13 Brick & Mortar Stores That ACTUALLY Accept PayPal

Updated January 4, 2022 by Kyle

I started researching this article by reading stuff that talked about over 20 brick & mortar retailers that accepted PayPal on in-store purchases. I was like “Wow, that is cool! I had no idea so many stores did that.”

Then I started digging a bit further. Made a bunch of phone calls and talked to a bunch of store reps. Turns out very few brick & mortar stores currently accept PayPal.

So it’s actually kind of cool that I’m setting the record straight on this one and giving you a legitimate way to pay in-store without ever having to take your wallet out of your pants or purse.

13 Brick & Mortar Stores That ACTUALLY Accept PayPal

Personally, I love the option to use my PayPal balance to make purchases at these stores. As a dude who is constantly selling stuff on eBay, it is a fantastic way for me to use my PayPal balance on stuff I need.

To make this dealio work the first thing you need to do is download the free PayPal app for your iPhone or Android. Once you have your account synced to your phone all you have to so is display it while checking out.

If the store doesn’t have the ability to scan your phone you can just enter your PayPal account information on the payment keypad.

PayPal Setup Instructions:

From the PayPal website, here is what you need to do to set up your PayPal account for in-store purchases:

  1. Log in to PayPal.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Go to Payment preferences.
  4. Go to In-store checkout to activate, set payment methods, receive payment card and set PIN.
  5. Enter the required information and click “Save”.
  6. You’ll receive a PayPal payment card in the mail in 7-10 business days to the home address in your PayPal profile.

Abercrombie & Fitch

~ When shopping in-store at Abercrombie & Fitch, they’ll happily accept PayPal. Specifically, when checking out at at your local A&F, you’ll be given the option of using PayPal to pay by credit card, bank transfer, or current PayPal account balance. Cool stuff.

Advanced Auto Parts

~ The next time you’re shopping for auto parts and accessories at Advance Auto Parts you can leave your wallet in your pocket and simply use your PayPal account to pay.

You can either use your current PayPal balance, bank transfer. or credit card on file to pay. Very handy, especially if you carry a PayPal balance from items you recently sold on eBay. Hint, hint.


~ Aero is happy to accept PayPal as a form of payment when shopping at your local retail location.

Just select PayPal as your form of payment and the employee will either scan a QR code created within the PayPal mobile app or you’ll have to punch in a 4 digit code into the PIN pad.

Also, keep an eye out for exclusive Aeropostale coupons via the PayPal app to sweeten the deal even further.

American Eagle Outfitters

~ I was shopping at my local American Eagle the other day and when I was checking it out I saw they also accept Paypal.

I asked the gal behind the register if many people used it and she said that to her surprise she typically had a couple people a day use it. Cool.

Dollar General

~ I called up my local Dollar General store and asked if they accepted PayPal as a form of payment. I was told that they absolutely do, but the lady I talked to had never actually had anyone try it.

She wanted me to come in to her store and test it out so she knew exactly how it worked. Funny.

Famous Footwear

~ Next on my list was to call my local Famous Footwear and YES they do accept PayPal as a form of payment. The lady I talked to had to go and ask to make sure, but rest assured they do. Must not be very popular yet.

It is so darn easy to pay with a credit card that PayPal is having a hard time getting consumers to change their payment habits.

Home Depot

~ I was shopping at my local Home Depot just last weekend, buying some fencing supplies to keep my pygmy goats from escaping, when I noticed on the keypad at checkout that they accept PayPal.

I asked the cashier if many people used it and he said “more recently they have been” which I thought was an encouraging sign.

Jamba Juice

~ Last year Jamba Juice started testing a relationship with PayPal that would allow you to pre-order your smoothie via the PayPal iPhone app and pay for it as well.

While your local Jamba Juice location may not be a part of the test group to pre-order, you can still use the PayPal app to pay for your favorite smoothie. If you are a huge JJ fan like me, be sure to also check out my article 6 Cool Ways to Save Money at Jamba Juice.

Mapco Express

~ Convenience store and gas station Mapco now accepts PayPal for in-store purchases.  “In-store purchases” is a bit redundant I suppose as it’s tricky to buy gasoline online these days…or any days for that matter.


~ The discount store Marshalls started accepting PayPal last year, both for online and in-store purchases.

