Use This Tip to Get Amazon Price Protection on Almost Everything

Updated August 10, 2020 by Kyle

Amazon Price Protection


Amazon will now only offer 30-day price protection on TV’s. Also, when it comes to TV’s, they’ll also price match these specific online retailers. does not have an openly stated price protection policy. But most savvy Amazon shoppers are aware of their “somewhat unofficial” 7-day price protection policy which entitles you to money-back if the price is lowered on their site after you receive the item.

I was always under the impression that the item had to be sold directly by “ LLC” to qualify for price protection. I recently discovered this is NOT the case and the only requirement is “order fulfillment” by Amazon. Pretty much every product that qualifies for Prime 2-day shipping is fulfilled by Amazon these days. Many of which are sold be 3rd party sellers, but have order fulfillment by Amazon.

So what does this mean for you? Well, the first thing it means is that almost all Prime eligible products will get 7-day price protection. Secondly, I also discovered that if you play your cards right, they’ll EVEN give you price protection on identical items sold by a different seller.

Here is what you need to know to make this happen:

  1. Keep an eye on your recent Amazon orders. If you order regularly, check current pricing of the stuff you’ve recently bought. I’ll login to my account and check prices at least once a week, especially during times of the year when my wife and I are doing a lot of purchasing (kids birthdays and Christmas).
  2. Found a lower price? Once you find an item you’ve recently purchased that is now being sold for less, simply go to the Amazon Contact Us page and start a chat session.
  3. Start a chat session. Specifically, on the Contact Us page, under “Step 2 – Tell us more about your issue”, select “Payment issues” followed by clicking the “Chat” button at the bottom.
  4. Be polite. Politely explain the situation and inform them of the new lower price. They’ll ask for your order number, so be sure to have it at the ready.
  5. 7-day policy is lenient. I recently started a chat session to test out their policy. I had bought some watch batteries and the price had gone down by 3 bucks so I thought it would be a good test subject. I figured it was a long shot as I was a week past their 7-day policy. Surprisingly, I was completely wrong as the chat rep didn’t even question the dates and immediately offered to refund the difference in price. Will this work every time? Probably not, especially if you take advantage of their price protection policy often, but don’t let the dates stop you from giving it a try.
  6. An items only requirement is Amazon fulfillment. My watch batteries were sold by a company called “The Perfect Deals”, but the order was fulfilled by Amazon via Prime 2-day shipping. I was happily surprised this was not an issue when it came to getting price protection. A good rule-of-thumb is to look for Prime shipping eligibility; if it’s an eligible item then it’s almost always going to be fulfilled by Amazon.
  7. You can EVEN get price protection if another Amazon seller has a lower price. When I told the chat rep that the price of my batteries had dropped, I failed to realize that the price I was quoting him was actually from a different seller. He informed me of this, and offered to give me the price of the other seller as a “one time exception”. Pretty awesome. Keep this knowledge in your “discount holster” and fire it on an expensive purchase so you can maximize your cash-back.

Below is a copy of my chat transcript that details exactly how the whole thing went down. The magically delicious parts of the chat are highlighted in yellow:

Amazon Price Protection

Ask the Reader: Have you ever been able to get some money back from Amazon after buying something and then noticing that the price was lowered? Was it easy? How did the whole deal go down? I look forward to your comments.

By Kyle James


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Carol Y

I haven’t done this, but you can be sure I’ll be keeping an eye on prices after buying. Thanks!

Jay B

I just got a credit for the $10 difference between price I paid less than a week ago and the price I found today for an ASUS desktop PC. Took me all of 3 minutes of chat time.


Worked like a charm


Unfortunately Amazon refused to do this for me. Looks like I should have shopped at Walmart since they allow you to return/rebuy for 90 days.

Micheal Kinney

Same thing happened to me, on a relatively large purchase too. I’d recommend that large purchases are done through a physical brick and mortar place like Walmart that has better protection for buyers. Not to mention, Amazon Terms of Service have gotten worse for buyers as of this last year.


Very simple process. Received almost $40 back after the prices on my computer parts dropped. No hassle at all.

Ken L

Didn’t work for me. I got a form email back – “I’ve checked your order and see it was placed with WorldWide Distributors, a seller on our website. WorldWide Distributors sets their own prices, and we aren’t able to change prices on their behalf.

I’m sorry to hear you are disappointed with our policy concerning price changes. I’d like to offer an explanation of some of the considerations, which have led us to adopt this policy…”


Thanks for this article! It just got me $33.28 back on the Nexus 5X that I just bought and noticed that the price had dropped!


Took about 5 minutes to get a refund for the difference. Bought an item using Prime from Amazon and 8 days later it was a Deal of the Day. $13 on a gift card.

Doug H

I requested a $7.14 refund on an item that I ordered less than 48 hours ago. I was told they only offer a price-match guarantee on TVs. I even chatted with a supervisor and said I could just return the product for a refund, then buy it again at the lower price. They said that is an option, but they won’t refund the difference. So they have no problem paying for shipping and losing the difference, but they do have a problem with simply funding the difference.


Grr.. didn’t work for me. Deal of the day, and had purchased within 7 days and was from Amazon. I even explained that I can return it and order the lower priced one with my amazon prime, but the support person just kept repeating they don’t have any policy wrt lower prices except for televisions.


I had the same experience. I even called them and they offered me free shipping. Wish they could be a little more flexible with this.


same here, just tested it, did not work, I was told “We work hard to find the best prices out there and make sure our prices are as low or lower – changing our prices instantly if we find a lower offer somewhere else.
Therefore, with the exception of TVs purchased prior to February 7, 2017, we don’t offer any price adjustments.”

Micheal Kinney

Same issue I had, Amazon’s Terms of Service are getting more restrictive to buyers and the service I get now is a fraction of what it once was.. some things just don’t last I guess and in my opinion, Amazon is getting worse. Not bad still, but worse. I’d suggest buying bigger items from a physical brick and mortar like Walmart with Price Protection. You can even buy online and they have free 2-day shipping without an account. Thanks!


I ordered an item less than 7 days ago (was fulfilled by Amazon) and the price dropped. I contacted Amazon and they said that this is not the policy nor has it ever been a policy. I contacted someone else and they said it was only ever a policy for TVs (which they still do honor this for TVs). The weird thing is this update on the article says they stopped the policy, but everyone insists it was never a policy. Maybe they were told to say it wasn’t ever a policy because it will make people mad that they changed it.


I ordered something and the price dropped the next day. I contacted amazon right away and was refused to do a price adjustment. They said price adjustment is only for TV purchases. But I had price adjustment on other items before. This is the first time the refused and they keep insists the price adjustment policy is only for TV…………..


Didn’t work for me! Just spent about 20 minutes chatting with two different reps trying to get a refund of a $7 price difference on a coffeemaker I just bought 5 days ago. I was told they only offer this price match on TV’s. I was able to get a $20+ refund last year on a child’s kitchen and was never told they were doing it as a one time exception. I find this ridiculous! Very disappointed….


Similar story to the other recent posts, in which Amazon wouldn’t offer it for items that were still in transit. I could cancel the order and refuse shipment to save $8, but it’d be quite a hassle (about 9 items in the order are coming, some of which I’ll need).

Thank you for informing us about the price difference, really appreciate your effort, however we work hard to find the best prices out there and match them for all customers every day. Our prices do change over time. We don’t offer post-purchase adjustments for products other than TVs


Didn’t work for me as well. “09:27 AM PDT Tabbu:
We work hard to find the best prices out there and match them for all customers every day. Our prices do change over time. We don’t offer post-purchase adjustments for products other than TVs.”

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