All The 160+ Walmart Stores Closing (Or Already Closed) in Recent Years

Updated November 28, 2022 by Kyle

Over the past few years Walmart has announced that they have closed well over 160 locations in 27 states throughout the U.S., affecting over 10,000 employees.

The states hit the hardest in recent years include Texas (29), North Carolina (17), and Arkansas (11). It will be interesting to see what happens in the communities where a Walmart will be closing. Will new local businesses open up and fill the void? I certainly hope so. My guess is that the Target’s and Amazon’s of the world will simply step in and swallow up the competition, but time will tell.

Below is a running list, state by state, of all the Walmart locations that have already closed in recent years or will be closing soon.

All The 160+ Walmart Stores Closing (Or Already Closed) in Recent Years

Walmart Stores That Closed (Or Soon To Be) in 2022:


  • 1501 Al Highway 14 E, Selma, AL 36703 (temporarily closed due to a fire on November 7, 2022)


  • 900 Boston Post Rd, Guilford, CT (closed in May 2022)


  • 7100 Raggard Road, Louisville, KY (closed in April 2022)


  • Cobblewood Plaza Shopping Center, 1143 Smiley Ave, Cincinnati, OH (closed in April 2022)
  • 6594 Mayfield Rd, Mayfield Heights, OH (closed in May 2022)


  • Waterworks Shopping Center, 877 Freeport Road, Pittsburgh, PA (permanently closed on November 11, 2022)


  • 4055 Factoria Blvd SE, Bellevue, WA (closed in April 2022)

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Stores That Closed Between 2016 – 2021:


  • 14331 Count Rd. 99, Headland, AL
  • 18 Apple Way, Ashford, AL
  • 952 E. Lawrence Harris Hwy, Slocomb, AL
  • 407 West Washington St., Abbeville, AL
  • 6361 Hwy 72 East Gurley, AL
  • 87395 US Hwy 278, Snead, AL
  • 3530 Cathedral Caverns Hwy, Grant, AL
  • 10188 Hwy 431 South, New Hope, AL
  • 7201 Aaron Aronov Drive, Fairfield, AL


  • 6525 Glacier Hwy, Juneau, AK

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  • 6085 W. Chandler Blvd, Chandler, AZ
  • 3900 W. Ina Road, Tucson, AZ


  • 720 N Hwy 71, Mansfield, AR
  • 3500 Mulberry Hwy 64 W, Mulberry, AR
  • 814 W. Main, Charleston, AR
  • 1531 E Hwy 64, Coal Hill, AR
  • 8848 N Hwy 59, Van Buren, AR
  • 5 Hwy 124 West, Damascus, AR
  • 154 E Roller, Decatur, AR
  • 905 S Gentry Blvd, Gentry, AR
  • 800 1st Ave SE, Gravette, AR
  • 881 W Buchanan, Prairie Grove, AR
  • 117 Audubon Drive, Maumelle, AR


  • 5502 Monterey Hwy, San Jose, CA
  • 1600 Saratoga Ave., San Jose, CA
  • 151 E 5th St., Long Beach, CA
  • 8400 Edgewater Drive, Oakland, CA
  • 4101 Crenshaw Blvd., Los Angeles, CA
  • 2408 Lincoln Ave., Altadena, CA
  • 6820 Eastern Ave., Bell Gardens, CA
  • 701 W Cesar E Chavez Ave., Los Angeles, CA
  • 2045 E Highland Ave., San Bernardino, CA
  • 12120 Carson St., Hawaiian Gardens, CA
  • 11729 Imperial Highway, Norwalk, CA


  • 8196 West Bowles Ave., Littleton, CO
  • 2253 S Monaco Pkwy., Denver, CO


  • 333 N Main St., West Hartford, FL


  • 1113 S.R. 20, Interlachen, FL
  • 1209 East Wade St., Trenton, FL
  • 15726 SE Hwy 19 Cross City, FL


  • 560 S. Broad St., Ellaville, GA
  • 1041 S US Hwy 1, Alma, GA
  • 155 West Washington Ave., Ashburn, GA
  • 398 Barrow Ave SW, Pelham, GA
  • 907 Marianna Hwy, Donalsonville, GA
  • 290 Albany Ave. West, Pearson, GA
  • 142 S. Valdosta Road, Lakeland, GA