Office Depot

~ I called my local Office Depot and sure enough they also accept PayPal when checking out in-store. Just have to enter your account information into the keypad and you’ll be good to go.

Nice to know, especially after calling about 10 different retailers who received press attention in the past year for accepting PayPal in-store who don’t actually do it. On a side-note, Office Max does NOT accept PayPal on in-store purchases.

Radio Shack

~ For those of you who have been following the slow tanking of Radio Shack this one might not surprise you. So I call up my local “Shack” and ask if they accept PayPal for in-store purchases. (I figured they must as I read a bunch of articles talking about their agreement with PayPal)

The manager tells me “they absolutely do, but their payment keypads don’t have letters on them, only numbers, so PayPal won’t work.”

Wow, so let me get this straight, you enter into an agreement with PayPal but don’t have the foresight to make sure you have the technology in place to make it work. Adios to the Shack, nice knowing you. If I ever need parts for my Tandy I’ll be sure to look you up.

Rooms To Go

~ Rooms To Go is a popular furniture store based in Florida with stores all through the southeast. I called one of their location and yes indeed they accept PayPal when making a purchase in one of their furniture showrooms.

Good to know, especially if you have a large PayPal balance and need some new furniture.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Stores that were rumored to accept PayPal in-store but DO NOT include Babies R Us, Toys R Us, American Eagle, Barnes & Noble, JCPenney, Jos A Bank, Tiger Direct, and Nine West.

Ask the Reader: Have you ever used PayPal to make an in-store purchase? If you did, how did it go, was it an easy process?

By Kyle James

Image courtesy of PayPal.


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Big Willey

Tried PP at Dollar General. The first time I tried it I asked the cashier how it worked, she had no idea. Since I didn’t know how either, I didn’t use it. After that I went to the PP website found out how to use/set-up in-store payments. The next time I went to DG I used that information to make the purchase. Everything went very smoothly. All I had to do was use my phone number & a four digit PIN that I came up with. To bad more retails stores don’t accept PP, especially my local supermarket chain Kroger.

Robert Tarver

Paypal USED to work in Dollar General.


I have no idea why Paypal and Dollar General keep this bad joke going.


It works now.I just used Paypal App that has the passcode generator.Logged in got passcode put it in on key pad then hit done on the Paypal App.Worked like a charm

Jodi Wright

In northeastern Ohio it still work at Dollar General.


Yesterday i bought my son toys from toys r us and I’ve seen paypal as a payment option when I checked out and the cashier has no idea about it ๐Ÿ™‚ cool! Just want to ask if best buy do accept paypal payments too?


I have used Paypal in store at Office Depot successfully, although it took a minute to figure it out. The instructions the store had about going to Paypal online to set it up were no longer valid, and it had to be set up through the Paypal mobile app on my phone. Once set up (maybe a 5 minute process), however, the process was quite simple. Just chose PP option on keypad, enter phone number, then PIN, and it was done. Tried it at local Dollar General, couldn’t get it to work. Was prompted for a “payment code” rather than phone #, and the cashier had no clue.

Frank S.

Dollar general still works BUT the method has changed. The “PAYMENT CODE” is a feature only available on the app now for android or iphone users (I use android). Too many people were scamming customers phone numbers and passwords so dg worked with paypal to change it according to paypal business support (I called to find out how this works)

Now on android it works great but does NOT work with windows app phones. You download the paypal app from google play. Then on the main screen once installed and logged in you press “shop” This will pull up a list of places that accept paypal close to your current location (Must have cell service). Simply find the correct store address and click on the dg image it shows. It will pull up a screen that allows you to slide pay in store to the right. Once that logs you in it will generate a one time use 4 digit code. Then enter that payment code into the pin pad oi the dollar general store. BE WARNED some stores are having issues where the computer reboots during this, Have them call “ERC” if it does because it WILL charge you but will not show it did on their end. One of the locations in Crystal River Fl. is doing this.

Frank S.

Folks the paypal checkout is NOT your normal paypal password. You must set up a different pin and mobile number with paypal for “in store checkout”. If you call paypal they will walk you through it. It’s really easy and works great once you link your mobile device to the service.

