Costco Coupons: Insider Tips to Maximize Your Savings

February 21, 2017 by Kyle
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(Updated 11/17/17) Many shoppers are still confused how Costco coupons and promotional codes work. Do you need to cut them out? Do you need the coupon booklet to get the actual discount? Are there other coupons or rebates you can use to save even more at Costco? Let’s dive right into this meaty topic and set the record straight once and for all when it comes to coupons at Costco.

Costco Coupons: Clever Ways to Maximize Your Savings

Where Can I Find Costco Coupons?

If you’ve been a Costco member for a while, you probably get the monthly coupon booklet in the mail already.

Back in 2013, they came out with the coupon booklet and it was designed to make the process of finding and clipping coupons easier every month.

If you’re not receiving their coupon booklet, which has about 115 separate product coupons per month, ask for one the next time you visit the warehouse.

Better yet, visit the customer service desk and make sure you’re mailing address is set-up to receive the coupons.

You can also go online to the Costco site and visit this page to get access to all of their current coupon offers.

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How Do I Redeem Their Coupons and Promotional Codes?

When Costco first came out with the monthly coupon booklet, they required you to have the actual coupon in-hand when you checked out.

Then a couple years later, Costco made their coupon policy even easier to use. The monthly Costco coupons were automatically added to your membership card every month and your discount was automatically given to you when you purchased the discounted item.

The coolest thing about this change was that you’d get the coupon discount on a product even if you didn’t know a coupon was available.

This is the policy they still currently use, and it’s pretty darn awesome.

What’s the Best Way to Organize Costco Coupons?

Here are a couple practical ways to organize your coupons to Costco:

  • Clip the Old-Fashioned Way – You can simply cut out the coupons you want to use and stick them in your wallet or purse. Then when you’re shopping, you can pull them out and make sure to take advantage of the savings opportunities.
  • Use the Costco App – Free on iOS and Android, the Costco app is a must use as it allows shoppers to peruse their monthly coupons and “clip” the ones that interest them. A “clipped” coupon automatically gets added to your shopping list within the app so you don’t forget about it when you’re in the warehouse.

Now on to some bonus hacks to help you save even more.

BONUS: Costco Coupon “Hacks”

Like any smart couponing strategy, there are always a couple hacks to help you save even more.

  • Can Costco Coupons Be Used Online? – Absolutely. It’s a smart technique to shop via the Costco website as you’ll not only get the coupon discount, but in many cases, free shipping too.
  • Does Costco Take Manufacturer Coupons? – No, they don’t accept them. But if they did, you probably couldn’t use them anyways because Costco sizing is typically different than at grocery stores, which would make the coupons unusable.
  • Use the Ibotta App to Stack Your Savings – A cool workaround to manufacturer coupons is the free Ibotta app. The app is super cool and instead of coupons, has a bunch of instant rebates at dozens of stores, including Costco. For example, right now they have a $5 rebate on Shock Top beer, $1 back on any Dunkin’ Donuts coffee product, and even $0.25 back on milk. You can easily use the Ibotta app at Costco and make it pay for your annual membership.

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Ask the Reader: What’s your Costco coupon strategy for maximizing your savings?

By Kyle James

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