These 5 Apps Make Standing in the Checkout Line a Thing of the Past

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Sometimes technology is a total pain in the butt as it never works when you need it, and sometimes it’s an absolutely beautiful thing. Smartphone apps that let you completely avoid standing in the checkout line is a fantastic example of the latter. Here are the current apps leading the way, all of which will save you time and frustration on your next trip to the store.

These Apps Make Standing in the Checkout Line a Thing of the Past

1. Sears Shop Your Way

Sears App

The brain trust at Sears recently came out with an app called Shop Your Way that not only allows you to skip the checkout line, but you don’t even have to get out of your car.

You simply shop via the free app, select the “Store Pickup” option at checkout, then park in one of the reserved “In-Vehicle Pickup” spaces after you get an email notifying you that your order is ready.

At that point you notify the store, via the app, that you’ve arrived at the Sears location and they bring your order out to you.

The best part? If Sears doesn’t deliver the order to your car within 5 minutes, they’ll give you a $5 coupon for future purchases.

Shop Your Way App: iOS, Android

2. Sam’s Club “Scan & Go”

Sam's Club App

Sam’s Club has recently developed an in-house smartphone app they call “Scan & Go” that lets you do exactly that.

Walk around the warehouse, scan your items, pay for them via the app, then show your receipt to the greeter on the way out. Done.

Not only will you save time, but you’ll also save money as the app has a bunch of Sam’s deals integrated into it so you know exactly what’s on sale.

Sam’s Club App: iOS, Android

3. Starbucks Mobile Order & Pay

Starbucks Mobile Pay App

The free Starbucks Mobile Order app is also worth mentioning for those who need a caffeine addiction without having to wait for it.

You just place your order and pay via the app, then walk-in and head to where the drinks come out and ask the Barista for your order.

Boom. No standing in line. This is especially handy for large orders as you don’t have to write down or remember what everyone in the office (or home) ordered.

Starbucks Mobile Order & Pay App: iOSAndroid

4. Walmart “Scan & Go”

Walmart Scan App

How nice would it be to enter your local Walmart, scan the items you want to buy as you add them to your cart, then walk out without spending a second in the checkout line?

It would be awesome, right? Well with the Walmart Scan & Go app you can do exactly that.

The app keeps a running total of your purchase and you simply pay with your linked credit card when you’re done.

Just show your receipt from your phone to the greeter on the way out and you’re good to go. Walmart told me they do periodic random bag checks to make sure you bought everything in your bag.

There is a bit of an honor system going on here so it will be interesting to watch how this technology unfolds at Wally World, but I personally love the idea.

This Walmart app is still being tested in certain stores and has not gone national…yet.

Here are the stores where you can currently use it:

Walmart Store List for App

Walmart App: iOS, Android

5. Skip Checkout

Skip App

The Skip Checkout app looked really cool on my initial inspection and I was excited to check it out.

Unfortunately, after I downloaded the app and started clicking around, I realized it was only good at grocery store chains in northern Utah and Idaho.

So if you live in this specific area of the U.S. you should check it out. The Skip app looks like a cool tool that’ll save you time at the grocery store.

Ask the Reader: Have you ever used one of these apps to avoid standing in the checkout line?

BTW, I’d love to see one from Costco as I’d shop there a lot more knowing I could get out of the warehouse quickly.

By Kyle James

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9 Shopping Apps That You MUST Use to Save Money

Updated July 29, 2020 by Kyle

I was recently doing a story with NBC 12’s “Diva of Discounts”, Jennifer Warnick, in Richmond, Virginia, and after our Skype interview she asked me about the smartphone apps that I like to use to save money when shopping. I rattled off a couple and it quickly became quite apparent that she knew way more about the subject than I. So being the smart blogger that I am, I just shut my mouth and simply listened. She was even gracious enough to send me an email that listed all of her favs and it is the sole inspiration for this post. Thanks for the great tips Jennifer and I hope everyone reading this can use these apps to keep more of your own money.

9 Shopping Apps That You MUST Use to Save Money

1. iBotta App (Full Ibotta Review Here)

The folks at Ibotta claim their app is “Better Than Coupons.” Is there such a thing? The ibotta app is pretty darn cool though. Here’s how it works:

