Amazon Prime Vs. Which Service is Better…and Why

Updated August 4, 2020 by Kyle

I was really happy to see go live to the public late last month. Whenever a new service comes along that threatens to top the “big dog” (Amazon), the customer almost always comes out ahead. For those who’ve not yet heard, is attempting to compete with Amazon by offering a paid service similar to Prime. With this exciting news, I figured it was time to break-down both services and inform you of the positives and negatives of each. By doing so, you can easily make an informed decision that fits your lifestyle.

Amazon Prime Vs. Which Service is Better

How it works: is the brainchild of the brilliant online entrepreneur Marc Lore, who previously co-founded Quidsi, the parent company of a family of websites including and Jet works by charging a $49.99 annual fee, (Update 12/13/15: Jet no longer charges an annual fee). You get free shipping on $35 along with free returns and free 2-day delivery on household essentials.

Many items are eligible for 2-day shipping if you place your order by 2 p.m. in the time zone of your order’s destination. For orders under $35, you’ll be charged a $5.99 shipping charge. Also, returns must be initiated within 30 days of receiving items. They’re currently offering a coupon for 15% off your first 3 orders (Use code: TRIPLE15).


  • Build a “Smart Cart”: Best way to explain this is with a couple examples. You add peanut butter to your cart, it lowers the price of jelly. You add a baseball bat to your cart, it drops the price of a batting helmet by $8. By using a pricing algorithm to help you build your “Smart Cart”, Jet can figure out which suppliers are near your location, and how best to get items (especially add-on items) to you cheaply and efficiently. Pretty cool stuff.
  • Waive Free Returns in Exchange for Lower Price: An excellent way to BEAT Amazon in price is to waive the free returns option. In the example below you can waive free returns and save $10.52 on a Samsung 32″ HDTV. Typically, when you have a problem with a significant purchase like a TV you’re going need to contact the manufacturer for a replacement making the money saved waiving free returns worth it. Also keep in mind that you only have 30 days to return an item for free.

Jet Vs Amazon

  • Use a Debit Card and Save. When checking out, you can opt to use a debit card and save another 1.5% off your total purchase. Also, you can use a Visa or MasterCard and save an additional 0.25% off your total.
  • Make Dynamic Pricing Work to Your Advantage: While dynamic pricing is typically a bad thing for consumers, Jet makes it a good thing and actually lowers the price depending on your location and shopping preferences.
  • They Have Coupons. I just found a coupon for Jet that’ll give you $10 off your first order of $35 or more, use code SAVESMART when checking out. Amazon has coupons as well, but none for a flat discount on everything. Usually you can find them for specific products and shopping categories but that’s about it.
  • Quick Amazon Price Comparisons: Jet does a pretty darn good job of matching their prices to Amazon. Right under their listed price, they actually have a link that you can click on and see the exact Amazon product page to do a quick price comparison. You can then tell Jet if the price matches or not. Check out the screen capture below to see where you click on to check the price on Amazon. I clicked around on dozens of various products and the price matched Amazon almost every time.

Jet Vs Amazon


  1. $35 Order Required to get Free Shipping: This is a big deal. The beauty of Amazon Prime is you can order a pair of nail clippers, then 10 minutes later remember you also need a pack of AA batteries. Not a problem on Amazon, but with Jet you’re going to have to wait until you need at least $35 worth of merchandise or be hit by a $5.99 shipping charge.
  2. 2-Day Shipping Not Always Possible: Only select items typically qualify for 2-day shipping on Mostly your household type items like cleaners, detergent, toilet paper, soaps, and the like. Most electronics have a 2-5 day shipping window.

Amazon Prime

How it works: Most of us are quite familiar with Amazon Prime by this point. For a $99 annual fee, you get free 2-day shipping on millions of products, plus a bunch of other cool Prime Perks. They also offer a free 30-day trial so you can test it out first.


  • Free 2-day Shipping. This is pretty dang awesome. Stuff always arrives within 2 days or you get money back.
  • Prime Music Streaming Service. If you’re the main Amazon Prime account holder, and not an invited guest, you now have “unlimited, ad-free access to Prime Playlists and more than a million songs and albums at no additional cost.”
  • Unlimited Photo Storage. Your $99 annual membership now comes with unlimited cloud storage with a service called Amazon Prime Photos.
  • Free Streaming Video. I had my Prime membership for over a year before I knew about the Prime Streaming option and it’s definitely worth using.
  • Early Access to Deals. Are you aware that Amazon owns a website called which allows early-access discounts for Prime members on apparel (for the entire family), shoes, jewelry, handbags, and home items? Yeah, me neither.


  • Amazon Already Has Free Shipping on $35. I mean sure, the free 2-day shipping all orders is a great incentive, but are you aware that Amazon already offers free shipping on $35+ orders? Why not wait until you need at least $35 in merchandise and then place your order.
  • Prime Membership Makes You a Lazy Shopper. This may be the single biggest reason why the Amazon Prime membership is a bad buy for many. Put simply, it makes many consumers flat out lazy. They don’t compare pricing anymore, they don’t haggle for a better price, they don’t take advantage of retailer’s price match policies, and they sure as heck don’t seek out coupons in order to get the best deal possible. Instead they head straight to and click a single ‘Buy It Now’ button and viola!, it magically appears on their doorstep two days later.
  • Ridiculously Easy to Overspend.  I believe that many Amazon Prime members feel they need to shop with them as much as possible in order to recoup the membership fee. I have talked with enough loyal Amazon shoppers over the years to confirm this phenomena. So what is the outcome? People buying everything under the sun from Amazon, often paying much more than they would at their local store, in order to get the free 2-day shipping.

