out her clothing to see if the size is correct which of course it isn’t. The shorts are so tight her thighs are turning blue. So I go grab a bigger size and make my way back through the stares and come back with the correct size. By this point I have sweat running down my back I am so uncomfortable with entire dealio.

I literally couldn’t pay for our purchase and get out of the store quick enough. Oh, and another thing that I didn’t like was a large chunk of the clothing was hung so high on the walls that you had to either scale the walls like a lemur, or ask for help to get it down. Really, what is that all about? The whole process was so awkward and sooo not set up for Dad’s who shop not because they want to, but because their underwear literally has no more elastic waistband on it. But in the end I survived the trip and my wife was extremely impressed that I pulled it off without going crazy.

Anyone else have a similar experience with Justice or am I the only weirdo in the bunch?

By Kyle James


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Sarah H
Sarah H

This is SO funny…good for you and glad you came out in 1 piece!


Lol! We don’t have the Justice brand in the UK (I don’t think anyway), but this story made me chuckle! I would be the same about the price tags. 40% off, that is a pretty hefty discount for clothes! Their pricing strategy is definitely interesting! Well done for surviving the whole ordeal.:)

Josh @ CNA

Hey Kyle,

Thanks for the laugh! I’ve never heard of Justice but, judging by the store front, you’re lucky to be alive!!! I’ll see ya around the blogosphere!


Was her size her usual size? I read about some shops messing sizes up and some teenagers had eating disorders because they needed the size up and thought they were going fat!


Thankfully we are not at the age or size for that store yet, but I bet by next summer we will be. We don’t have a Justice anywhere close to where we live, so that is a bonus for sure. Fluorescent colors give me a headache, so I’m not sure how much I could take. You did much better than my husband would have.


Haha I’m so glad you made it out alive. I hate Justice too. I feel you bro