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  • 3636 N Broadway, Chicago, IL
  • 225 W Chicago Ave., Chicago, IL


  • 8010 E. 38th St., Indianapolis, IN


  • 712 N. Western Ave., Liberal, KS
  • 900 East Ross Ave., Clearwater, KS
  • 505 Housatonic St., Burlington, KS
  • 705 N High School Ave., Columbus, KS
  • 1105 East 15th St., Ellsworth, KS
  • 120 West Rosewood St., Rose Hill, KS
  • 605 Orchard Drive, Hillsboro, KS
  • 601 N West St. STE 100, Wichita, KS
  • 9831 E Harry St., Wichita, KS
  • 4794 E 13th, Wichita, KS


  • 1229 NW. Evangeline Trwy., Lafayette, LA
  • 1445 Old Highway 13, Mamou, LA
  • 1506 Main St., Colfax, LA
  • 620 North Hwy 26, Lake Arthur, LA
  • 501 West Hwy 90, Iowa, LA
  • 9181 Hwy 67, Clinton, LA
  • 920 Avenue G, Kentwood, LA
  • 1495 Obrie St., Zwolle, LA
  • 515 3rd St., Independence, LA


  • 2701 Port Covington Drive, Baltimore, MD

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  • 1775 Washington St., Hanover, MA
  • 941 Grinnell St., Fall River, MA (Sam’s Club)
  • 1110 Fall River Ave., Seekonk, MA (Sam’s Club)


  • 10400 Highland Rd., Hartland, MI
  • 495 Summit Drive, Waterford, MI (Sam’s Club)


  • 1450 University Ave. W., Saint Paul, MN


  • 224 E Hwy 76, Anderson, MO
  • 508 N Cliffside Dr., Noel, MO
  • 33597 State Hwy 112, Seligman, MO
  • 414 N Elm, Clever, MO


  • 410 2nd St., Belmont, MS
  • 2795 Hwy 371 N, Mantachie, MS
  • 420 E Lee St., Sardis, MS
  • 28191 Hwy 15, Walnut, MS
  • 519 W Veterans Ave., Derma, MS
  • 7104 Will Robbins Hwy, Nettleton, MS


  • 17 Colby Court, Bedford, New Hampshire


  • 509 Dr. Donnie H. Jones Blvd W, Princeton, NC
  • 511 N Mckinley St., Coats, NC
  • 6043 US Hwy 301 S, Four Oaks, NC
  • 112 N Main St., Broadway, NC
  • 908 E. 4th Ave., Red Springs, NC
  • 7670 Clinton Rd., Stedman, NC
  • 1400 B Broad St., Oriental, NC
  • 702 S. Wall St., Benson, NC
  • 945 Monroe St., Carthage, NC
  • 303 S. Goldsboro St., Pikeville, NC
  • 632 W Swannanoa Ave., Liberty, NC
  • 139 N Hwy 49, Richfield, NC
  • 1593 NC Hwy 86 N, Yanceyville, NC
  • 905 SE 2nd St., Snow Hill, NC
  • 182 NC 102 W, Ayden, NC
  • 189 Hickory Tree Rd., Midway, NC
  • 1010 Martin Luther King Pkwy., Durham, NC


  • 4350 N Nellis Blvd., Las Vegas, NV


  • 22209 Rockside Rd., Bedford, OH


  • 124 E. Columbia St., Okemah, OK
  • 19250 E Hwy 66, Luther, OK
  • 2310 West Main, Prague, OK
  • 1600 West Hwy 66, Stroud, OK
  • 2324 Seran Drive, Wewoka, OK
  • 812 N Clarence Nash Blvd., Watonga, OK


  • 8235 SW Apple Way, Portland, OR
  • 17711 Jean Way, Lake Oswego, OR


  • 53 W. Germantown Pike, Norristown, PA


  • 25 Pace Blvd., Warwick, RI (Sam’s Club)


  • 3603 Broad River Road, Columbia, SC
  • 9032 Hwy 14, Gray Court, SC
  • 7013 S Pine St., Pacolet, SC
  • 721 US Hwy 321 BYP S Unit, Winnsboro, SC


  • 1757 W. Andrew Johnson Hwy., Morristown, TN
  • 2501 University Commons Way, Knoxville, TN
  • Nashville Hwy, Chapel Hill, TN
  • 523 N Military St., Loretto, TN
  • 400 North Main St., Cornersville, TN
  • 934 Hwy 79, Dover, TN
  • 1220 Gallatin Ave., Nashville, TN


