How to Get the Hidden $30 Month T-Mobile Plan (w/ No Contract) and Save $60 Month

Updated August 4, 2020 by Kyle

So my 2 year contract with Verizon recently ended and I was sick and tired of my wife and I paying over $130 a month for our 2 ancient and slow iPhones. The camera is total crap, and I can walk to the closest Starbucks before I could pull up the actual location on my phone. Paying that much money every month was killing me. Over $1,500 a year for 2 mediocre phones. Completely ridiculous.

I knew there had to be a better way. So I did some research and discovered a secret T-Mobile $30 a month plan. You get 5GB of data at 4G speed, unlimited text, and 100 talk minutes (I rarely talk on the phone) for only $30 a month. The hidden T-Mobile plan was actually really hard to find on the T-Mobile website as they don’t advertise it at all. Here are the 3 easy steps to get the $30/month T-Mobile plan:

T-Mobile Hidden Plan

Step 1 – Buy an Unlocked GSM Phone

For this to work you need an unlocked GSM phone. GSM stands for Global System for Mobile Communications, and is the technology used by T-Mobile and AT&T which allows you to stick in a new SIM card and easily switch providers and keep your old number. Verizon and Sprint, on the other hand, are CDMA-based providers where it ain’t as easy as just sticking in a SIM card. Booo.

For my unlocked GSM smartphone, I went with the Motorola Moto X and it’s an absolutely awesome phone as it does exactly what I need it to do. 10GB camera, 4.7 inch screen, 4G capable, 16GB, yadda yadda. I got it off eBay for $299.

There are other cheaper phones that are good as well. The Google Nexus 6P and Motorola Moto G immediately jump to mind. But for me, the extra cost of the phone was worth it as I use the heck out of my phone for work, plus I knew I would recoup the costs very quickly with my new monthly plan.

Step 2 – Get a FREE SIM Card

My Moto X needed a Nano SIM card so after a quick Google search I discovered a thread on Slickdeals that dropped the 411 on a coupon code that allowed me to get the $10 SIM card for exactly 1 penny with FREE shipping. Sweetness.

Step 3 – Find the Hidden T-Mobile $30/Month Plan

After looking at a bunch of different prepaid plans, I ended up going with T-Mobile’s $30 a month plan and it rocks. But good luck finding this hidden T-Mobile plan on their website. As a matter of fact, the only way you’ll find it is by clicking here or doing a search for “prepaid” via their on-site search engine.

For only 30 bucks a month, you get unlimited texting, 5 GB of data at 4G speed, and 100 talk minutes. This was the perfect plan for me because I don’t talk very much on the phone these days as most of my communication is done via text, email, and Facebook messenger.

T-Mobile $30 Month Plan

The “porting” part couldn’t be simpler with T-Mobile. When you sign up on their website, your old cell service will automatically get cancelled and your phone number will automatically get ported to your new device. Wham. Bam. Thank you ma’am. Nice knowing you Verizon, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

Also, it’s worth noting that you can purchase your smartphone directly via Walmart and get this plan too. Walmart is the only retailer where this will work.

Sell Your Old Phone Dammit!

I was blown away that my old iPhone was worth about 100 bucks on eBay. Definitely worth selling as it’ll cut into the cost dramatically of your new unlocked GSM phone. Also check out as they’ll happily give you a fair price for your old phone.

Other Important Links:

Other T-Mobile Prepaid Plans – If you talk more than 100 minutes a month they have some other affordable plans.

Straight Talk Wireless – They’re also a “no-contract” cell service that I read good things about.  They have a plan that gives you unlimited talk/text and 3 gigs of data for a solid $45/month.

Republic Wireless – Another “no-contract” provider that I have heard some really good things about.

If your 2-year cell phone contract has recently expired, the $30 a month T-Mobile plan could be a perfect way for you to save you a bunch of money every month. I know it certainly was a great choice for myself. A great phone, at a great monthly price, and no contract EVER again. Freedom at last.

By Kyle James


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Yeah buddy! The phone industry is changing, and for the better of humans! 🙂


Do you pay $30 each or $60 for both you and your wife? Sorry I don’t know too much about phones.

Mr. H

Verizon isn’t so bad either. anyways, i find windows phones to be quite a value for money. not sure about others but they’re defo okay with me, primarily because of XBone apps.


May 2017: The link doesn’t take you to this plan?