Bed Bath & Beyond Return Policy: Here’s The Real Scoop

April 27, 2018 by Kyle

(Updated 2/17/19) The Bed Bath & Beyond return policy, while still mighty fine, has been restricted a little bit in recent years. Especially when you lose your receipt. So I thought it was time to break it all down for you. Here is exactly how the BB&B return policy works. Hope this helps and answers all your questions.

Bed Bath & Beyond Return Policy: Here's The Real Scoop

How Many Return Days With a Receipt?

You get 1 year from date of purchase to return items.

Yes, that’s right, the Bed Bath and Beyond return policy gives you 365 return days to return items.

It should be noted that this does require a receipt. Which leads us to our next question.

What If I Lost My Receipt?

If you lose your receipt, your return window is still 365 days.

Bed Bath & Beyond will use one of the following methods to try and find your purchase history:

  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • Store or merchandise credit number
  • Gift card number
  • Checking account number

If they CAN’T find any evidence of your purchase, they’ll let you complete an exchange (or get store credit) minus 20% of the current price.

If you prefer cash back, you’ll have to complete a “corporate refund request”, just tell the employee and they’ll help you out.

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Do Items Have To Be In Original Packaging?

No, absolutely not.

Just bring the item back in, apparently in whatever condition, and they’ll refund 100% of your money if you still have your receipt.

Bed Bath & Beyond can do this because they have a strong relationship with their suppliers, many of whom will refurbish returned items and resell them at a discount.

Can I Return Items to Any Bed Bath and Beyond Location?

Yes, just bring back your items to any BB&B location and get your return processed.

Is Anything Non-Refundable?

Yes, there are a few items that cannot be return to BB&B. Here they are:

Gift Cards: Completely non-refundable.

Shipping, Delivery Charges: No refund on these, sorry.

Assembly Charges: If you pay someone from Bed Bath and Beyond to build something, you can’t get your money back if you decide to return the item.

Monogrammed, Personalized, Custom-Made Items: Non-refundable.

Special Order Items: Non-refundable.

Baby Clothing and Destination Maternity Items: These can only be returned with the original tags still attached and your receipt.

Breast Pumps: Can only be returned unopened and with your receipt.

What About Returning Online Purchases?

When you order something from the Bed Bath & Beyond website you’ll find a FedEx return postage label included.

On the return label you’ll need to circle the item you’re returning, the reason why, and add your phone number.

Just pack up the items in the original package, include the bottom portion of your invoice, stick the FedEx label on it, and drop it off at a FedEx pickup location.

You’re done, go enjoy a cold pop.

What’s the Scoop on “Truck Delivery” Returns?

When getting a truck delivery from Bed Bath & Beyond I have some tips for success.

When the item(s) gets delivered, be sure to open the box and inspect the item for damage before the driver leaves.

If you see any damage, decline the delivery and write “Package Damage” on the delivery form. Then call BB&B at 1-844-4BBBHOME to report the damage.

If the damage is minimal, you can accept the return then call the above number and they’ll send out a replacement part or product.

Call within 48 hours for best results.

Can I Return a Mattress?

No, not exactly.

But if you’re having a tough time adjusting to your new mattress, they give you 120 days from delivery date to do a 1-Time mattress exchange.

After that you’re stuck with it, so choose wisely.

It should also noted that you’re on-the-hook for all shipping charges.

Call Bed Bath & Beyond at 1-844-4BBBHOME to schedule your mattress exchange.

Ask the Reader: What’s been your experience with the Bed Bath & Beyond return policy? Have you ever had a problem returning an item?

By Kyle James

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Looks like they quietly changed the return policy to one year only.



“Returns with a Receipt
So simple: For up to one year after purchase just provide your receipt and for most products, we will refund the purchase price to the original form of payment or issue a Merchandise Credit. See Exceptions”


Wished I had know all of this before I tried to return a tea kettle w/o receipt; asked for store credit or exchange; still would not make any attempt; next time I am in the vincity I will show them the email; don’t recall the change in policy and the printed rules are not visible I am not going out of my way to shop there as CS Dept needs to up grade their attitude

Patricia h Galgano
Patricia h Galgano

Aid u return something with a receipt and used a 20%off coupon are u given another coupon at time of return.


If you want to buy something that same day they will just apply 20% off manually. FYI They accept their mailed coupons (card, coupon insert, newspaper/magazine add) expired. You can also signup for their emails and text messages to get more coupons.

Ari Roark
Ari Roark

Ahh! The word is -Coupon-! ! ! That is pronounced. ( Koo- pawn) or (Coo-pawn). Let me clarify there is ZERO ” Q or (Cue)” sound in the word. I’m half-way sorry that my frustration with the rampant Mis-Pronunciation of the word -coupon- has landed on you but when referring to yourself as “Qpon…” is and was the final, nervewracking straw. Please, by all means, keep u sing your ‘handle’ just realize it is an error, and not a correct pronunciation of the lexeme. …A concerned linguist!


I was hoping to find out if you ordered something online, if you could return it to a bed bath and beyond store. Does anyone know?


How interesting…just last night I tried returning two items that were gifts to me , I was told absolutely not. No returns without a receipt. Not a gift card, not an exchange just a “no”. That would be BB & B in Westminster, CO…..I am going to print out the return policy and go back today. Thank you for the info!


Does the item being returned that was purchased with a card have to be returned to the same card that was used to purchase or can it be a different one? And how long does it take for the no ey is available

Amin Farishta
Amin Farishta

I want to return vacuum purchased in Feb 2018 but lost my receipt. I phoned them to check if they could pull my purchase record using my credit card details but they turned it down. Would you suggest any other way?


Can “as-is” merchandise be returned with a receipt?


I tried to exchange amalfunctioning espresso machine, with receipts and they refused stating it was over a year???? 18 months to be exact , I just wNted s new machine for which I paid $1800.00!!!They no longer stand behind what they sell, I no longer will shop , and return everything I have purchased in the past year, back to Costco where they stand behind their products!!!!!

Jeff Statz
Jeff Statz

One year is correct, even with receipt. They strictly enforce that, now. This article was updated recently, but didn’t get updated with the current BB&B return policy.


Are pillows returnable if they aren’t comfortable?


so, after one year can you still return it for store credit or simply you just got stuck with it.


This is incorrect- any electric items (items with a plug, battery operated, rechargable, etc.) cannot be returned without a receipt for a store credit if it has been opened/used.


I’m sorry I don’t understand. Can I return a vacuum cleaner for a full refund if I have the receipt and it’s within one year of purchase?


They are tightening up their return policy. It used to be up to one year for electronic items like coffee makers but now it is 90 days and you must have a receipt or be able to look it up in their system with the CC you used. Gift registry items are 365 days. 30 days for smart home/tech or seasonal items. I think too many people have abused their liberal return policy by returning items not even purchased there and it has hurt their bottom line. Always a good idea to hold onto receipts now and to also register large purchases with their manufacturers. I am going to rethink buying expensive coffee makers like Breville. Their warranty used to be 3 years but now it’s one. That didn’t bother me because I could always count on BBB to help out with exchanges but now it’ll be more difficult to do. Still love BBB though. Their customer service is great!