  • 13742 N. Eldridge Parkway, Cypress, TX
  • 721 Dale Evans Drive, Italy, TX
  • 221 S State Hwy 274, Kemp, TX
  • 504 W Pine St., Edgewood, TX
  • 301 Hwy 69 S, Whitewright, TX
  • 122 Commercial Ave., Anson, TX
  • 1003 Telephone Cir., Merkel, TX
  • 5 N 14th St., Haskell, TX
  • 1010 N Main St., Winters, TX
  • 501 N Main, Godley, TX
  • 416 N Third St., Grandview, TX
  • 420 S US 69, Leonard, TX
  • 428 N Dallas St., Palmer, TX
  • 440 E Pine St., Frankston, TX
  • 1787 US Hwy 259 S, Diana, TX
  • 1005 Texas Avenue E, Waskom, TX
  • 870 Taylor St., Hughes Springs, TX
  • 914 North Main St., Lone Star, TX
  • 504 WL Doc Dodson, Naples, TX
  • 12522 Fm 1840, Dekalb, TX
  • 114 Redwater Boulevard West, Maud, TX
  • 14091 FM 490, Raymondville, TX
  • 7480 Padre Island Hwy, Brownsville, TX
  • 8201 N FM 620, Austin, TX
  • 7075 FM 1960 Rd W, Houston, TX
  • 3155 W. Wheatland Road, Dallas, TX
  • 2218 Greenville Ave., Dallas (Greenville), TX
  • 2740 Gessner Rd., Houston, TX
  • 2201 West Southlake Blvd., Southlake, TX
  • 1901 S. Texas Ave., Bryan, TX
  • 4268 Legacy Drive, Frisco, TX


  • 7000 Iron Bridge Road, North Chesterfield, VA
  • 1959 Neeley Road, Big Stone Gap, VA
  • 2864 Virginia Beach Blvd., Virginia Beach, VA


  • 7809 NE. Vancouver Plaza Dr., Vancouver, WA


  • 61 Plaza Drive, Kimball, WV


  • 5825 W Hope Ave., Milwaukee, WI
  • 3850 N 124th St., Wauwatosa, WI
  • N88W15559 Main St., Menomonee Falls, WI
  • S14W22605 Coral Drive, Waukesha, WI

Ask the Reader: Did your local Walmart make the list of stores that will go away soon? If so, how’s it going to affect your shopping habits?


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So did they actually close these stores


They closed the one in Oakland over a year ago. Oakland raised its minimum wage this year to $15 an hour and as soon as Walmart heard that they moved out lock stock and barrel.

Col. Edward H. R. Green

That was the correct response. No, I am not being sarcastic.

Paying $15/hr to low-skilled, low-producing employees makes zero economic sense, and is morally unsound by any objective standard of morality.

As long as people, in their economic illiteracy, tolerate government operators imposing minimum wage mandates, Walmart and other businesses will continue to close stores, shed low-skilled, low-producing employees or greatly reduce their hours, terminate benefits, or install more robotics and self-check-out kiosks.

Government price and wage controls have a long and ugly history going back many centuries. In the USA they were imposed for the first time in the 1920s on the grounds of racism and eugenics. They have caused chronic, persistent unemployment among low-skilled, low-educated people, and have motivated businesses to remove their goods and services from the market, resulting in a lower standard of living for everyone.


That’s bull shit! There getting out of the low poverty areas because of theft. Also if you haven’t noticed there wanting everything on done on line these days.

Last edited 4 months ago by Slim98

There wanting everyone to go on line. Some of the hardest working people I know have came from low poverty. Unlike most rich kids having every thing handed to them. We actually had to work our asses of to make it.

Brenda Ketchum

You are right Everyone wasn’t born with a silver spoon in their mouth / Having everything handed to them Some have had to work for it ! Even Have college Education ,Because Some parents could afford it out of the gate ! Others have struggled just for food ! So everyone is Not lazy or uneducated ect. Some need to check themselves, The struggle has been real ! God Bless us One And All ! Workers are essential in all walks of life ! The more computers they put in place , The more jobs become obsolete! While they are talking No matter how Educated one is OUR JOBS ARE NOT PROMISED TO US ! So one needs to chill and STOP pointing fingers ! God bless !