Who Wins?

So which service is better? It really depends on your shopping habits. Do you shop online a lot and order every little thing from Amazon? If so, Amazon Prime is better for you.

But…if you shop for many items online, but only complete a few orders per month, then is probably a smarter way to go. Especially if you can consistently waive free returns and consequently get a better price than at Amazon.

Bottom-line is that while both services have their respective positives and negatives, the average consumer clearly wins this battle. Because has come along and is attempting to take market share from Amazon, it will do nothing but force Amazon to keep prices low and stay one step ahead of the competition when it comes to customer relations and services provided.

Ask the Reader: Have you given a spin yet? If so, how did you find the shopping experience and were they able to sway you away from

By Kyle James

Photo by Maurizio Pesce.


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I have been an Amazon prime member for years. As corrupt as we have found Amazon to be, and only getting rich by undercutting the sales of their sellers, I was happy to trial a new option. I have found to be a wonderful and inexpensive alternative. I bought chairman bath tissue the other day as an example for 7cents a roll. some of the items, I have added with their extra savings they have paid me to take. I had a problem with 2 items arriving damaged in shipping, and they quickly sent me replacements even though I had saved on no free returns. customer service beats Amazon’s hands down, and their prices beat Amazons on most household items. It takes a little to get the knack of it. Once you do, you will be hooked.


Amazon has award winning customer service year after year, so I find it hard to believe Jet beats them hands down.


I like Amazon prime for watching movies on my Roku. But you said you waived free returns and then got replacements. Does waiving free returns mean you can’t return something that’s damaged?! I assumed it was only an “in case I change my mind” scenario. There’s no way I would waive the ability to return or get a replacement for a damaged item. Btw, the item I am considering buying on Jet is a vanity mirror. Makes it even more important to know they would make things right if it broke in shipment.


The problem with Jet is there selection is nowhere near Amazon’s – yet…but they are also sourcing many of their items from OTHER SITES, like Nordstroms. And those sites are starting to catch on and ban them from ordering. I really like the idea, I have been signed up from the beginning, but I haven’t found one thing worth buying there over Amazon.


NewEgg is one of their official partners (i saw it on their facebook), and they source a very minimal amount of items from non-direct partner retailers. Most of their products are either coming from their warehouses or official retail partners who are selling through Jet.

Alex Joseph

I checked on merchandise that I purchased on Amazon in the past 3 months and Jet is 10 to 20% higher on exactly the same stuff.


I have bought 2 large items from Jet. Both of them took longer than their 2-5 day time period to ship and not by just one day. We are talking an extra 5 days. I have a difficult time with that. Yes, I got both items significantly cheaper than Amazon, but to make shipping mistakes twice, me having to scramble to figure out what is going on with my order, having to wait almost 2 weeks for my orders…not worth it. These items were coming from a bordering state, not China. The problem both times was the communication from Jet regarding my order to the vendor. Jet took too long. Amazon has always been dependable and if they don’t make your shipping estimate, they will quickly try to resolve the problem, including a $5 credit just to make you feel a little better. Although I will say I got very lucky with one of my orders with Jet. There was a minor problem with the product and I wanted to exchange it. They use FedEx. My city does not have a FedEx office so I needed to arrange pickup. Instead, they let me keep the product and sent me out another one at no charge. Amazon has done this as well, but I was shocked because the product was not cheap! This was a one time thing though. I would vote Amazon every time for customer service, quick shipping, amount of product variety, and the overall easiness of use on their website.

Smith James

You left off one nasty thing about Amazon Prime. Over the past couple of years, Amazon has devalued the Prime service by designating more and more low-priced items as “Add On Items,” which cannot be purchased without a $25 order — even on Prime. In other words, “Add On” means “not eligible for a single-item Prime order.” Chances are, the nail clippers you mentioned would be marked “Add On Item” and wouldn’t qualify for Amazon Prime ordering. More recently, Amazon have added a new designation, “Amazon Pantry,” that is also not included in Prime.

Jet, on the other hand, has a very confusing “dynamic pricing” thing: Prices change wildly before you eyes, even sometimes from minute to minute. I’ve seen something on Jet for $10, taken a few minutes to compare prices on Amazon and, and then by the time I went back to Jet to order the item, the price had nearly doubled. Also, I’ve had Jet cancel an order on me two or three weeks later because the item was no longer available to them. (My suspicion is that the price they originally gave me was too low and they would have lost money if they had fulfilled the order.)

So it’s a mixed bag. I don’t think I would pay for Jet once they start charging for “membership.” I wouldn’t pay for Amazon Prime either anymore, now that they’ve devalued the program and raised the price.


May want to update this, Jet no longer has an annual fee.


We use the Amazon primarily for videos. We have a student membership, which is only 49.99 per year. We watch many shows on it, so the shipping and convenience savings are just a bonus!





There are some more things that recently changed on Jet, the debit card savings are now only .8% and there are no savings for the type of credit card used.


I was going to place my first order on today. I wanted to buy two Western Digital Gold 10TB Hard Drives costing more than $1,100. I could not tell if they were in stock or when they would ship, so I called Jet. The guy that answered the phone was not very professional. He sounded like a stoned hippy, and his reply as to whether the drives were in stock was “Yeah, they should be!” Then he followed up with they should arrive in 2 to 5 days. WTF? Even though I could have saved about $90 if I paid by debit and waived my right to free returns plus a $30/each coupon code for my first 3 orders, I was not about to risk it. I ordered elsewhere I and I won’t even look at the Jet website again.


Jet only offers returns by FedEx. If you have a package that will not fit in a fedex box you have to arrange a pick up. Will stick with Amazon.