How to Get a Free Netflix Account: 2 Smart Ways to Make it Happen

January 3, 2017 by Kyle
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Other than the obvious free Netflix 30-day trial, there exists some clever ways to score a free Netflix account every month. If you’ve recently cut the cable cord and are still looking for an affordable way to watch your favorite TV shows and movies, this article is for you. Here are my two favorite ways to get a free account at Netflix.

How to Get a Free Netflix Account: 2 Smart Ways to Make it Happen

1. Get a Free Netflix Trial Forever

While some websites detail shady ways to take advantage of multiple free Netflix trials, I’ve found a more legit way to get a free Netflix account.

Simply wait a few months between free 30-day trials.

Without fail, you’ll eventually get an email asking you to try another 30-day Netflix trial (See image below).

It might take a month or two to get the invite email, but don’t fret, you eventually will. Then simply do all your binge watching once your free Netflix subscription begins yet again.

Also, I’ve had success calling Netflix at 1-(866) 579-7172 before my trial ends and ask them politely if they’ll extend it for me. I’ll use the valid excuse of not having enough time to give it a full spin and they’ll usually give me another 30-day free trial. Always worth a shot.

Netflix Free Trial

Lastly, be sure to cancel your Netflix free trial shortly after you start it.

Why? Because Netflix will still allow you to use the service for the full 30 days and cancel it automatically once your time runs out.

This is a great way to ensure you don’t stuck with a charge once your trial expires and you forget to cancel.

2. Use the Right Credit Card

There’s no doubt that credit cards can be a real thorn in the side to those with a propensity to spend recklessly.

But if you learn to use them correctly, and pay off your bill in full every month, they can actually do some good in the form of rewards and free airline miles.

Douglas Clinton recently discovered a very cool way to take advantage of credit card rewards which ends up basically giving him a free Netflix subscription every month.

He made it happen by signing up for the free BankAmericard Better Balance Rewards Card which gives a free $25 reward at the end of every quarter when you pay more than the minimum monthly payment, or pay off your monthly bill in full.

He then uses the same card to pay his Netflix bill, and once he gets his $25 reward, it’s basically a wash.

I love clever ways to make credit cards work to your advantage, and this hack to essentially get Netflix for free is brilliant.

To see all the steps Douglas used to make this happen, see this terrific The Penny Hoarder article.

Ask the Reader: Have you discovered any clever ways to get Netflix for free, or at a big monthly discount?

By Kyle James

Photo by Austen Squarepants.

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