Amazon Offering Free Shipping For The Holidays (Prime NOT Required)

November 14, 2018 by Kyle
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Back on November 5th, Amazon started offering free shipping on ALL holiday purchases to those with and WITHOUT a Prime Membership. So if you’re hesitant about dropping $119 for Amazon Prime, this news is definitely for you. Here’s everything you need to know…

Amazon Offering Free Shipping For The Holidays (Prime NOT Required)

Will It Be Free 2-Day Shipping?

Unfortunately no.

Non-Prime members will get items delivered in a 5-8 day time window.

But as long as you’re shopping on Amazon before December 15th this shouldn’t be an issue when it comes to getting packages delivered before Christmas morning.

In case you were wondering, before November 5th, non-Prime members had to order $25 worth of stuff to qualify for free shipping.

Are All Amazon Items Eligible?

Pretty much everything Amazon sells is eligible.

The official press release says “hundreds of millions” of items are eligible for free shipping.

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Will This Run Through Christmas?

Amazon says this is a “Limited Time” offer and has no official end date to the promotion.

My guess is that they’ll offer this free shipping perk to non-Prime folks through the middle of December.

After that date it will be hard for Amazon to get stuff to you by Christmas Eve with the 5-8 day delivery window.

Any Other Online Stores Offering This?

Actually both Target and Walmart are upping the ante this year when it comes to free shipping.

Target recently announced that they’re offering free 2-day shipping on ALL purchase through December 22nd.

Walmart is also offering free 2-day shipping on the vast majority of items that they sell.

Amazon is clearly feeling the pinch as the competition ups their game.

This is also a clear ploy to get non-Prime members to take a closer look at all of the Prime Perks they might be missing out on.

Ask the Reader: With all of the free shipping options available this holiday where will you be shopping?

By Kyle James

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