Frugal Hack #25: How To Ask For An Price Match and Get Price Protection

May 15, 2015 by Kyle

(Updated 8/05/17) In the past, I’ve talked a lot about how to get a price match at major retailers, both in-store and online. In all of my articles, I’ve never talked about how to get a price match at Mainly because it’s kinda tricky, involves a few extra steps, and unfortunately there is no guarantee that you’ll get the lower price.

But it’s always worth a shot and my personal success rate hovers right around 60% which is pretty darn good. Your potential for saving significant money is good, especially if you have Amazon Prime and don’t pay any shipping charges. Here’s the skinny to make an Amazon price match happen.

Step 1: Find a Lower Price Online or In-Store

The first thing to do is actually find a lower price on a product that Amazon sells. In my example below, I found a pair of Bose QuietComfort 25 Headphones, which Amazon currently sells for $299, for $269.77 on the eGlobalGentral website. The thirty dollar savings is definitely worth seeking a price match, especially since eGlobalCentral is a site I have never heard of and would rather avoid.

They are probably just fine, but since I already have an Amazon Prime membership, I’d rather just order from them as I know it’s safe and I’ll get the product delivered to my front door in 2 days.

Amazon Headphones

And below is the Bose headphones page from the eGlobalCentral website. While it comes with free shipping, it will take 3-5 days to have my order leave the warehouse and another 3-5 days to be delivered. This is a perfect example of a product worth seeking an price match.

Cheaper Headphones

Step 2: Ask for an Amazon Price Match

OK, so we found a product with a lower price. Now it’s time to tell the folks at Amazon about it. On the product page, in the “Product Details” section, you’ll see a highlighted section toward the bottom that says “tell us about a lower price”.

In the image below, I have it highlighted with a green circle so you’ll know exactly what I am talking about. Simply click on it.

Where to Ask

Next, a pop-up window will appear (image below) which will prompt you to tell Amazon about the lower price. At this point, you’ll have the option of telling them about a cheaper online price, or a cheaper in-store price.

In my example, I click on the “Website (Online)”  button and enter the url of the competing website, lower price, shipping costs, and the current date. Next, click the “Submit Feedback” button and send the info to Amazon.

Ask for Price Match

Step 3: Check Back Often for the Price Match

After you have informed Amazon of the lower price, you’ll want to check back to the product page every day for a few days to see if they lowered the price. In my experience, it usually takes a couple days for them to verify the lower price and adjust theirs accordingly.

I’ve had much better success getting them to lower an online price compared to an in-store price. While I’ve had about 7-8 items lowered via a cheaper online price, I’ve yet to have them lower a price because I found a cheaper in-store price.

I think this has to do with it being much easier for them to verify the web price compared to looking into a price at a store in your area.

BONUS: What if Amazon Drops the Price After You Buy? Get Price Protection.

Another smart way to save money with Amazon is when they lower their price after you’ve made your purchase. While not widely published, or found anywhere on their website for that matter, they offer price protection for the first 10 days after your purchase.

This means they’ll happily refund you the difference between what you paid and what they currently sell the product for. Note: This new 10-day price protection policy is up from their previous 7-day policy.

I started a live chat session (see image below) with Mary at, and she verified the 10-day policy and informed me it only works on stuff sold directly by Amazon, and not products sold by 3rd parties via the website.

I then asked about the best way contact them when I have an opportunity to take advantage of this policy, and she told me I could do it by live chat, email, or via a phone call. CLICK HERE to visit the Amazon customer service page with instructions on how to contact them by any of these three methods. Live Chat

Ask the Reader: Have you ever informed Amazon of a lower price in the hopes that they’ll lower theirs? If so, did you have any luck?

By Kyle James

Photo by C_osett

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I ordered a Nexus 6 three days ago, and they went on sale today…

I contacted Amazon Customer Service, and was told “we do have a price match policy of 7 days after the delivery date And we issue the refund for the price difference in the gift card balance .”

Got the price difference as a gift card in my account after a few minutes.


Thanks for sharing this info. I’m about to purchase an expensive audio rack and I see the same product on other seller online at better price. I will try it.


Seems Amazon has just recently (today, as a matter of fact) greatly restricted their price matching policy now to ONLY ‘eligible’ televisions and cell phones ‘with select other retailers’… Otherwise, they now say ‘ doesn’t offer price matching’…

I submitted a couple lower price reports just yesterday on some NAS boxes – I went to submit another item today and the ‘…or tell us about a lower price’ is no longer there.
Now under Feedback it just says: ‘Would you like to update product info or give feedback on images?’


I’ve noticed the same. However, try refreshing the product page, or check it again later. The “Tell Us About a Lower Price” link may not always appear all the time.


I had purchased 2 Kids Kindles within 2 weeks of each other and Black Friday week the price went from $99 to $84.99 and chatted with Amazon and they gave me a $30.00 credit!! The rules are within 10 days but they took care of both. It did help that I bought everything from amazon to begin with and it was all done from my Lazy Boy in my living room.


