The Single Best Amazon Prime Trick To Score Free Amazon Credits

Updated October 19, 2022 by Kyle

In an effort to reduce the strain caused by Amazon Prime Members taking advantage of free 2-day shipping, Amazon currently gives you $2 credit (recently up from $1) if you opt instead for “FREE No-Rush Shipping” when checking out. “No-Rush” shipping means it will take about a week to get your package delivered and the $2 credit can be used to buy Kindle eBooks, digital music, and movies.

The Single Best Amazon Prime Trick To Score Free Amazon Credits

What if I were to tell you there was a way to still get free 2-day Prime shipping and the $2 credit? No joke, it can be done.

We’ve recently discussed the little-known perks of Amazon Prime, as well as the best and worst buys on the online giant, so now it’s time to start digging deeper into some more actionable tips for Amazon Prime members. This tip is a perfect start for doing just that.

Amazon Prime Trick
Here’s what you need to know to make this killer Amazon Prime trick work:

  1. Wait Until You Have a Few Items to Buy – This trick only works if you’re buying at least 4 items. This is not very hard for most Amazon Prime shoppers.
  2. Pick “FREE No-Rush Shipping” – When checking out from Amazon, on the “Checkout” page, pick the “FREE No-Rush Shipping” option in order to get the $2 Credit to be used towards eBooks, digital music, and videos, added to your account.
  3. Place a Separate Order For ALL Items – By placing a separate order for each item, and selecting “FREE No-Rush Shipping”, you’ll get the free $2 credit for each item purchased. Do this for every item EXCEPT the last. So, for example, if you were ordering 8 items, you’d do this for the first 7 items and collect $14 in credits. Easy enough, right?
  4. Select “FREE Two-Day Shipping” on your Final Item – This is where the magic happens. By selecting “FREE Two-Day Shipping” on your final item ordered, Amazon is going to end up mailing ALL of your items together, via 2-day shipping, as it’s much cheaper than sending all your orders individually. So you’ll end up with the credits to your account to buy eBooks, digital music, as well as TV shows or movies, PLUS you’ll still get free 2-day shipping.
  5. Always Look for New Credits – The $2 credit for selecting “FREE No-Rush Shipping” ends at the end of July. Like any good shopping hack, they never last forever. More details here. But…Amazon always replaces the credits with new offers. For example, I’ve also seen a $5.99 credit to be used towards Amazon Prime Pantry.

Important KEY – Be sure to place each order one after another. By placing each order consecutively, with little time in between, you ensure all of your items get mailed together via 2-day Prime. Will this work every single time? I can’t guarantee it, but you might as well try it as you have nothing to lose and a bunch of free credits to gain.

Managing your free credits:

  • There is no limit to the number of times you can select No-Rush and get free $2 credits and they are stackable.
  • You will not get your $2 credit until the item has shipped.
  • You can find your available credit/promotional balance by clicking the “Redeem Your Amazon Gift Card or Promotional Code ” link under the video player on any Amazon Instant Video product page.

This is a great Amazon trick to not only get all of your items quickly, but to score some free media as well.

By Kyle James


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I often do not need to receive my items in 2 days but I hate paying for shipping and often don’t have the dollar amount to reach the $35 minimum for to get free shipping.

I use these $2 promos (mine are usually $1) to effectively lower my cost of prime. I don’t bother to group my items into one order either (as I buy on the fly). So, your 4 items would yield me $4 (or $8 if I get $2 promos).

This past xmas, I must have garnered nearly $17 from oct to dec. Thise year I am taking advantage of this all year.

I just got to remember to use them.


My biggest peeve is Amazon does not have a good way to track these credits.

I can get my balance at but it beaks it down into MP3 ($3) and Instant video ($2) and other categories. However, I am certain some of these can be used on ebooks. So, I am not sure if I have $5 total or if $2 of the MP3 will disappear if I buy an instant video. (That happened recently.)

And nowhere do I see my free grocery shipping I got last month worth $5.

Worse, when I checkout, it doesn’t show me the credits getting applied until after purchase.

Carol Y

Well, I tried this, but had no luck. The compensation has gone back to $1. I ordered 4 things on the 2nd, all eligible for Amazon Prime. I had a tab open for each item, ordered one right after the other, opting for the No-Rush shipping until the 4th order, when I asked for the Free 2-day shipping.

I received one promotional credit, despite 3 things shipping separately via No-Rush. They’re all coming on Friday. The last order I’ve already gotten, delivered on the 4th.

Well, I wasn’t in a hurry, so it was worth a shot!

Carol Y

amendment: I got another credit today! So, I’m only missing one. 🙂


credit usually occur when the item ships which is generally around the time the card is charged.

Carol Y

All my items have shipped, but I was shorted one credit. Wish it was still $2 too!

Carol Y

I have to correct the record. Out of the blue I received an email from Amazon yesterday. They let me know that they had mistakenly overlooked giving me my credit on an item that I chose to ship ‘No rush’. They’ve credited my account!