Negotiating a Better Price on Underwear at Walmart, Cheap or Smart?

September 5, 2013 by Kyle

Would you be too embarrassed to haggle for a better price at your local Walmart? Or, like me,  maybe you didn’t even think there was a reasonable possibility it would work. Well, I got an interesting email yesterday from a dude who read my recent post at Prairie Eco-Thrifter about How To Haggle For A Bargain and was adamant that my advice didn’t go nearly far enough. Instead of me trying to paraphrase, here is what this colorful fellow had to say:

Hi Kyle,

I just read your article about negotiating for a better price and I gotta say you tried to stick 5 pounds of s**t in a 3 pound bag with that one. To NOT ask for a better price is just plain dumb. Heck, the other day I was in Walmart and needed me some new underwear and t-shirts and got me a great deal by speaking up.

The Hanes brand is what I like as they don’t ride up but they are a little pricey for the 7-pack. So I asked a worker if they’d take $7 instead of the $10 they were asking. I figure $1 a pair is still going to make them some money.

She runs off and comes back with a manager-type and I explain that $1 a pair is what I typically pay and he wrote out a price adjustment slip and off I went with $1 undies. Negotiate for a better price everywhere people!

Just keeping it real – Ted

Fact or Fiction?

Once I got beyond the pure amazing-ness of this email I started asking myself if I could do what Ted did. The answer, for me, is “No”. If the package of tightie-whities had a hole in it, was already used, or was damaged in some way then maybe, but for something that is already so darn affordable to begin with, not going to happen.

Can Ted Afford his Lifestyle?

I am guessing someone who gets his underwear for a discount at Walmart is probably living within (or below) his means. What do you think? Part of me wants to get in touch with him and interview him for my blog. I have a feeling he has a ton of “interesting” money-saving stories similar to the tightie-whitie incident.

Always Keep Your Undies from Ridin’ Up

Part of me feels bad for Ted as there really is nothing worse than a pair of ill-fitting undergarments.  If you ever experienced what Ted is talking about maybe you too would negotiate a better deal on the non-rising variety.

But seriously, negotiating for a better price does indeed work very well at antique stores, pawn shops, and big box stores. The secret is to look for imperfect items and to try and bundle items together as managers are much more likely to offer discounts that way. I recently did this at my local Best Buy when I got $50 off my order total when I bought both a Bluray player and a surround sound system. All I did was ask and they immediately took $50 off.

What is your take on big Ted? Could you, or do you, negotiate like him? If so, what is the most unusual thing you have ever scored a deal on?

By Kyle James


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I don’t believe that was a real email, but if it was, I could not do that at WalMart. If I tried to get a discount on panties, I’d probably have to talk to the manager, who is a guy I know from one of my workout classes. The extra $3 would not be enough to pay for the humiliation of having him examine my underwear. I actually would not buy undies at Walmart, but that’s another story!

Josh from

I’m quite good at haggling, but I save those skills for larger purchases. Lets face it, if it takes me 15 minutes to get $1 off, I’ve earned $4 an hour for the negotiation. Not worth my time. But, if I can take a grand or two off the price of a car in a dealership in an hour or two, that’s definitely worth it for me!

Simon @ Modest Money

I probably don’t have the guts to negotiate for some things at the stores, and as others have pointed, it might not make all that much difference financially especially for the smaller items.

Still, I’d want to hear more from this guy 🙂

Taynia | The Fiscal Flamingo

Even if I wanted to haggle at Walmart, I simply could not for fear I would bust up laughing at the thought of poor Ted and his tightie whities that may or may not be riding up. Real dude or not, thanks for the laughs this morning. That was great.


Wow Kyle! That was awesome! But seriously! Y’all need to stop raggin’ on poor Ted! I tell you, just as sure as I’m sitting here typing, I’ll haggle with anybody, on anything, just about anytime! I’m in the position where I have FAR more time than I have money! And ANY amount off, even 0.50 is worth it to me. Have you people not ever heard of or perhaps just forgotten the old phrase, “A penny saved is a penny earned”? I can’t believe the way people are anymore! Not worth the effort to bend over and pick up a penny! Can NOT TELL YOU how MANY times I’ve heard people say that! Then there was the day in the grocery store, …I was going in about the same time a lady finished checking out. I had walked in the door of the Food Lion and was walking past the end of the checkout stands as she began to walk away from where she checked out. All of a sudden, I start hearing the sound of coins hitting the floor. I realized she was dropping a boat load of QUARTERS! NOT PENNIES!!! As I bent over to try to start picking them up I tried to get her attention, calling out after her. Someone else finally tapped her shoulder and pointed at me and told her I was trying to get her attention. She looked at me and said, “Yes?” I’m still crouched down on the floor picking up quarters and as I showed them to her I said, “Ma’am … I believe you dropped these.” She replied, “Don’t worry about it.” Shocked I looked at her and said, “But Ma’am … You do realize that these are quarters…? And there are quite a few of them.” She replied back, “Go ahead and pick them up if you like. Keep ’em. I don’t want them.” I ALMOST FELL OVER! By the time I finished picking them all up there was about 17 or 18 quarters. She might as well have dropped a $5 bill! I really tried to impress on her how many quarters there were laying on the floor. She didn’t care. So the rest of the story, I guess you could say is I’m 51. I’ve been on 100% disability for 10 years. I lost almost all my modesty after, well during really, the birth of my first child! I had three! Haggling over what some would apparently think of as a few pennies is how I survive. Fortunately I have only one debt. An old school loan from right before I got so sick that I had to go on disability. But after applying to have the debt discharged I was denied and then erroneously told that there was nothing else that I could do about it. So, being unable to pay it, I didn’t. They are now garnishing my disability check for 15%, the maximum allowed by law, leaving me to live on ~$904/month. My rent is $590. I then have internet phone and Netflix bills (No cable – can’t afford it!), food for my Service Dog, and medications that come to about $180 leaving me with about $133/month for food, clothing and any misc. that might crop up and occur. Oh, and I receive NO public assistance. (That’s by choice. I qualify, I just don’t want it.) I actually PITY the fool who try’s to steal my identity! HA-HA!!! I would be SUCH a TOTAL WASTE of his/her time! Anyway, please understand … I AM NOT COMPLAINING… i need no one to feel bad for me. I’m quite happy. My point being in sharing all of this is that there ARE A LOT of people out here that are far worse off than I am. We can’t afford NOT to haggle when the opportunity presents itself! Especially in a month where you might be running short on money, or more short than usual! 🙂 ALL THAT BEING SAID… I HAVE NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER gotten ANYONE AT ANY WAL-MART


(sorry…I accidentally hit the enter key) … I was trying to say that, regardless of the merchandise type, or condition, being damaged, or a return, or a floor model (even when it was the only one in the store AND discontinued, …should have already been removed from the floor) Wal-Mart refuses to haggle on prices. They say they don’t do so because anything damaged and/or discontinued goes back the manufacturer. Meaning even though we already make TONS of money, we’re cheap and won’t haggle because we don’t have to and we don’t want to loose the pennies! I have been told this by MULTIPLE Wal-Mart managers, and the stories are VERY consistent. So for that reason ALONE I question the validity of “Ted’s” email. Aside from that, I’m sure he has some AWESOME haggling stories!