Idea Chambers

I work for Walmart. In California. Where the Thieves can steal the store blind. And not even legally be prosecuted. Unless they steal over a large amount of merchandise all at 1 time.

I’m not saying how much that amount is. Because I’m not attempting to encourage nor assist in future Thieves from stealing from us. As far as the point that some believe about the Staff that works 4 Walmart. Not being the brightest lites on next seasons Christmas Tree. That’s NOT Entirely true. Yes Walmart does hire and keep some of their associates on the payroll. That have Mental & Physical Challenges. As ANY company who is displaying a Healthy Social Humanitarian Example.

Most of the PEOPLE I personally work with ARE Hardworking People with a desire to Assist & Help The Customers any way they can. . Yes! It is true that Walmart’s across the United States have been Adding Alot of Self Checkout machines. What you don’t know is it accounts for a lot of the theft going on in our stores.

And another thing you do not realize is Walmart has to HIRE People to Assist Each and Every Customer that chooses to us those Self Checkout machines. And that is Real live People Hosting to Help & Assist with Those that choose to fast tract it. And not willing to Wait for the Cashiers they do have on staff at the time the Customers are in the store, shopping.

I realize eventually Walmart will faze out the Live People from cashier’s. And the Customers will either shop online, or go through the self checkout machines. Spoken from a gal that LOVES my Position as Cashier with Walmart. For more years than I’d ever imagine I’d be working at Walmart. I’m helpful, I enjoy my customers. And like the staff that I work with Dailey. Even though it is ever so a revolving door.

People just do NOT want to work hard any longer for a paycheck. The Walmart employees I work with, are Smart, Some Highly Educated, Some Retired, coming back in to the work force to subsidized their SS incomes. That don’t even pay the bills any longer. Some are singles Parents. Supporting their Families.

All these scenarios are Hardworking GOOD PEOPLE. And Well deserving of every red cent they get from the jobs that so many others are frankly to lazy to do. Or don’t have the Social Skills to interact with Walmart Customers. Current Cashier at a California Store. And Extremely Proud to be Working For Such a Major Provider of ALL the Goods to those that or choose not to Shop at Ma and PA stores to stretch the provisions we all have to care for and maintain for our individual families…

I Thank God for a company that helps so many people from every financial aspect of the economic spectrum. It would be a lot easier, to live on a wage that actually reflects the current economic climate. And more money than I earn at Walmart. But, hey I have vested so many years with this Company. And what the heck, I Truly Enjoy Me Position with the Walmart Company.

If you do NOT like the Self checkouts. Simply wait in-line behind all those that choose to have a LIVE Person doing it for you. And with a nice smile, and conversation. By being personable yourself. Is also appreciated by ALL those that Still Work on the checkout lanes.

Don’t be negative, Don’t Complain to the Cashiers. They have NO INFLUENCE with in the Walmart way of doing Business. If you do Not like something the Walmart ashore is advocating as a procedure or Way of doing Business. Contact The Corporate office. That is how change is Best delivered to the Company. The lowly Cashiers, Have NO INFLUENCE WHAT SO EVER.
Cashier for Walmart CA.


Yeah no one wants to wait for the single cashier they’ve staffed. I don’t want to check myself out but I also don’t want to wait behind 30 people for the one live person.


well said dear child! I say that humbly, because I am an OG. Been there, done that, the struggle, it’s real and we’re all in it alongside each other. I feel better now knowing that there’s folks like you, in places where you are needed the most. I thank G-d for you. Stay strong and keep the faith, America is Great because you make it great! KUDOS KID,BE SAFE.G-d bless you.


I absolutely agree with you, well said and with intelligence if I do say so myself. People today are easy to point fingers, and cut down the other guy, before looking in the mirror.

If you can get up and put your pants on 1 leg at a time, and go to the job every day then you deserve to be paid minimum wages. I feel that every employee that works for a Company such as Walmart, no matter how old, you, what race are education should be making enough money to pay their bills, feed their family, put a roof over their heads.

In other words live comfortably, not extravagant but comfortable, what I’m seeing here, is that Walmart doesn’t care about their employees enough to pay them minimum wages LOL 😂😂 They would rather shut down the whole store than pay people what they deserve. What a SHAME!!!

