Life After Chickens…Pygmy Goats of Course!

October 23, 2013 by Kyle

As you probably remember, the chicken project at our house had an untimely demise but we are a very resilient bunch out here in the country.

So it should come as no great surprise that we have moved on from poultry to the next barnyard animal, pygmy goats! It all started when we went to our local pumpkin patch this past Sunday to buy some ridiculously expensive orange squash.

At said pumpkin patch they also had a petting zoo, armed with an industrial size Purell dispenser and various barnyard animals, including goats. When my wife and kids saw the goats their wheels immediately started turning.

After a quick Craigslist search on my iPhone, and a couple phone calls, the plan was put into action. In other words, within two hours of the original idea, I had two possibly pregnant pygmy goats bouncing around in the back of my truck, pooping incessantly I might add.

Meet Rosie and Petunia…


Other than bragging about having goats, which clearly is HUGE, there actually is a point to this post today.  And that is the fact that pygmy goats just may be the BEST PET EVER, and here is why:

  1. They are small and can’t reach any of the fruit on our fruit trees.
  2. They are small and don’t eat much.
  3. They are small and so is their poop.
  4. They are small and can easily be led on a leash by my 2 daughters (6 and 9 years old).
  5. They make very little, if any, noise and are quite happy to follow you around looking for a handout.
  6. They are goats which means they eat EVERYTHING, including poison oak which I have plenty of on my 3 acres.

Oh, and yes, you read correctly when I mentioned that both goats might be pregnant. I’ll know for sure in a few months, let me know if I can reserve one of the kids for ya. 😉 I really hope they are preggers as my nine year old is soooo excited about the possibility of helping Rosie give birth. That should be a really interesting conversation. I’ll keep ya updated.

Ask the Reader: What is the most unusual pet you have ever owned? How did it work out?

By Kyle James


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DC @ Young Adult Money

That’s amazing! I know people who have all sorts of animals at home but never a goat! Seems like a fun thing for you and your family.

Laurie @thefrugalfarmer

Can’t wait to hear more about this exciting adventure! How do they treat the kids – do they nip or bite at all? Have they been eating things you don’t want them to eat, like clothes off the line or anything? Do you keep them in a pen or are they “free range” pygmy goats? 🙂

lyle @ the Joy of Simple

Wow Kyle…pygmy goats!! That’s pretty exotic in my book!! The most unusual pet I ever had was a cat 🙂

Will you be making organic goat cheese or goat milk as a side hustle? Best of luck and take care.

My best to all.


Jamie V
Jamie V

We bought 2 alpacas in July. Both are now pregnant and we will have two babies next year. This is a business venture, although since we’re not hard-core business folks yet, they make really, really cute pets who are also awesome grass-mowers and produce extremely good fertilizer!

Budget and the Beach

OMG adorable. I dated a guy after college who lived on a farm and they helped nurse unusual animals back to health. My fave was an armadillo. He just did the funniest damn things, and learned to climb steps, which I guess they don’t normally climb. They also had goats. Goats are hilarious.

Tara @ Streets Ahead Living

they’re great lawn mowers! so cute. Hope this works out in your favor.


Awww…..I think they’re adorable. My kids would love having goats!

Kyle @

I’ll ship one to you Holly!

KK @ Student Debt Survivor

Oh wow, you guys are dead serious with the farm animals, I love it! Bf and I have often said if we won the lottery (or had enough money) we’d buy an old farmhouse in the country and turn it into an animal sanctuary.


Goats and possibly pregnant goats at that… wow!!!

My most unusual poet was a salamander which I don’t think it that unique. Plus it was when I was 7ish.

I’m really interested in reading more about your new additions!

Kyle @

Thanks for stopping by Brent!

The kids are pretty darn excited about having baby goats hopping around our quasi-farm. I’ll definitely keep you updated!


I have wanted a goat forever, but Jim says they will eat everything and climb on my car. If you can prove they are well behaved, maybe he’ll let me have one. Where do you live, I’ll come get a baby if your goat is pregnant!

Kyle @

Hey Kim, I’m hoping they’ll eat everything, including poison oak! They do like to climb on stuff but fortunately we aren’t keeping them in the garage. 😉

I’ll keep ya informed…I live in California