Home Depot Return Policy: The In’s & Out’s To Make It Work For You

June 9, 2017 by Kyle

(Updated 10/18/17) Due to nature of DIY projects, the Home Depot return policy is one of the most used return policies in existence. Because of that, it’s nice to know exactly how it works, what the exclusions are, and even some insider tips for success. Here’s everything you need to know to make returning stuff to the Home Depot a breeze.

Home Depot Return Policy

What is the “Official” Home Depot Return Policy?

90 days. You have a generous 90 days to return an item to the Home Depot if you’re not satisfied for any reason.

Are There Exceptions to the 90 Days?

Yes, there are. These items all have a different time window for returns.

  • Furniture – 30 days.
  • Mattresses – 30 days.
  • Area Rugs – 30 days.
  • Generators – 30 days.
  • Gas Powered Stuff & Tractors – 30 days.
  • Consumer Electronics – 30 days.

I wasn’t aware that The Home Depot sold consumer electronics.

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Can Items Be Opened or Used?

Officially, “No”. Unofficially, “Yes”.

If you still have the original packaging, receipt, and still within 90 days, you can return most opened or used items.

With used items, it often comes down to the amount of “wear & tear” the product shows and is typically handled on a case-by-case basis.

For example, if you bought a Purdy paintbrush and use it heavily for an entire weekend then decide to return it, you’re probably out of luck.

But if you only used the paintbrush for a couple minutes, weren’t happy with, and cleaned it thoroughly, you stand a really good chance of them taking it back.

This is especially true if you’re okay with store credit or an exchange.

What If I Lost My Receipt?

Another cool aspect of The Home Depot’s return policy is they can often find your order in their system using the credit card or debit card you used to make the purchase. So always try!

If you paid with cash, or a Home Depot gift card, they’ll usually still accept the return for store credit. Be prepared to show a valid I.D. as they will track your return history this way.

I’ve been told that if you make too many returns without a receipt, they will flag your account and not accept any returns from you for up to 90 days.

This is done to protect themselves from shoplifters who try and return their loot for a quick profit.

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What Stuff Can’t Be Returned?

The following items are not returnable to the Home Depot…

  • Custom Tinted Paint – For this reason, make sure you see the color of the paint before you buy it. You also can’t return any “Oops” paint that you buy at a discount.
  • Custom Blinds – The only blinds that can be returned say “Guaranteed to Fit” on them.
  • Utility Trailers
  • Major Appliances – Always inspect the appliance upon delivery to your home and “refuse delivery” if the item is damaged or defective. If you don’t, then notice an issue, call Home Depot at (800) 455-3869 within 2 days.
  • Generators
  • Gift Cards/Store Credits
  • Product Samples

I’ll keep this list updated in case new items become non-returnable.

What About Online Returns?

Home Depot Online Returns

Another really cool feature at the Home Depot is their online return system.

They actually allow you to return purchases made via their website via UPS, as well as products bought in-store.

This is a handy feature if you live a LONG distance from the nearest location, or you just have trouble making it in-store for whatever reason.

To see if your item is eligible for an online return, visit this page, and click on “Return Items”. (See image above)

Be prepared to pay the return shipping costs unless the reason for the return is an error by The Home Depot.

Are There Ever Any Restocking Fees?

The only items that might incur a restocking fee are Special Order returns or cancellations.

Be prepared to pay a 15% restocking fee on these items.

What About Returning Flowers or Plants?

According to Home Depot, they will “unconditionally guarantee all tropical, house, and landscape plants (only perennials, trees, and shrubs) for one year.

If your plant dies just bring it and your original receipt to a Home Depot store and we will replace it or issue a refund in accordance with the terms of the Home Depot refund policy.

You MUST have the original receipt to get a refund or store credit. If the plant is no longer available at store location or through a product search, a store credit will be issued.”

The key here is perennials, trees, and shrubs. They don’t offer a 1-year guarantee on annuals, but I believe they still offer a 90 day return window.

Does anyone know for sure? I can’t find any information on this to be certain. Let me know, thanks.

Ask the Reader: Have you ever had trouble with the Home Depot return policy? How did it happen and what was the end result?

By Kyle James

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What about items that you no longer have the box for? We ordered some vanity lights from homedepot.com (they were only available online, so we couldn’t see them in person before ordering). They showed up, and my husband installed them while I was out of town on a business trip. I got home, looked at them, and hate them. They looked nice in the online pictures, but installed in my bathroom they are just all wrong. Of course, my husband put the boxes out with the recycling, which had already been picked up for the week by the time I got home.


I had bought a charcoal grill and after using it, realized it was poorly designed for cleaning it out. Welded grates in the way, have to flip it upside down to get all pieces out. I tried returning it to home depot today and they refused. After the many thousands of dollars I have spent there is over the last few years, I am done with them.


I got a gift card from my friend and when I went to home depot and check out a warning came up on the screen to check the ID of the person using the card, because the name so n the card wasn’t the same as my ID they wouldn’t allow me to use the card, are you serious, what difference does it make, if the card isn’t reported stolen then why can’t I spend it ? You would think that wouldnt be legal to check ID if the card isn’t reported stolen. How can I do this ? There has to be a way around this bullshit.


Use it online. That’s the only way around that. And if it still doesn’t work…that means it HAS been reported stolen. I’m a HD employee.