Also please note Jcpenney DID work previously although MOST associates had no clue they accepted it and I would have to argue with them to look on their screen for it, but most stores are putting in new pin pads. BIG BALL DROP HERE, These new pinpads are FREEZING up once you enter your mobile number then your pin, causing the associates to have to reboot their point of sale terminals. The OLD pinpads STILL work fine. However the new ones are not working at all. I have experienced this 3 times in the last week with them and they are still not fixed. I have reached out to jcp tech support, store support and their facebook page to get this fixed on their end since paypal explained the new pinpads are not registered to accept paypal for some reason and that is something jcp corporate has to fix. I have not received a reply to the request yet but if you are lucky enough to find an old pinpad in store, The mobile number and pin you create on paypals website for allowing in store checkout.(call paypal they will walk you through it)

Hope this helps as I have been an avid follower of this new checkout method and make frequent calls to paypal to clarify the information I am providing you. This is a great service but it is still new and working out the bugs. Good luck ๐Ÿ™‚

Joey S

I know someone that works at toys r us and they do actually take pay pal. I just used it there today.


which toys r us u went to?

William Mack

I’ve been using this method of payment for a while. There is a card (not a MasterCard debit card) but a card that carries your PayPal balance. You can request one for PayPal. I live near a Dollar General and it’s the only method of payment I use there (as it doesn’t allow typing in the phone # and pin anymore).

I’ve also used it in Toys R Us, Office Depot, Home Depot, Radio Shack, Academy Sports & Outdoors, and Mapco to buy gas.

James D

I used to use PP all the time at Dol Gen & it was so convenient. Then they changed the way you use it & now I would say I can only get it to work 50% of the time at best. Not sure why since I’m doing everything correctly. I get an email from PP every time it’s declined & it says pmt could not be completed b/c I need to update my banking info w/ PP. They have the most recent baking info I have so not sure why this is but it’s very annoying. I have gone in there w/out my debit card or cash & had to leave without my items like some deadbeat b/c I was declined for this very reason. Embarrassing! I’ve used it at Home Depot w/ no problem at all. Go figure.


Why not just request a PayPal Debit MasterCard, which pays from your PayPal balance. Accepted everywhere MasterCard is accepted, easy!

Annette Robidoux

I have a Paypal Debit Mastercard and Dollar General would not accept it. They wanted me to use the mobile app.

Ronda Heaton

I have always been able to use my pp debit card at dg


ultimately its cool to pay with just an account and password, but if you are using a card, why not just use your debit/credit card instead of paypal? the really cool part of this was if you forgot your card at home, you could still use paypal. but now it seems you need a phone too? so its not really cool, if you have nothing on you, you cant pay. at that point i could use google pay or just anything… its not unique.


I shopped at the Babies R Us in Raritan, NJ and I was able to use my paypal to pay. I entered my information on the pad when I checked out and my purchase went through with no problem. Not sure why Babies R Us is not included. Maybe they only accept it in certain regions.


Paypal is no longer accepted in-store at Home Depot, you can purchase online and pick up in store but not at the register, I talked to a PayPal rep who said home depot updated they’re system and accidentally deleted paypal as an option to pay but said home depot was working to correct it, that was over a month ago


I used PayPal in dollar general. Very easy. Just click pay with PayPal, then enter the pin number that the PayPal app give you.

Mark E.

I have used PP at Office Depot and Home Depot. It is extremely convienent to use with two possible exceptions. I bought an expensive item at Office Depot that needed to be exchanged/upgraded for a more expensive unit. The cashier returned the item and credited my Paypal account and then proceeded to ring me up on the new product. I didn’t have the $3000 plus in the account to float two similtaneous transactions. So I was sidelined on my purchase until the funds were availible. The debit from your PP balance is of course immediate but the credits are unusually long. I tested it against a regular visa and the credit took 7 days as opposed to 2 days with my Capital One Visa card. The other issue was at Home Depot, making large purchases can and in my case was declined forcing me to call customer service (no easy task) and authenicate the purchase. This happend four separate times and was extremely embarassing and time consuming. To PP’s credit, after those four times, It hasn’t declined my purchases since and works seemlessly. I am a big fan of PP. Pros far outweigh the cons. Its made for people who follow the rules.


I use PP almost every week at dollar general and I have also used it at Home Depot I figured out it works best when you hit pay with paypal on the credit card machine then I click use in store in my pal pal app- the store always comes up and always works

Bernard Thompson

Yes at dollar General it was a success๐Ÿ‘