The One Amazon Hack That Guarantees You’ll Always Get the Lowest Price

Updated August 4, 2020 by Kyle

Here’s the Amazon scenario: You’re shopping for a new JBL Bluetooth speaker on Amazon, you do a quick search, find your speaker, and on the product page you click “Add to Cart” and quickly make your purchase. Sound familiar? Well, there’s a great chance you just overspent by up to 25%.

Keep reading to understand this Amazon hack that guarantees you always get the lowest price on your purchases. This hack works for Amazon Prime members, as well as those who haven’t made the Prime plunge yet.

Amazon Hack

Have you ever wondered how Amazon picks the products they display first when you do a product search? Turns out it’s a complex algorithm that has to do with seller’s inventory levels and competitors’ price changes. Because of this, the product that displays first is not always the best price and can be WAY higher than what other Amazon sellers are selling it for. So that brings us to the bottom-line of this Amazon hack…

Stop Using the “Add to Cart” Button NOW

The next time you’re tempted to click the “Add to Cart” button, first take a quick look at what other Amazon sellers are selling the item for.

In the image below, Amazon is trying to sell me a JBL Bluetooth Speaker for $94.95, but when I look underneath the product specs, I notice that other sellers have it priced for as little as $84.86 (red arrow).

Amazon Product Page

Wow, $10 cheaper, that’s pretty darn significant and can add up to big money over the course of a year.

Bottom-line, get out of the habit of blindly clicking the “Add to Cart” button. Instead, ALWAYS check what other sellers are pricing the product for first.

Always check the price of other sellers

So after I click on the “40 new from $84.86” link, it brings me to the screenshot below. This is where I discover that the speaker is not only $10 less, but also includes free shipping. How awesome is that?

Sure, it’ll take a little longer to have delivered as it ships from China, but who cares, I can wait if it means I’ll have an extra 10 bucks in my pocket.

Even if I did want Prime 2-day shipping, the 2nd seller on this list offers the speaker for $1.96 less (with Prime delivery) than the original price Amazon forced upon me.

Amazon other sellers

Final Thoughts on this Amazon Hack

If you typically add items to your Amazon cart without first checking the price of other sellers, you’re not alone.

According to this study, almost 90% of Amazon shoppers go ahead and buy from the default seller that pops up first.

But get in the healthy frugal habit of checking other sellers and you’re bound to save some serious cash.

Happy savings.

By Kyle James


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But my only concern would be the quality of the customer service if buying through a 3rd party especially one that is located abroad for instance. I realize $10 is a big savings but for smaller savings I wouldn’t mind paying a little bit for the Amazon customer service. We have had lost packages, damaged boxes and electronics that after 1 year stopped working (still under warranty). I have found that the the default price is usually the only directly sold and shipping by Amazon. I order a lot from Amazon and whenever there are issues they always resolve them. I was wondering if anyone has experience if you order from one of the other sellers that is cheaper in case there are problems?

Carol Y

I try to only deal with ‘Amazon fulfilled’ items. I think most items can be returned, but I feel more secure ordering from Amazon or having Amazon fulfill it.


I have had problems with third party sellers and Amazon will act as a go between but they have never helped me in these situations and as far as I know, they have never disciplined the sellers…? I am currently not buying from Amazon because of this but I am sure I am missing out on some lower priced items. I have to buy almost everything online because I am taking care of my homebound mother so I do not get out much.


Haven’t you heard a to z guarantee claim. You could get a full reimbursement once it was approved. The process takes 1-2 weeks.