Hi can i return something in its original box but i do not know where it came from? They traded me this drill.


Hey so is there a certain amount you can’t go over when returning something without a receipt like I wanted to return these speakers and they said no because anything exceeding $50.00 needs a receipt and my case it was a hundred dollar speakers. If this true?


I have to say, while they do have a no return policy on appliances once you sign, we weren’t aware of it and that might be our fault since in the shopping and ordering process you’re so focused on finding and purchasing the item that you just dont think of returns or any reason you hay need to.
I have the HD consumer card and receive notices in the mail all the time in which, im told that since im a member i have a special benefit that i can return items up to a year after the purchase.
today we received the fridge my wife ordered accept she made the mistake of ordering the 36inc instead of the smaller unit. well she signed for it and that sealed the deal. after waiting all day for an answer to our request to return for the correct size i called back and when through the hoops my wife did earlier and was eventually called back and what i was told was Basically Home Depot orders it from the manufacture and the manufacture deliver it not home depot . HD has no stock it came from the Manufactures warehouse. the rep spoke to the Manufacture who told them they would not accept it back since we signed even though it was not even plugged in used or damaged.
while i Understand our part I find the policy absolutely ridiculous even small local shops can do better, i never thought for a second that something like this would happen with HD for an item so expensive .
so the moral of the story is beware of HD when shopping for appliances DO NOT sign at all until you are totally satisfied and test lit quickly day one , because you only have two days in which to report a defect of any kind, after that you are on your own.
I am so disappointed with HD response and handling of the matter that i will never again order with them and will make sure to let others know about this I should have ordered with My small local guys


I bought a dishwasher fron honedepot and they delivered on Wednesday. I tried all the drying features but still not drying dishes like it shoud be. It is past 3days now. Will Homedepot accept return dushwasher? Can I return this , if i can what will be my cost?


We remodeled a Four-plex a few years ago using Home Depot as one of our major suppliers. During the crazy months of this process I did end up returning many items to HD without the receipt. I did get my name flagged for having too many returns without receipts. It taught me a valuable lesson in keep receipts organized and easy to find. I was still allowed to return items with a receipt and the money put back on my CC. It’s to discourage shoplifters from their paycheck. It’s the world we now live in and I completely understand the need for this level of accountability.


I have an issue – i have a $500 store credit in my name, but the item i want is only available online. Is there any way i can order it and pay in store? obviously my name would still match the order?? Other option is i pay with my credit card, ship to store, return it in store and buy it again with the store credit….nothing i ever want is in my local store!


DO NOT BUT APPLIANCE AT HOME DEPOT. We bought our refrigerator and delivery. And of course we signed right after they plug in. The lights and display works , so we think it is work. Then, we leave it there cause we’re not moving in yet. Last Sunday, when I did the clean up before moving in. I found out that our refrigerator doesn’t work. ( it’s like the one displayed in the store with light but no temperature, no cooling, no freezing at all) I checked it and it’s not on demo set. I go to Home Depot and ask if we can replace a new one because it’s a defect product ( and it’s only 15 days in my house , we are not even using it yet cause we are not moving in yet! ) Home Depot refuse to replace a new one and said it’s NOT THEIR RESPONSIBILITY. How bad it is!!! Have customer take their own responsibility for buying a defect product even we’re not using it yet. Is this a joke? Spending thousands and get a defect product and CANNOT RETURN IT.
Buy appliance some where else!


You have a one year warranty form the manufacturer on your appliance. You can contact the manufacturer and they will come out and repair it. If they cannot fix it in three attempts the manufacturer must replace it. Most stores that sell appliances have the same policy. The appliances come direct form the manufacturer and are warrantied by the manufacturer. The retail stores do not keep stock of appliances as they take up a lot of room. They just have display models you can check out and then buy and have delivered from the manufacturer. They don’t take them back because they don’t stock them and they are under warranty from another company (GE/LG/Samsung etc).


I purchased special order windows 3 days ago and decided to rescind my purchase. I was told that I could not cancel the order. They could not produce any documentation that I signed but gave me a copy of another customers contract that showed they had 3 business days to cancel. The manager stated they still could not give me a refund but would call me if anything changed?


This didn’t help at all … what if it breaks on nomal use like a 50 dollar hammer

Marva Martin

I purchased a GE refrigerator from Home Depot. After about a week I noticed that the inside of the fridge was not getting cold enough. My milk spoiled. I put a refrigerator thermometer inside and for days the temperature inside was much lower than what the temp gauge said on the door outside. I went to the store. The store Manager told me that I only have 48 hours to return this appliance that cost me over $1000.00. When item for much less gave up to 90 days. Sometimes is very wrong with the policy. If you have confidence in the quality of your product, you would in no way treat your customers this way. Any sane individual clearly know that if an appliance us new and working well, there would be no need to again treated customers this way. I am very dissatisfied, disappointed and not happy with both Home Depot and GE. Do not purchase appliances from anyone who have such a unreasonable policy.

Marva Martin

Also the Manager who spoke with me at the NM B location 1st took my number and said that she would call to set up a visit for repair. Then the next day called me back to give me the number to call. I could of gotten that myself. What service. I will tell everyone I know do not purchase appliances from Home Depot.

Marva Martin

My next step just might be help me how are. Consumers need to know about this!

Marva Martin

Who wants to keep a new appliance that needs service within the 2 weeks. That’s crazy. Not fare.