Frugal Hack #31: Insider Ways to Help You Save Money at Publix

January 5, 2016 by Kyle
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One of the few grocery stores that I haven’t talked about on my blog is Publix. Well that all changes today! I recently stumbled across an excellent resource from BuzzFeed detailing some Publix savings secrets that may surprise even their loyalist shoppers. Below are a few of my favorite way to save money at Publix Super Markets, I hope they can help you too.

Publix Grocery Store

Secret Ways To Save Money at Publix Super Markets

From BuzzFeed, here are a few of my favorite insider ways to save money at Publix:

  • Shop Wednesday Nights or Thursday Mornings. Sale cycles end every Wednesday night with new sales starting every Thursday morning. So it’s an excellent strategy to alternate between shopping on a Wednesday and a Thursday so you can take advantage of last minute sales on Wednesdays as well as brand new markdowns on Thursdays.
  • If an Item Shows a Higher Price when Scanned, You’ll Get One for FREE: This one is pretty cool. Be sure to watch carefully as your items are ringed up, and closely examine your receipt for price discrepancies. If they charge you more than they should, they’ll not only give you the lower price for the item, but let you take one home for free.
  • Many of their Store Brands are Made by Leading Manufacturers: I love it when some grocery store “generic” items are made by leading manufacturers and repackaged and sold to you for significantly less money. Publix is one of those stores. The specific products are kept hush-hush for obvious reasons, but it has been suggested that the name-brand directly next to the Publix brand on the shelf is actually the manufacturer. Let me know in the comments if you’ve noticed this phenomena.
  • Get the Mystery “Penny Item” Every Thursday: Did you know that Publix has a “Mystery Coupon” that comes out every Thursday? Check out the new sales flyer to find the coupon and buy at least $10 worth of groceries and you’ll be able to score the mystery item for only a penny.
  • Make a “Special Order” to Stock-Pile Sale Items: A great way to take advantage of upcoming sales at Publix is to place a special order and have them arrive during the sale period. Apparently each location can handle these differently but it’s definitely worth asking about. Many stores will likely do this for you as they won’t want you to clear the shelves of a particular product.
  • Liberal Return Policy: Publix has an awesome return policy and will happily take back any unopened grocery item with no questions asked.

Ask the Reader: How do you save money at Publix? Perhaps you stack coupons or have a different insider tip? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks!

Check out the article below to see all the Publix savings tips:

19 Secrets For Shopping At Publix That Will Blow Your Mind | BuzzFeed

Photo by Ron Cogswell.

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