SHAME ON YOU CORPORATE OFFICE you have, Handicapped workers, Elderly worker, Single parents, and you would rather have people loose their job and livelihood and close your DOORS then be HUMAN and just pay minimum wages. People should CLOSE YOUR DOORS FROM THE OUTSIDE AND NOT SHOP THERE UNTIL YOU TREAT YOUR EMPLOYEES BETTER!!!!!!!!


Hi Idea: I think you hit it right on a large scale. I can tell you are Walmart Good Person I still go to Walmart for value. I have people I talk too at every visit.

I am cautious on use of cash card or credit so I do tend using Cashier due disability problems and I do not whimper about my chronic aches and pains but it is easier for me in that line. There are many people who have pain like me. I love the people I know there and their hard work. Some I know have moved on possibly due a few things.

I am angry of the dishonest sort who grab and run from the Store’s and these people are and have caused hardships to other’s and they are part of overall causes for prices, for store closing, etc. They are not showing or care for the poorer community who need to get some savings on groceries and clothing. They do not care for the elder or disabilities that are so very difficult.

I worked most of my life very hard but proud of the work I did do. I do not have so much but I believe in helping, in Church and the Community. How can people all come together with all the hate to destroy the stores, rob and harm each other?

I know things will never be perfect but harming other’s is the SAME as hurting your own Mom, Dad, Sister’s, Brother’s and Grandparent’s who held you in their arms. Is this how we re-pay our Families? For what?

A DelRio

I understand your an employee.

I am a huge Walmart shopper. But to think that you’re sticking up for your store isn’t always a good thing.

Especially when you know most of the employees are treated like crap by management.

I have a close friendship with employees. I am just a shopper in California.

The employees are very upset or frustrated by management. You tell Cooperate anything. They call your local Walmart and say something to twist things around.

Most of the employees need their job and can’t afford to get fired.

I am very disappointed to hear from my friends who work at Walmart and I hear how they get treated is very disappointing.

This whole thing about Walmart stores closing. Sounds like embezzlement. Somebody is always behind it.

Tom Williams

You need to get out of that slum of a state


People need to EAT, Edward. $15 is minimum wage, they’re not being paid outrageous rates. God, you sound like an insufferable 80 year old.


I agree and they do handle a lot of work. I appreciate the people who work. I think they can earn Stock in the Company. So many companies are not finding people to work and the Loyal Employee’s should have incentives to keep them with the company!

Factcheck Freddy

You got people panic stricken. Walmart has 3571 stores in the US alone. Closing a bunch of under performing ones is no big deal. Your posting crap if you say ” All stores are closing”. Might want to clarify your wording.

Last edited 1 month ago by Kyle
Walmart Shopper

As of October 18, 2022, there are 4662 Walmart locations. They must be doing something right! 😊

Flor A

I can have many guesses why Walmart is closing down so many locations? can someone give me an explanation besides their own competition? and will happen with the building?


According to so called conspiracy theorists the vacant buildings are to used used as fema concentration camps when the new world order takes over.


Thats right fema prison camps for the American people. They have had this planed for a long time.and with this war it is becoming more and more realistic.


we have had an empty walmart building on the outskirts of town for almost 20 years.All boarded up, fence around it and weeds so high it can barely be seen – a real eyesore


None closing in my area but if they did, wouldn’t bother me, I rarely shop at Walmart anymore since they demanded Masks to be worn, I don’t miss Walmart at all and I use to shop there all the time.


I have never masked. It’s constitutionally illegal to force someone to mask, not to mention those face diapers are exactly that! Decreasing the amt of oxygen (O2) to your brain not to mention all the bacteria that is on the masks that you’re breathing in!

T Ray

I agree with you. NEVER EVER wore a mask and NEVER EVER WILL, even with the release of the new virus coming just in time for the next Nov elections. Hope every single Wally world closes down.

Walmart Shopper

If you have never masked then you have definitely been refused entrance to many places for quite awhile. And to educate you a bit, it is not constitutionally illegal to require masks in certain places. If I own a store and require masks to be worn while inside, I have every right to do so just like you have the right to refuse and then would not be permitted to enter.

During a pandemic, a global epidemic, things change from the norm. When you have multitudes of people dying every single day, bodies stacked up in trailers because there is nowhere else to put them, drastic measures like wearing a simple face mask are required.

