5 Reasons To NEVER Throw Away Your Receipt

April 19, 2017 by Kyle

(Updated 9/06/18) The next time you’re tempted to throw away your receipt as you walk out of the store, or when you get home and unpack your groceries, STOP and remember this article. By throwing away that receipt you’re basically throwing away free money. No joke. Here are 5 easy ways to make money off your receipts, and the best part is they take very little time or effort. Hope these help you as much as they help me.

5 Reasons To Never Throw Away Your Receipt

1. Get Cashback with the Ibotta App First

Ibotta rebates app

The first thing you should do with your receipt is to scan it with the Ibotta app and collect a bunch of instant rebates on your grocery shopping.

The cool thing about Ibotta is many of their rebates are available on generic items like bread, milk, and eggs. Plus, it doesn’t matter what store you shop at.

From Walmart, Target, Kroger, to any Ma and Pa store in your town, you can score money back by instantly scanning in your receipt. They give you 7 days from date of purchase to get your receipt scanned into the app.

2. Next, Scan a Walmart Receipt with the Savings Catcher App

Savings Catcher app at Walmart

Being the largest brick-and-mortar retailer in the U.S., almost everyone has a Walmart receipt in their purse, wallet, or junk drawer.

Instead of throwing it away, be sure to scan it with the Walmart Savings Catcher app first. Just make sure to do it within 7 days of purchase.

After you scan your receipt, Walmart will check the pricing of the items you bought, compare them with the prices at local competitors, and if they find a lower price they’ll refund you the difference.

It’s basically an automatic way to get a price-match from Walmart without having to do any work.

As you can see be the screenshot above, I’ve earned over $68 scanning my Walmart receipts. Money that I can use on future Walmart purchases.

3. Then Snap Your Receipt with PunchCard

Punchcard app

Once you download the Punchcard app, you simply check which stores in your area offers “punches”.

Some of the more popular stores that participate include Target, Subway, Starbucks, Ralphs, Trader Joe’s, McDonald’s, CVS/pharmacy, Vons, Chipotle, Safeway, Best Buy, and Chevron.

Just scan your receipt into the app and you earn mPoints that you can redeem for gift cards, sweepstakes entries, and even physical products.

UPDATE: As of 4/24/17, the PunchCard app is not letting users submit receipts making it useless. Hopefully this will get fixed shortly.

If it doesn’t get fixed, I recommend the Receipt Hog app which works very similarly to Punchcard. You scan all your receipts and earn coins which can be redeemed for Amazon Gift cards, or cash via PayPal.

4. Then Use Yaarlo and Get Cashback

Yaarlo app

The Yaarlo app is a must-download as it allows you to earn cashback anywhere you shop.

You can then redeem your cashback for gift cards or cold, hard cash.

All you have to do is scan your receipt (within 14 days) via the app and collect a cashback percentage on those purchases.

Similar to sites like Ebates and TopCashBack, you can also use the app to shop online and earn cashback on those purchases.

Use it conjunction with the other apps listed above and double-dip (or triple dip) your savings.

An insider tip to make Yaarlo work best is to buy gift cards via the app, then use those gift cards in-store. You’ll get cashback on the gift card, plus when you scan your receipt.

Click Here and enter referral code KYLEJAME706 to score an instant $5 sign-up bonus.

5. Finally, Check the Bottom for a Coupon or Survey

CVS Receipt

Have you ever noticed how long some store receipt are?

The next time you notice this, look at the receipt a little closer. Typically the bottom will have a coupon or discount on it for the next time you shop at that particular retailer.

Some of the stores famous for this include CVS Pharmacy, Michaels, Joann Fabrics, Famous Footwear, Rite-Aid, Safeway, and Walgreens.

Also, some stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s have a phone survey on the receipt that will score you a great coupon for future use.

Ask the Reader: How long do you typically keep your receipt before you throw it out? Hopefully this article will make you think twice before crumpling it up.

By Kyle James

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Carol Y
Carol Y

I usually do the surveys at the end of receipts too – some just enter you in a contest, but others give you a coupon code. I signed up for iBotta, but haven’t used it yet – signing up for Punchcard and Yaarlo too. I thought iBotta let you scan in your loyalty card, but I don’t see that option.


Ibotta I use a myhannaford loyalty card. If a store doesn’t have a card then you have to scan the products and receipt.

Carol Y
Carol Y

Do you have a referral code for Yaarlo?


OK- I don’t have a smartphone- I mean, I don’t own a smartphone that’s activated with any phone plan. So, I could theoretically use the app, while I’m at home and online? Number two- I will not shop at Walmart, even if they paid me ten dollars per shopping trip. I had to go there for a co-shopping trip with a good friend. I bought carrots, fresh from their produce section. They turned grey(!!) and got weird holes in them after four days. I bought carrots from Winco, forgot about them for three weeks in my crisper- and they sprouted. So, what gives with Walmart’s produce? I noticed all of their produce seems “dead” to me.


I currently use Checkout51 and like it. Haven’t tried iBotta yet but willing to check it out.


Punch card does work. Used it yesterday.


I just used it a few minutes ago and it worked for me.


Yaarlo wants access to monitor my phone calls, it said. I don’t think so


Fyi….It seems that Yaarlo App. has closed up shop without any warning or explanation. App doesn’t work anymore. They are not answering emails, answering phone calls. They took down facebook page and app. is no longer available on itunes.


What happened to Yaarlo? I downloaded it and started snapping pics of receipts when this blog was featured on my local news station in Memphis. Now Yaarlo is no longer in the ap store or accessable through my phone or desktop computer. Any updates??


My friend and I started using the Yaarlo app and it just disappeared and you can’t find the app anymore. We had scanned receipts and had acquired some money but had not cashed it in. This is not a good app!


I would also recomend the ReceiptPal app which is similar to ReceiptHog and works very well. I’m having problems with Punchcard, after using it for a few weeks, my account dissapeared and the ap doesnt let me log back in. ReceiptHog is excellent though!


I’m wondering if you can use your online orders for the apps that you are talking about??
If so how do you put receipt into them??
Thank you

Leslie Johnson
Leslie Johnson

Yaarlo app no longer works. 🙁

I’m only interested in a rebate type of app. SIGH


I shop a lot on line. How do you scan those purchases?

Sharon Stone
Sharon Stone

Yaarlo is not available to me