Amazon No Longer Offers 2-Day Prime Shipping (Here’s What To Do About It)

Updated November 26, 2023 by Kyle

Have you noticed that Amazon doesn’t deliver on their 2-day Prime Shipping anymore? It’s actually not even close for my address and I’ve had to return stuff to Amazon as I don’t need it by the time the package shows up. Anything that I want to buy today (a Monday) won’t be delivered until Sunday at the earliest. I tested this on a bunch of different shopping categories and made sure it was all products sold and shipped directly by Amazon, and none could be delivered before Sunday, 6 days from NOW. But alas, not all hope is lost, here’s what you should do to hold Amazon’s feet to the fire. It’ll only take a few minutes and put an extra $10 or $20 in your pocket.

Amazon No Longer Offers 2-Day Prime Shipping...Here's What To Do About It

Prime 2-Day Shipping Has Turned Into 5-Day Delivery

The reason that 2-day Prime shipping has turned into 5, 6, or even 7-day shipping has nothing to do with UPS or the USPS.

It falls 100% on Amazon as they now say that the “2-day shipping guarantee” is from when they actually process your order and get it in the mail.

So if it takes them a couple days to box it up and ship it out, then you’ll get it delivered to your home in about 5 days on average.

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If you’re like me, the main reason you joined Prime and paid $139/year was for the 2-day shipping, so this is KIND OF A BIG DEAL.


Call Them Up and Ask For a 1-Month Refund

When I have a problem with Amazon I usually start a live chat session as it’s easier to say exactly what I want to say.

BUT…for the first time ever, I recommend actually calling them at 1-(888) 280-4331 and say, “Why don’t I get 2-day Prime shipping anymore?”

I tried doing this via Live Chat and it just went in circles due to what I’m guessing was a language barrier.

At this point, give them your zip code and ask them to run it through their system to find out for sure whether your address qualifies for 2-day shipping.

Most addresses do indeed qualify for 2-day Prime shipping.

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If your address does qualify, then you probably already know the EXACT reason why you’re not getting your packages within 2 days.

It’s because Amazon can’t hold up their end of the bargain and they should pay for it.

This is when you politely ask for a 1-month refund on your Prime membership (approximately $10) because Amazon can’t hold up their end of the bargain.

I did this recently via a phone call to their customer service department and it took me all of about 5 minutes to score the $10 refund.

There was ZERO hesitation from the rep I talked with and I think they are trained to hand out this refund for those who politely ask for it.

Also, from the comments section, several Amazon Prime members were given a $20 “inconvenience credit” that’s worth asking for as well.

Note: My family orders from Amazon at least 1-2 times per week and I’m not sure if that played a role in getting the 1-month refund, but in either case, it’s definitely worth a shot.

Hold Amazon’s Feet to the Fire

I realize Amazon’s been hit by unprecedented demand in recent months, but let’s not forget they are one of the richest companies in the world.

Now that the economy and stores have opened back up in most of the country, the demand for online shopping has been greatly reduced.

Yet Amazon still can’t figure it out and solve their order backlog issues.

What ticks me off the most is Amazon wants to blame it on the pandemic and increased demand in online shopping.

I’d have no problem buying that argument back in March, April or May of 2020…BUT NOT NOW.

It’s my opinion that Amazon was losing money on the 2-day shipping guarantee and is using the current situation as a handy way to get rid of the fast shipping guarantee altogether.

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I’d be SHOCKED if 2-Day Prime shipping ever came back at this point.

So the bottom line is get your $10 refund NOW before they aren’t so generous.

The customer service rep also told me that MANY people are calling to cancel Prime, she said she had already cancelled over 50 memberships in the past couple days.

Here’s what a chat rep told me when I asked him if Prime members were complaining about the issue:

Amazon Chat

BONUS Tip: Work-Around Hack Worth Trying…

Thanks to reader Joseph, who commented recently letting us know that his Amazon Business account has been delivering in 2-days since last September.

The interesting part is that his “regular Prime account” is stuck at 4-7 days for delivery.

Since an Amazon business account is FREE to join, and also gives you quantity discounts, setting up an account could be worth a shot.

Also, in case you were wondering, he said his business is not COVID related in the slightest.

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Ask the Reader: Are you a Prime member? If so, when was the last time Amazon delivered something to you in 2 days?

By Kyle James


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This is silly. Why would I want free Month’s service for a useless service? You are acting like you pulled one over. You didn’t. Your product still came late. I don’t even sign up for prime because it doesn’t help the speed anyway being that I’m in rural ND. The stuff takes forever to get here with or without prime so I might as well shop without it.