It sounds like you haven’t lost anyone to Covid otherwise you might have taken this more seriously. Well, I did. Someone who has been a friend of my family for over 40 years got sick and died, leaving a beautiful family devastated. You think you’re funny by calling these masks diapers. Another reason I suspect you didn’t lose a loved one to Covid.

There are people like scientists who wear these specialized masks for decades and it does not deprive them of oxygen. They are still the same brilliant people they were before.

And I think you have it backwards – the masks PREVENT the virus from reaching your mouth and nose, they do not attract or allow bacteria in when worn as recommended.

Education is the key but you have obviously ignored that which is available to you. At some point, luck may not be on your side.


Yeah, Imagine walmart trying to save you from harm! the Nerve!

Walmart Shopper

And we are so glad you don’t want to shop at Walmart anymore. The responsible people, the people who are older or immunocompromised do not want to be exposed to the selfish, uneducated people who would put them at risk by not obeying the mandates. Thank you for making Walmart a safer place to shop.


Remember the Jade Helm 15 exercise in 2015 ? Remember the 26 Walmart’s that coincidentally closed for the same plumbing issues in many states during that same time ? Preparation for quarantine the unvaccinated. Look at Australia . Zzzzz wake up . The world will never be the same . Watch the trailer Songbird.


What is Songbird about. Saw the title somewhere.


Is there a YEAR attached to this article? WHEN were these store closed…. no mention of a year in the article….. bad reporting of WWWWW/H? the “whole” story…. WHEN is missing


updated June 2022


It says there updated Nov 2022 fool!

Paul Salasar

To clarify, the Wal-Mart that closed in Long Beach CA closed because the high amount of theft in that store, and the area had a large population of homeless persons who were causing problems with the customers (fortunately the homeless problem has abated for now)

Angela Jensen

I live in Spokane and just started recently shopping at Walmart. Will those be closing as well?


It looks like over the last few years and continuing as I see in the Article.

J d caro

Close them all, not worth a crap anyhow, no customer service, no lower prices anymore, treat employees like crap, dirty stores, go mid afternoon nothing on the shelves. I’m surprised they made it this long, bye bye.

Walmart Shopper

It’ll be a very long wait before the 4662 Walmarts will close. I know it’s not going to happen in my lifetime!


There’s at least one error. The Walmart down the street from me closed in 2017-2018…


Former employee here…I quit for health reasons in 2016.

I recently used the self check locally (not in the store I was an employee of). I was physically detained upon leaving the self check, and was actually accused of theft. My initial reaction was laughter, THEN I calmly and politely requested that they contact either the City Police or the Sheriff’s Department, along with store manager and store security, as well as my attorney.

I stated that once all were assembled, I would happily hand over my receipt and allow a THOROUGH search of my bags, purse and a pat down by law enforcement. I also informed them that upon completion of such, I would be filing charges against the store, and filing a lawsuit. After about 30 minutes of them refusing, I pulled out my phone to call attorney and law enforcement myself. At that time, they apologized and let me go. During all this time, many people left the store with unbagged items and were waved on through without showing a receipt.

The difference between this shopping trip and my usual trips, is this time I was not dressed up like I usually am. I had been painting and doing yard work, so needless to say, I was rather grungy looking, and my clothing was not too nice.

They never called the store manager, or store security.

I still shop there and use self check, but I haven’t been harassed since.

I still laugh if I’m approached for a receipt check. I use Walmart Pay. When asked if I have a receipt, I just laugh, say yes and keep on walking.


Most of these Texas ones are in Northeast Texas and were a tiny store concept that they abandoned. Most of these locations were purchased by Brookshires and reopened as Spring Markets.

Metta Bailey

I like Wal-Mart for shopping. I think it is terrible to close stores and put the people out of work. There are so many people out of work, that could use these jobs. Give them better pay and better working conditions and not let them go. I would also like to add it is a shame that so many have gone to self check-out. That put more out of work and not able to find half way decent work.


As a Mississippi resident, I can confirm that- The listed addresses for Belmont, Mantachie, and Nettleton Mississippi are Not Walmart stores. They are Dollar General, and Family Dollar locations. They are All still in daily operation for customers.

They were closed for a brief period due to a warehouse issue and Covid protocol. This lasted less than a week. All be it, many items are limited and truck deliveries are not as regular as they were before Covid.

I am not sure about the other listed locations. This being said, your title is a bit misleading for readers.

Last edited 27 days ago by H.J.M.L.