  • Basically, the app unlocks a bunch of “secret” rebates on products you’ll probably be buying anyways.
  • You pick the products and items you are going to buy on your next shopping trip and earn money by completing small tasks associated with those products.
  • Tasks include things like unlocking a $4.00 rebate for watching a short video or earn $1.25 for reading one fact about the product.
  • A few that I grabbed recently include $1 back on a pack of Oreos at Target, 25 cents back on a gallon of milk at ANY grocery store, and $1 back on Wheat Thins at Walmart. They take only a few seconds to complete.
  • Next, go do your shopping at one of the 50+ participating national retailers. New retailers are being added weekly.
  • Then just verify your purchase by using the app to snap a quick picture of your receipt, along with the corresponding product bar-code. If you’re using the same receipt for multiple product rebates, you only have to verify your receipt once which saves a lot of time. The app walks you through the whole “rebate redemption” process and it really is a breeze.
  • Every large grocery store in my area was on the app, including one-offs like Costco, Dollar Tree, and even drugstores like CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid.
  • iBotta then adds money to your account once they verify your purchase (usually within 24 hours).
  • You can withdraw money via PayPal or Venmo. You can also get paid via a gift card from Starbucks, Amazon, Best Buy, iTunes, Walmart, and others.
  • Top stores where you can use the app include: Walmart, Target, Kroger, Safeway, Rite Aid, CVS, Walgreens, Publix, Meijer, H-E-B, Stop & Shop, Winco, ShopRite, Pavilions, Tom Thumb, Dominick’s, Fry’s, Dillons, Vons, Ralphs, Fred Meyer, Smith’s, Duane Reade, King Soopers, and Pick ‘n Save.
  • Bonus Tip #1: Be sure to stack your savings. Combine your Ibotta savings with manufacturer coupons, store coupons, and e-coupons to stack up your coupon savings.
  • The app won’t make you rich, but if you’re going to buy the products anyways, why not earn a few extra bucks every week. I’ve been using it for a few weeks and I’m already up to over $30 in cash back rebates. Not too shabby for just a few minutes worth of work.

Jennifer is a big fan, “Lots more than just food..just verify the product barcode and take a picture of your receipt plus if you connect with Facebook, you can be part of a Facebook team (your FB friends who are also using Ibotta) which can net you even bigger bonuses. (My team just got an extra $10 each for our redemption’s as a group)” Pretty cool.

Bonus Tip #2: Sign-up today by clicking here and get a free $10 credit added to your account once you redeem your first rebate. Not too shabby.

– Available for FREE at the iOS in App Store and Android on Google Play.

2. Checkout 51

The Checkout 51 app and website is also gaining a lot of traction recently and works like this:

  • The app lets you buy groceries, scan your receipt, and easily get cash back.
  • Let’s let them do the talking, “All you have to do is pick the ones (offers) you like, purchase them at any store, and upload a photo of your receipt through our mobile app or website. When your account reaches $20, we send you a check.”
  • It is also worth noting that the folks at checkout 51 update the app with fresh offers every Thursday morning.
  • I love the fact that is doesn’t matter what store you purchase the items from. This feature really helps those that live in rural areas with Ma & Pa grocery stores.

Jennifer also chimes in on this one, “Checkout 51..more random deals on groceries when you upload receipts.”

– Available for iOS in App Store and Android on Google Play

3. Snap from Groupon

Here is how the free Snap App works:

  • Download it to your Apple or Android device for free.
  • Search and find this weeks cash back offers and shop accordingly.
  • Just snap a photo of your receipt. No coupons required. No mail-in rebates required. No shopping point scheme.
  • The app will then verify your purchase and credit your account.
  • Get your account to at least $20 and you can request a payment in the form of a mailed check.

Jennifer’s short and sweet spot-on review, “Groupon’s cash back app that has higher payouts and multiple, to unlimited, redemptions on certain products.”

– Available for iOS in App Store and Android on Google Play

4. Saving Star

Saving Star is a bit different in that it is a stand-alone website and app that allows you to get cash back on grocery shopping and online shopping. Here are the nuts and bolts:

  • When shopping at the grocery store you simply select grocery offers, buy those items, scan your receipt into the app (or sync with your store card), then get cash back added directly to your Saving Star account.
  • When shopping online you simply shop via the Saving Star website, make a purchase from a website listed on Saving Star (they listed thousands), get cash added to your account. The amount of cash back depends on the online retailer. Typically 1.5% to 5% of your purchase.
  • Once your Saving Star account reaches $5, you can request a withdrawal via PayPal, direct deposit to a bank account, or donation to a charity.
  • The ability to link your loyalty card is what sets the app apart and makes it very easy to use.

Jennifer’s synopsis of Saving Star, “Link your loyalty cards and check the coupons you like…you get cash back once you’ve bought the item.”

– Available for iOS in App Store and Android on Google Play

5. ShopKick App

Download the ShopKick app on your smartphone and start earning “Kicks” for doing things you’ll be doing anyways. Here’s what I mean.

  • Earn “Kicks” for just walking into stores.
  • Earn “Kicks” for scanning products.
  • Earn “Kicks” for making purchases.
  • Earn “Kicks” for submitting your receipts.
  • Cash in your “Kicks” for gift cards at stores like Target, Starbucks, Amazon, Walmart, and dozens more.
  • Best Feature: The app will actually tell you what kicks are available based on your location. It’s kinda fun and if you get your kids turned onto the app it gives them something fun (and profitable) to do while you do your shopping. Think of it like a scavenger hunt to find products and earn kicks.
  • Before you know it, you’ll have enough kicks to swap out for a $25 gift card at dozens of popular retailers.

