Walmart Clearance Hacks: 5 Killer Ways to Score a BIG Deal

November 30, 2017 by Kyle

(Updated 2/21/19) Most savvy shoppers are already aware that scoring a Walmart clearance deal is a great way to save. But often it’s hard to find clearance deals and determine if the price might actually go lower. Here are 5 sure-fire Walmart hacks that will definitely save you money on clearance deals and products, both online and in-store.

Walmart Clearance Hacks: 5 Ways to Score a BIG Deal

1. Look for Price Tags Ending in .00 or .01

Walmart Clearance Price Tag

The single best way to score an in-store Walmart clearance deal is to look for price tags ending in .00 or .01.

I had a Walmart employee tell me this means the product is at its final markdown and is NOT going to get any cheaper. Better snatch it up before it’s gone.

For this hack to work, products must have a clearance sticker on them (usually yellow) or have a clearance sign next to them.

In other words, if you find a product with a price of $14.00, but it’s clearly not a clearance item, it’s not marked at its final price.

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2. Prices Ending in a “5” Means To Wait

When you’re shopping in-store and you see a clearance item ending in a 5, it’s NOT a final markdown price.

It will get cheaper if it doesn’t sell out first.

Could be priced at $33.05, or $12.15, or $32.75. Anyways, you get the idea.

Whatever the case, if there’s ample inventory, and you don’t need it right away, wait on it as the price will get cheaper.

3. Secret Way to Find Clearance Items on

Walmart Online Clearance

When shopping on, and looking for clearance deals, this hack is for you.

In the search bar, simply type in the work “clearance” and you’ll get a bunch of  results that will take you directly to the clearance deals.

You’ll no longer have to sift through all of the regular priced items to find the clearance stuff.

Check out the screenshot above to see this hack in action.

4. Shop Early for Fresh Food Markdowns

Walmart Meat Price Tag

When it comes to scoring a clearance deal on bakery items, produce, and meats you’ll want to shop early.

By early, I mean try to shop on weekday mornings between 8-9 a.m..

Employees typically do their clearance markdowns early in the morning. So by shopping early you get “first dibs” and save some money on meat, bread, fruits, and vegetables.

Some of the items may be nearing their “sell by” date but if you’re planning on eating the item that day (or the next) it doesn’t really matter.

5. Beat Clearance Pricing by Scoring an Online Price Match

Perhaps the best way to score a deal at Walmart, and often get better than clearance pricing, is to request an online price match.

Here are all the online retailers that Walmart will price match:, Best,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Tiger,,,,, and

In case you didn’t notice, a few of the key players are Amazon, Home Depot, Best Buy, Target, and Office Depot.

So how do you quickly find a cheaper online price so you can get a Walmart price match?

Glad you asked. I highly recommend using the free ShopSaavy smartphone app (Android, iOS) as it allows you to scan the barcode of the item and instantly gain access to any cheaper online prices from the above list of retailers.

Then when you find a cheaper online price, just show it to the cashier when checking out and they’ll quickly verify the price match and give you difference. Boom goes the dynamite.

Ask the Reader: What’s your secret to scoring a Walmart clearance deal?

By Kyle James


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