You Can Now Reorder Chipotle Chow with Your Amazon Echo (PLUS, Score a Free Echo If You’re Named Alexa)

Updated August 10, 2020 by Kyle
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In case your Amazon Alexa enabled device wasn’t useful enough, now you can use it to sit on your couch and order your favorite meal from Chipotle Mexican Grill for delivery or pickup. Chipotle is even giving away free Amazon Echo Dots if you have a certain name. Here’s how it all works…

You Can Now Reorder Chipotle Chow with Your Amazon Echo

What Name Scores you a Free Echo Dot?

Well, let me give you a hint in case you didn’t read the entire headline. It’s not Fred, Ethel, or William.

Drumroll please….

If your name is Alexa you score a brand spanking FREE Echo Dot courtesy of Chipotle.

Oddly, Chipotle’s press release on this freebie had ZERO information on how to collect your free device.

So if you’re lucky enough to be named Alexa, I would just head to your local Chipotle with your photo ID and ask an employee what the dealio is.

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How Exactly Do I Use Alexa to Order Chipotle Chow?

Chipotle Skill

Let’s break this down into a few easy steps.

1. Download the Alexa app. If you own an Alexa enabled device you’ve probably already done this. If not, you can download it for iOS or Android to your phone or tablet.

2. Enable the Chipotle Skill within the app. Within the app, tap the menu icon and tap “Skills & Games”. Then do a search for “Chipotle Reorder”. Tap the Chipotle skill, then tap “Enable to Use”

3. Link Your Chipotle Account. Once you tap Enable to Use, you’ll be redirected to Chipotle’s site where you’ll need to sign-in to your account (or create a new one) so you can link your Chipotle account to Alexa.

They’re calling this a “reorder” skill because you can add your favorite meal to your Chipotle account and simply ask Alexa for that.

Unfortunately, you CAN’T order something from scratch, it has to be in your favorites within your Chipotle account.

But it still beats having to wade through their mobile app when your stomach is rumbling like Mt. Saint Helens.

So…What Exactly Do I Say to Alexa?

Great question.

Here are the 2 commands that’ll score you Chipotle grub with VERY little effort.

– “Alexa, tell Chipotle to reorder my favorite for Delivery.”

– “Alexa, tell Chipotle to reorder my favorite for Pick-Up.”

I’ll keep this article updated in case they eventually add more flexibility to this “skill” and let you order other items.

Ask the Reader: Have you tried this Alexa “skill” yet? If so, was it an easy process to get your favorite grub quickly into your stomach?

By Kyle James

Photos courtesy of Chipotle and Amazon.


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