50 Valentine’s Day Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

Updated February 14, 2018 by Kyle

(Updated 2/14/18) OK guys, we have a little over a week until Valentine’s Day. Still plenty of time to come up with something special for her. I have been working on this list for awhile, many of these ideas I have done personally and my wife loved them.

Some are actual ‘things’ and many are special touches that you can do to brighten the day of your special Valentine. Good luck guys, and remember, it is often the thought that counts more than a very expensive necklace with no emotional attachment behind it.

Make her feel special and do the unexpected! Here we go, drum roll please:

  1. Make her a music mix with songs that remind you of her.
  2. Wash her car and leave a nice note inside.
  3. Leave stick-it notes around the house; write the things you love about her on them.
  4. Organize and clean her bathroom.
  5. Pick up the kids from school and give her some quiet time in the afternoon.
  6. Set up a bubble bath for her with candles and her favorite book.
  7. Do the laundry and put the clothes away.
  8. Clean out and organize the pantry.
  9. Make her breakfast; serve her in bed.
  10. Give her a back massage certificate. You do the massage.
  11. Vacuum the house.
  12. Dust the house.
  13. Do the grocery shopping and make dinner for her.
  14. Surprise her at work with lunch, go for a picnic.
  15. Leave a few love letters around the house.
  16. Play hooky for part of the day and spend time with her.
  17. Wear your silk red boxers and dance for her. (I never did this)
  18. Stop at Starbucks and get her favorite drink.
  19. Open the door for her all day long.
  20. Dinner date? Come to the front door and pretend it is your first date.
  21. Make her favorite dessert.
  22. Get her favorite jewelry cleaned; do it yourself. (not hard)
  23. Flirt with her all day long.
  24. Heat her towel in the dryer and have it ready when she gets out of the shower in the morning.
  25. Paint her toe nails. (Bull Durham anyone?)
  26. Organize the 2 messiest drawers or cupboards in the house that drive her crazy.
  27. Re-enact your first date as close as possible.
  28. Go see a matinee movie together.
  29. Clean out the refrigerator and put her favorite Jamba Juice smoothie inside.
  30. Finish that “honey-do” list that is 6 months old!
  31. Opt for her favorite plant instead of flowers that will have to be thrown out in a few days.
  32. Write her a love poem.
  33. Give her extra time to herself; take the kids to allow this to happen.
  34. Leave her love messages on her cell phone and home phone.
  35. Make her a homemade Valentines Card out of red construction paper.
  36. Rent a movie that you would typically not like, but she would. (Anything with Matthew McConaughey!)
  37. Use red lipstick and write something romantic on the bathroom mirror.
  38. Take her on date and not tell her anything about it. Take her to where you first met. (if possible)
  39. Set up a foot soak for her; play her favorite music while she soaks.
  40. Give the kids a bath and get them in bed by yourself; give her the night off.
  41. Wash the dishes, load the dishwasher, don’t let her lift a finger.
  42. Buy 3 of her favorite magazines and put them by the bathtub with some candles.
  43. Clean the toilets. The one job she hates more than anything else!
  44. Get some paint swatches and offer to paint a room in the house how ever she wants.
  45. Vacuum out her car.
  46. Give her a foot massage.
  47. Fill her car with red and white balloons. Blow them up yourself.
  48. Hide her favorite candy bars around the house. (Don’t hide them really well!)
  49. If she pays the bills, do it for her, and then balance the checkbook.
  50. And last but not least, combine any variation of the above 49. For example, clean the toilet while you are giving her a foot massage. Oh wait, bad example, but you know what I mean! Have fun with it and be creative!

Feel free to add your favorite Valentine’s Day gift ideas!


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These are awesome ideas. I especially like the one posted in the comments by Debra about making a power point, that is so cool. I’m going to do that one for my man.

Something that might be fun for you guys, you can make a “spa gift certificate” where you are the spa. You give her a massage, you paint her nails, you do her foot soak, you draw up her bubble bath (be waiting with a warm towel when she is ready to get out), you make sure she has some bubbly to drink, you fix her hair, you can do her facial.

You can get all the items needed probably in her bathroom cabinet, but if you want bonus points, you can purchase them from the drugstore or some place nicer like Sephora or Ulta. Just tell the ladies at the counter what you have in mind, they will hook you up. I know Sephora has free samples too.

Good luck guys. Our tradition is dinner the weekend following V-day


Lovin all the ideas but I am at my wits end on what to do for my boyfriend. I suprise him all the time! Secretly cleaning his house (we don’t live together) detailing his car if I happen to drive it one day, make his fav meals and desserts, sending sweet texts, back rubs.. I could go on. HELP!


Ang- just tell him you love him, and give him a big hug. Nothing fancy. Sometimes, they get so used to the extravagent gestures that it really takes them by surprise when you simply tell them you love them and dont expect them to say it back.

As for myself– I’m going to martyr myself on the altar of V-day romantic gestures and let him pick the movie. >.<