That is actually a good point – they are giving us a free service that we are complaining isn’t adequate…I guess that is like complaining the waiter gave you a cold steak, so they offer to give you another cold steak for free…I never considered that point.


I live in a rural area and we used to get our items in 3 days instead of 2 days, which was still awesome. Now, it can take 14 days to receive items. I’m pretty fed up and seriously thinking about canceling but thanks to this post, I’m going to give your suggestions a try.


I ordered dogfood, supposed to be next day, it’s now day 3, package has been in town since the next day but its taking forever to process, I had to go buy dogfood at the store.

The minute it’s out for delivery, I’m demanding a refund due to the fact I had to purchase it at the store.

I’m going to stress that I’m going to switch to Walmart as well if it isn’t figured out. I’ve spent so much money on amazon in the past couple weeks, I also usually let late packages slide, but this mess up is not acceptable! It says it will be delivered tomorrow, 4 days late, and its in town!

Last edited 6 months ago by Jake

Easier to just go to Walmart then wait around on Amazon


Especially with the curbside pickup. I find myself doing that more than I used to.


Prime business you dont get the streaming services


FYI – I read that Amazon is going to start charging an extra $35 if prime customers want to avoid commercials/ads on prime video.


Amazon delivery times are now in months instead of weeks or days, might as well shop at walmart.


I live in Western Montana and the largest city in this part of the state. We have an Amazon distribution center 200 miles from us in Butte, one about 7 hours away In Boise, and one being built here as we speak. I’ve gone from 2 to 3 days max on shipping to 5 to 9 days on average. I just looked at ordering a new Fossil Wallet and it’s Thursday and it says it should be here next Friday or Saturday. I ordered some things from on Tuesday and got one package today on Thursday and the rest scheduled for tomorrow with most of the items coming from Columbus, OH. I watched a recent Amazon orders last month have the craziest shipping schedule too. It went from Butte, MT to Boise, back to Butte, then to Missoula, back to Butte and then finally at my door in Missoula. I don’t get it and it’s getting frustrating.


I have been noticing that the Prime items I am purchasing are taking up to NINE days to be delivered. When chatting online, they blame the carriers. However, I have screenshots that say the item will be a 1-day delivery or 2-day Prime. After clicking “purchase”, the estimated delivery is more than 5 days from the purchase date. For kicks, I selected a local Amazon pick-up rather than direct delivery. What do you know – it is available within the 2-day window. My hunch is they are pushing for their customers to utilize the pick-up locations.


Agree – but that defeats the purpose of ordering online. If I have to drive in to the city to pick up an item – I may has well buy the item while I am there! Especially since they have some people pick up orders in Kohls…imagine ordering a shirt on Amazon driving to Kohls to pick it up, while you wait in a 10min line, you notice that same shirt is cheaper and there is no line at that register!


My orders are sitting for 2-3 weeks untouched. I pay- I get refunded. I pay again- I get refunded. Now an item will arrive tomorrow and I paid twice! I’ve been an Amazon customer 20 yrs. Prime member for 5 years WTF Amazon! I have spoken to a Rep, she said she would ” ticket my items” I asked what that means; ” they will process it right away” No, they didn’t.. it sat for another week. I’m so done Amazon bye bye.. it’s been fun up until now.

Simple Jack

That’s when we start telling them we didn’t get it and get a refund that way. They wanna take a week then I don’t feel guilty about it.


Well you should feel bad because that is stealing. No matter the circumstances, stealing is stealing. Nobody is making you use Amazon, you thief!


What is it called when amazon takes my money for the promise of 2 day shipping and then doesn’t deliver on that promise? Most people would call that stealing.

Bobbie Holland

It’s not the same thing as stealing the product. Drop Prime instead


If you look at the website, you can see there is no promise for two day shipping anymore. You’re basically now paying for free shipping and Prime video.

Bobbie Holland

I agree, lying and stealing isn’t the answer. I hope no one else does this.


I don’t think he is admitted to stealing…that would be stupid….I think he is getting a refund after it is ‘lost’ in transit. Amazon can’t refund if it hasn’t been delivered or lost – so I was told anyway. Though – stealing is not right, even if Amazon isn’t providing the service they promised. If they steal from me and I steal from them…that is still wrong.

If you hate a company so much that you want to steal from them – canceling prime is really the best option. Stealing says more about you than it says about them. The way we treat someone speaks to our character, not theirs, A man may look at his cheating wife and we may all agree she deserves to be beaten…but the guy who beats his wife for any reason is still evil.

She may deserve it but the guy who actually does it, is the devil. The way we respond to bad things shows our character. Retaliation, “getting even”…justifying our bad behavior because we judge it is warranted is…well, we are just as bad as the ‘bad guy’. Do not steal from Amazon or anyone. A thief is a thief is a thief….have enough self respect to not be a thief.