Interesting. Especially noting Kincade’s comment about the kids kindles.

I purchased FOUR kids kindles. Two were ordered on November 13th. Then I ordered two more on November 19th. The kindles went on sale for $84.99 on November 21st. I called customer service, and at first she tried to get me to return two of the tablets, get a refund, and purchase them when they go on sale. It was so hard to make her understand that they were ALREADY on sale.

When we finally got that cleared up, she told me the limit was SEVEN days (I thought it was actually 30) , and that only two of the tablets would be eligible for the price match partial refund. She refunded me a total of $30.

I begged and pleaded with the customer service rep about getting a credit or refund for the other two I purchased, especially since it was only EIGHT days between purchase date, and the day they went on sale. Unfortunately, she would not budge.

NOW that I am hearing it is actually TEN days, I am livid in realizing ALL FOUR of the tablets I purchased were eligible for the price match. and I wonder if I should contact them by phone again, or do it via chat.

Nicole LaBelle

I would definitely contact them again. And get your full refund.


I called yesterday after ordering a 6 pack promotional Kindle deal on Wednesday. The 6 pack price $249.95, Black Friday price, $209.94 for 6. They said the best they would do is give me a $15 credit since I already took advantage of the 6 pack promotion. I said I would return them and reorder and they said i wouldn’t get the new order until 12/21, 12/25, then after Christmas during our frustrating 25 min call. I am very unhappy with Amazon.

Joe Blevins

I just got off chat with Amazon. This does not apply if the new lower price is a Lightning Deal. I bought a phone 12/10, today on 12/17 it is $50 less. They said I need to order a new phone and return the other to get the difference.

OK - Dee - Raidy

The ” Tell us about a lower price ” – option has been systematically removed from most items.

Some pockets remain however so use it where you find it.


I tried to get a price adjustment yesterday in a chat and was told “We don’t offer post-purchase adjustments for products other than TVs.”. So it sound like they have changed their policy yet again.


I had the same experience as Bruce. Very frustrating. I ordered 2 loudspeakers at 129 each on Tuesday and called on Wednesday (24hrs), before I even received the product. They just kept repeating the same quote to me “We don’t offer post-purchase adjustments for products other than tvs”


sorry, so upset i forgot to say the new price was 99.00. a total of 60.00 difference.


Looks like this is Amazon’s new stance. A few books I ordered went down a dollar each, but they wouldn’t price match their own site. Could always return and re-order, but that’s too much hassle for $2.

Felipe B. Galvan

I’m going to say that hours after I bought a product from amazon they lowered the price, got in contact with them for price protection and even I tried to cancel the order, they didn’t cancel it neither gave me the price protection that I thought I was going to get. so in reality the only option that we all have is to return the product and pay for the mail both ways or keep it.


I ordered a software program on Amazon and just a few days later it dropped $10 and they are declining to do the price protection and I am also a prime member. They are saying it is only available on TVS now and on nothing else. They want me to refuse the shipment and reorder the item. What a crappy way to do business.


Had a project drop $160 in 3 days, they refused to do any price matching. They actually recommended I return it and buy another at the new price… How is that efficient?!


They will not price match any item on TV’s at this time

Kari R.

According to an Amazon customer service rep just now, they no longer offer price protection and will only price match TV’s.

Jyoti: I’m sorry. We work hard to find the best prices and match them for all customers. With the exception of TVs, doesn’t offer purchase adjustments. You can read more about our policy here :
Me: I’m not price matching. I was under the impression that if I bought something and you lowered the price within a 10 day period, you would refund me the difference.
Jyoti: I apologize for the inconvenience caused Garrett. We never had the policy to provide the price differences, however we used to provide the exception, but as we do not honor the price match anymore so we have stopped providing the exceptions in this regard.


Just had this same experience. I am not happy.

Amanda Kramer

Yep. Exact same. It was suggested I return the old purchase and purchase new. Yes, because that’s convenient for everyone.


Same here. They do not offer price protection anymore. It is unfortunate.


Requested a refund of the difference for a fitbit I bought less than 10 days ago, the price dropped by $30. They were unwilling to do so. I even spoke with a manager, they don’t realize they are losing a lot going time customer plus I am telling get everyone I know that their policy is horrible and they no longer care about customer service. I am not renewing my prime membership!


Just contacte Amazon by phone and chat. They stated they do not have a prices guaranty/protection policy. They would not refund the $20 diffence of the tablet I just got.

Y Melich

Ditto on not offering the price protection guarantee any longer. Saw a pool cleaner dropped $60 and got the same answers as above. They no longer offer this price protection guarantee.

It’s a shame.


Hello here is a sure fire trick, get amazons direct corporate phone number press 0 for operator and tell her that you want to be transfered to a supervised at the customer service escalations/retention dept


There is a glitch on a Walmart’s app for app dell laptop for a dollar I know amazon ain’t gonna do that lol


They just recommended I return a $9 item and rebuy at $6. Don’t understand how that makes sense for them.


I actually just did this and they did not honor the price match, and instead directed me to this link: