The 23 Coolest Kitchen Gadgets on Amazon (That’ll Make You Want to Cook)

Updated October 13, 2022 by Kyle

Does Amazon have cool kitchen gadgets? Um, well, does a zebra have stripes? I recently went out and sought the coolest kitchen gadgets that Amazon sells and I came up with exactly 23. Here they are in no particular order. Go make your kitchen the envy of the neighborhood and buy a few.

The 23 Coolest Kitchen Gadgets on Amazon

1. GetTen 1-Step Corn Kerneler

GetTen New One-Step Corn Kerneler

This cool little kitchen gadget makes it really easy to remove corn kernels from the husk.

Great for parents with kids who can’t eat off the husk or have braces. The really cool thing about this kerneler is the reservoir that holds the kernels so they don’t fall all over the floor.

It comes with a stainless steel blade that quickly adjusts to the size of the ear of corn.

Price: $9


2. OXO 3-in-1 Multi-function Avocado Slicer Peeler

Rienar 3in1 Multi-function Avocado Slicer Peeler

I put this avocado tool in my wife’s Christmas stocking last year and she LOVES it. I’m a pretty romantic guy, huh?

It’ll cut right through the skin of the avocado, allow for easy removal of the seed, and slice it perfectly as well.

Literally the best thing since sliced bread.

Price: $9.99

3. HULLR 9-Piece Kitchen Gadgets Tools Set

HULLR 9-Piece Kitchen Gadgets Tools Set

This cool kitchen gadget set from HULLR comes with everything you need to save time in the kitchen.

The nine tools include a Pizza Cutter, Apple Corer, Vegetable Peeler, Multi-functional Bottle Opener, Cheese Slicer, Grater, Scoop, and Slicer.

Oh, and the whole thing gets great reviews on Amazon and comes with a handy rotating tool holder.

Price: $24.99


4. Hamilton Beach Breakfast Burrito Maker

Hamilton Beach 25495 Breakfast Burrito Maker

For less than $20, this breakfast burrito maker from Hamilton Beach will make you the envy of the neighborhood.

Just layer all of your favorite ingredients and let the magic happen.

Price: $19

5. VOFO Herb Scissors Stainless Steel

VOFO Herb Scissors Stainless Steel

These stainless steel scissors will make quick work of any herbs you need cutting.

Comes with 5 separate blades and covers so you can get the exact cut your recipe calls for.

Price: $7


6. Original SNAP’N STRAIN by Kitchen Gizmo

Original SNAP'N STRAIN by Kitchen Gizmo

Why get the big ol’ colander dirty when you can quickly whip out the Snap’N Strain and have perfect pasta every time.

Well, unless you under cook it and need a knife to cut it. Haha.

Price: $8.47

7. Kitchen Art Pro Select-A-Spice Auto-Measure Carousel

Kitchen Art Professional Select-A-Spice Auto-Measure Carousel

This spice carousel from Kitchen Art is way cool.

From the Amazon product page, “Get the exact amount needed without measuring spoons; twist the dial for a perfect 1/4 teaspoon measurement”.

What a highly clever idea and a great buy for the gourmet in your life.

Price: $30.99


8. Rienar Veggie Slicer

Rienar Tomato Slicer

This veggie slicer from Rienar makes for a fast and easy way to slice tomatoes, potatoes, and citrus.

No more uneven slices and no more cutting your fingers off.

Price: $5

9. Miusco Stainless Steel Kitchen Set

Miusco Stainless Steel Kitchen Utensil Tools and Gadgets Set

This Miusco utensil set is very attractive and would look nice on any kitchen counter.

Regularly priced at $99.99, the set includes 1 soup ladle, 1 spoon, 1 strainer, 1 whisk, 1 slotted spatula, 1 slotted spoon and 1 potato masher.

And yes, it’s made of stainless steel.

Price: $19.99


10. Kenor Watermelon Knife & Fruit Slicer

Watermelon Slicer, Kenor Watermelon Knife & Fruit Slicer

If you love to cut open a ripe watermelon every summer, this tool from Kenor is a must-have.

It’ll allow you to perfectly slice or cube your next melon.

Price: $8

11. Easem Silicone Garlic Peeler

Easem Silicone Garlic Peeler

This garlic peeler from Easem is a must-have for any kitchen.

Not only will it save you time, and keep your hands from stinking, but it’ll give you a perfect garlic clove every time.

Price: $3.58


12. Bottle Can and Jar Opener Multi Kitchen Tool

Bottle Can and Jar Opener Multi Kitchen Tool Bundle Rheumatoid Arthritis

The only bottle opener you’ll ever need.

It will open twist offs, soda cans, glass bottles, pull tabs, and it even has a jar seal release.

Great for folks with arthritis who might have a difficult time otherwise.

Price: $15

13. Kitchen Utensils Sets 39 Pieces

Kitchen Utensils Sets 39 Pieces

This high-quality kitchen set has pretty much everything you’ll ever need.

Makes for a great gift for a newly married couple or college student setting off on their own.

Oh, and it also comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Not happy with it? Return if for a full refund, no questions asked.

Price: $60


14. Spiral Vegetable and Fruit Slicer

Spiral Vegetable and Fruit Slicer

This veggie slicer from 1ByHome works on all types of veggies like carrots, zucchinis, turnips, rutabagas, cucumbers, and even large radishes.

The best part is it requires no batteries or electricity and is made of durable ceramic.

Price: $10.99

15. Pig Tail Food Flipper, Set of 2

Pig Tail Food Flipper, Set of 2

I have one of these by my BBQ and love it.

Makes flipping large meats like tri-tip and ribs an easy task. Love mine and makes for a great gift idea for Dad.

Price: $18

16. Instant Read Digital Meat Thermometer

Instant Read Digital Meat Thermometer for Kitchen

This slick meat thermometer from ZoomZam has a wide range of applications.

Not only does it work great on the barbecue, but also ice-creams, desserts, whole roasts, cake, cookies, jams, and preserves.

The instant temperature read feature will also save you precious time and you won’t lose a bunch of heat by having the over door open for an extended period of time.

Price: $17.99


17. Kitchen Candy Collapsible Over the Sink Colander

Kitchen Candy Collapsible Over the Sink Colander / Strainer

This collapsible “over the sink” colander is so slick it might need it’s own holiday.

It’s a clever space saver that you can also stick in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

It also comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Price: $13.99

18. Culina French Fry Potato Cutter

Culina French Fry Potato Cutter

In-N-Out Burger will have nothing on you if you buy this clever french fry cutter from Culina.

It comes with 2 inter-changeable blades so you can pick the size of fries that you prefer.

It’s also a snap to clean and works great on other veggies as well.

Price: $19.71


19. AIDOUT Burger Press

AIDOUT Burger Press

After you’ve cut your french fries, use this AIDOUT burger press to make those juicy burgers perfect.

This bad boy gets glowing reviews on Amazon and makes for a great gift idea for the BBQ’r in your life.

Price: $11.99

20. Chef Remi 2-pc Kitchen Spatula Set

Latest 2-pc Kitchen Spatula Set

From reading the reviews, this will be the only spatula you’ll EVER need.

Both nylon spatulas can withstand heat up to 410 degree Fahrenheit and are considered very high-quality.

Price: $10


21. KitchenAid 2-Speed Hand Blender

KitchenAid KHB1231HT 2-Speed Hand Blender

This KitchenAid hand blender quickly blends ingredients for smoothies, milk shakes, soups or baby food.

It comes in 19 colors so you can easily pick the color that complements your kitchen.

It gets amazing reviews too. They average 4.5 stars out of 5, with over 590 people chiming in with their opinion.

Price: $31.99

22. Mooray Jar Opener

Mooray Premium Jar Opener

The claim to fame with this Mooray jar opener is that it can open ANY sized can, bottle, or jar.

Even weak hands and wrists can now open jars and cans. Great for seniors who might have a tough time otherwise.

Price: $6.50

23. WINHI Stainless Steel Circular Rolling Knife

WINHI Stainless Steel Kitchen Circular Rolling Knife

While this kitchen gadget looks like something straight out of Star Wars, it’s actually a very useful rolling knife.

It can easily cut a variety of foods, including beef, vegetables, pizza, cakes, and fruit.

For the busy family, this tool will save a lot time when prepping dinner every night.

It’s also easy to take the knife a part and clean.

Price: $11.99


Happy shopping and happy eating.

By Kyle James

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Disclaimer: While all opinions are my own, I get a small kickback from Amazon if you go through the links on this page and make a purchase. Also, be aware that Amazon prices fluctuate often so the prices I have posted may be a little different than current pricing.


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Carol Y

I have to add some more cool things.

Banana slicer – best part are the questions and comments!

Robotwist automatic jar opener – yes we bought one, yes it works and since it’s battery operated it’s even easier to use – no gripping necessary.