He doesn’t actually get the item. They won’t refund if it is still in transit.


I work for Amazon. Do that too many times and you will get the “ sorry, but we can no longer do business with you email” see it happen everyday. Your account is flagged.

Aaron Boschman

So why say 2 days for Prime members? Amazon is being dishonest.


Eventually it’ll get around that Amazon isn’t reliable and we’ll all leave. They clearly seem to think they are “too big to fail”….anyone here old enough to remember that computer company that was really big and then fell on their face? I can’t remember which one it was…HP maybe?

Faline K

What I find the most infuriating is lately when I checkout, it will give me a guarantee date. For instance, on June 11 I purchased two important items I wanted/needed for a trip I was leaving for on the 17th. Guarantee delivery by June 16, so I ordered. You guessed it, no items on June 16. I was on chat with Amazon for over an hour until they refunded my purchase. At first they said they couldn’t until it was last the next guaranteed date June 22, and that was not ok as I now had to go purchase the expensive items in store. The associate was kind, and I of course it wasn’t her fault, but I did get my refund. And they did give me a $30 “inconvenience credit” and I didn’t ask for that I just noticed it later.

I want to cancel prime altogether…..
But I might just try the business account first.

Glad to read I’m not the only one not getting items on time. Oh and I’d like to note, Amazon was never losing money on the 2day shipping, they were still getting their money. For example, a set of baby spoons I ordered a few years ago was $9.99. Same exact set at Walmart was/is $2.99 that I just happened to see a few days after my order. I know they did/do this with many items. They’re definitely just being entitled and think we’re all hooked now and not leaving. they just don’t know how fast we all can and will go back to Costco and such


Hey I just purchased a new hp monitor printer insect killer I have amazon prime so I will get my monitor after 5 days and I must wait 3 days for the rest of my stuff
I asked the italian woman on chat why my monitor will arrive after 5 days when I have amazon prime her answer was if it’s coming from other country it may take more time
Now most of this stuff is in italy already and I live here.
last year I received everything BY GSL /good delivery company/ exactly one day after I buy something
now the delivery is from Poste Italiane /probably bcs they’re cheaper and you must wait more than 5 days
What is more annoying is the new delivery people don’t even knock on the door and leave message I wasn’t at home
If I select the address where I want my stuff to be sent to amazon locker it will come after 1 day

There is no reason to use amazon anymore Can you suggest me something better? Is ebay good?
I guess they use snails for delivering your stuff :D:D


I comparison shop. Most items I get form Ebay because Amazon is significantly higher priced. Delivery hasn’t been 2 day for a long time. Walmart is also lower priced by far, if they carry the item. Some items will be the same price everywhere because the manufacturer demands it. Amazon Prime movies now has way more for sale than included in streaming. Time to kick it.


I also feel safer buying food items from Walmart for shipping. Amazon has so many counterfeit items so I’ve always been wary about food consumables from Amazon – but I do feel okay buying food like popcorn, boxed cake, etc from Walmart and having it shipped via FedEx (in BFE we don’t get walmart grocery delivery)


you should just be happy you were able to talk to someone who speaks the same language as you….here in the US the reps have such strong accents that even the nice ones are impossible to understand….I can’t understand them, and they can’t understand me!


Big surprise After talking with the woman in chat yesterday my stuff arrives today haha so if they delay your packages complain if necessary do it 2-3-5 times


I have an Amazon Business Prime account, and the best I can get is 7 or 8 day delivery. Even during most of the pandemic I was able to get 2-day. When it no longer became an option for shipping, I was able to get it in 2-days if I complained to an online agent right after I submitted the order, but you had to do this with every order one at a time. That ended in early 2022.


I hate Amazon at this point! They have taken like everything that prime offered away or split it to charge you separately for it! Now today, they basically made prime day useless for prime members because it isn’t for prime members anymore.
Anything over 35.00 at Walmart gets to me in 2 days! If it wasn’t for my grandchildren and having all these damn Alexa’s, I’d just cancel with them!
I ordered a small thing today, Tuesday and it won’t even get to me until Monday! When I call these scammers no one has been able to actually tell me what I get for paying 140.00 a year! I’ve been a prime member for more than 10 years and I wouldn’t recommend anyone getting sucked into their scam.


i’d suggest looking in to Walmart+ – I just signed up for this and it was only $50 (on sale). They have other benefits like gas savings, if you live near those fuel stations, and a video streaming service from Paramount – and something called Pluto. Walmart also has free returns and you don’t have to drive to a UPS store!