Costco Savings Tip: Why You Should Shop On a Monday Before Summer Ends

May 18, 2018 by Kyle
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When it comes to saving money at Costco there are many insider tips to consider. With that said, I’m stoked to add yet another Costco tip to your money-saving tool belt. Here’s exactly why you should shop at your local Costco on a Monday this summer.

Costco Savings Tip: Shop On a Monday Before Summer Ends

Why Before Summer Ends?

The summer season is when Costco always has the most seasonal items, especially large bulky items.

It’s a fact. Think about things like patio furniture, barbecues, play-sets for the kids, above-ground pools, even cool fire pits.

GoBankingRates recently pointed out that due to the large size of these items, Costco tends to mark them down to a “clearance price” way before the summer season officially ends in an effort to clear them out of the warehouse.

This is even truer than other seasons like post-Christmas and end of winter markdowns.

So take advantage of this knowledge during the summer months (think late July, early August) and save up to 40% off those significant purchases mentioned above.

The cool part is that by shopping before summer actually ends, you’ll still be able to enjoy them this year and not have to store items until the following summer.

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Why on a Monday?

While fairly obvious, this Costco employee verified that Monday is always the slowest day of the week.

This is especially helpful information if you’re making a large purchase at Costco and will need help loading it into your car or truck.

WAY easier, and less stressful, to park out front and get help loading your patio furniture, jungle gym, or BBQ if it’s not crowded.

Final Takeaway…

Shop at your local Costco on a Monday in July and August this year and every year moving forward.

Not only will you save significant money on summer clearance items, but you’ll get those bulky items loaded when the warehouse is fairly empty and there are employees ready to help.

As someone who hates to shop when it’s crowded, that’s a win-win situation in my book.

Ask the Reader: What insider tips do you have when it comes to saving money at Costco?

By Kyle James

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