– ShopKick is Available for iOS or Android.

And the Honorable Mentions….

– Shopmium (iOS, Android)

The folks at Shopmium have created an App with a pretty cool future. You buy products, scan you receipt, and get cash back on certain items you bought. You’ll get paid via PayPal or a direct deposit to your bank account.

The cool thing about the app is the offers they give their users are exclusive to them. This makes the Shopmium app a nice companion to the iBotta app, use them in conjunction with one another and you expand your possible rebates significantly.

– BerryCart (iOS, Android)

BerryCart uses a similar model to many of the apps listed above with one big exception. They have a strong bend towards healthy and organic foods along with gluten-free foods. You simply pick the product offers and deals that you hopefully would be buying anyways, and get some money back after you verify your purchase with the app. Your account balance can then be redeemed via PayPal or through various store gift cards.

– Cartsmart (iOS, Android)

Cartsmart is pretty darn clever. Essentially it allows you to build a grocery list then it helps you find the best deals and coupons on those items at stores in your area. So the cool thing is that it helps you stay organized and save money in the process.

Then when you are done shopping you simply snap a pic of your receipt for proof of purchase and then get paid within 48 hours. Your earnings are saved to your “SmartAccount” and get added to your linked bank account at your request.

Ask the Reader: Any apps that I may have missed that you think deserve to be on my list? Let me know in the comments below, thanks.

By Kyle James

Does The Home Depot Offer an Employee Discount?

Updated September 1, 2021 by Kyle
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Having donned the orange apron in my younger years, I’m quite familiar with whether or not The Home Depot offers an employee discount. But even more than that, I want to breakdown all of the job perks and benefits that The Home Depot offers so you can decide if applying at the home improvement giant is right for you. Let’s break it all down and hopefully I’ll answer most of your burning questions.

Does The Home Depot Offer an Employee Discount?

So…Does The Home Depot Offer an Employee Discount?

The Home Depot does NOT currently offer a standard employee discount on purchases.

But…they do have a website that lets employees purchase stuff like gym memberships, local restaurant gift cards, and cell phone services at a discount.

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What Benefits Does Home Depot Offer Employees?

While you won’t get a standard employee discount, here are the MANY other Home Depot job benefits and perks.

– Health Care: Health insurance for both you and your family.

– Paid Parental Leave: Home Depot will pay you so you can stay home and bond with your new addition.

– 24/7 “Teladoc” Physician Support: Stay at home and do a video call with a physician if your feeling under the weather.

– Pet Care and Insurance: They’ll help with pet sitting and discounted pet insurance for your furry friends.

– Company Match on 401(k) Savings Plan: Home Depot will match $1.50 for every $1 you add to your 401(k) up to 5% off your total pay.

– Performance Bonuses: Financial recognition for when you exceed goals or go above and beyond in terms of outstanding customer service. 

– Stock Discount: They offer a 15% discount when buying Home Depot stock.

– Tuition Reimbursement: Home Depot will help pay some of your tuition if you go back to school.

Does It Matter If I’m Only Part-Time?

To qualify for health benefits, you’ll need to be a full-time employee working at least 40 hours per week.

Part-time employees are eligible for other benefits like short-term disability, vision, dental, and even life insurance.

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How Long Do I Have to Work to Qualify?

To be eligible for health care benefits, full-time employees need to work for Home Depot for at least 90 days.

It’s my understanding that the 90 day window also applies to the other job benefits listed above.

Can Employees Get First-Dibs on Open Box Deals?

Yes, absolutely.

Simply by being a Home Depot employee, you’ll know about “scratch and dents” and “open box deals” before the majority of the public.

So you’ll definitely get first-dibs on these products and save significant money in the process.

Can I Get the HD Military Discount If I’m an Employee? 


Just because you work for the Home Depot does NOT mean you can’t still get their “unofficial” military discount.

At the time of this writing it’s a flat 10% discount on all in-store purchases.

Be prepared to show proof of your service.

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Any Other Home Depot Discounts to Be Aware Of?

Contractor Discount

Home Depot calls it ProXtra Benefits and it’s free to join and gives you exclusive perks, offers, volume pricing, and paint rewards.

If you’re a contractor and make a lot of purchases from The Home Depot it’s a no-brainer.

Quantity Discount

The Home Depot does have a quantity discount program called Volume Pricing Discounts.

Basically, you assemble your project list and if your total adds up to at least $2500, you’ll qualify for a volume discount.

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Teacher Discount

The Home Depot does not currently offer a teacher discount.

Senior Discount

Similar to the teacher discount, there currently is NOT a senior discount.

Ask the Reader: Do the Home Depot employee discount, perks, and benefits sway you to apply for a job? Let me know if I’m missing any details and I’ll be sure to update this article.

By Kyle James