Save Money by Knowing the Best Dollar Store Buys and Deals

Updated February 23, 2022 by Kyle

I’ve bought lots of stuff (mainly hand tools) from the dollar store thinking they were great buys. Turns out they caused nothing but mind-boggling frustration, and in reality, were only worth about 7 cents each.

But if you know what items at the dollar store actually provide a good value, you can definitely save significant cash.

Dollar Store Deals

Here are a few of the best dollar store buys highlighted recently by Money Talks News:

Greeting Cards

Let’s face it, greetings card priced at $4 are a total rip-off. So be sure to shop for cards at the dollar store and pay a buck or less.

As Money Talks News points out, you might not get a fancy card that sings to you, but it’s the message within that counts.

Pregnancy Test

On face value, paying a buck to see if you might be pregnant seems a risky proposition.

But the tests have been done and they’re just as good as the $10-$15 variety you’ll find at major drugstores.

Reading Glasses

If you have trouble reading, opt for a dollar store pair of reading glasses and save a big chunk of change.

Picture Frames

Picture frames can be darn expensive, so opt for the dollar store variety which will hold your photos just as well.

Especially if you’re handy enough to paint them or dress them up a little bit.

Yummy Candy

My family always hits the dollar store for candy on the way to the movies.

With movie tickets darn near $12 a head, paying $3 for a bag of Red Vines makes NO sense.

Always hit up the dollar store for sweet candy bargains and smuggle them into the flick.

Your Turn…

What are some of your favorite dollar store buys? Let me know in the comments section below.

On a side-note, my wife and I take our kids to the dollar store every December to Christmas shop for each other as well as the family pets.

We give them $10 each, let them go crazy, and it makes for a really fun Christmas morning seeing what everyone got.

Not only is it inexpensive, but they absolutely love it because the entire store is “on limits” and they feel really empowered. Feel free to steal this idea for your own family.

To see the full list of the best Dollar Store buys, check out the article below:

Definitely Buy These 15 Things at a Dollar Store | Money Talks News

Photo by Random Retail.


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