Clever Hack to Pay Only $26 a Year for Costco Membership

Updated August 10, 2020 by Kyle

Are you looking for a Costco membership discount? Maybe you’re on the fence about dropping $60 for a basic Costco membership and need some incentive to take the plunge. Well, if you live in Mexico or near the border, or are planning a vacation to Mexico in the near future, I have a great way for you to save money. All thanks on this Costco hack goes to loyal reader Dorothy. Thanks Dorothy! Now let’s break it down….

Costco Membership Discount: Clever Hack to Pay Only $26 a Year

Costco Membership Discount:

Gold Membership in Mexico Costs Only 500 Pesos

MX Costco membership

In case you don’t have a currency calculator handy, 500 pesos equates to about $26 USD.

So if it all possible consider buying a MX Costco membership to save money.

And YES you can use a Mexico Costco membership at ANY Costco location in the United States or Canada.

So if you live southern California, Arizona, New Mexico or Texas this is worth knowing.

Especially if you live in a border town and can easily visit a Costco warehouse across the border.

Also, perhaps you’re actually moving to Mexico in the near future. Don’t renew your Costco membership until you get there.

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Is a MX Costco Membership the Same as the U.S. Version?

While the most important features are the same, there are definitely some difference worth knowing about.

Here are a few things your Costco membership from Mexico CAN’T do….

Can’t Track Purchase History – You won’t be able to track your Costco purchases with a membership from Mexico as they don’t keep track of them in their computer system.

So just be sure to hold on to those receipts and it’s a non-issue.

Can’t Get Costco Gas – You can’t buy Costco gas in the U.S. with a MX membership.

Can’t Use Costco Travel – A MX membership will also exclude you from using the Costco travel service.

Can Be a Hassle at Checkout – I was also told that when using a MX membership in the U.S. (or Canada) the cashier will have to get approval from a manager before taking your money.

Hard to Make Account Changes – This may be the biggest drawback. If you lose your card, you can only get a new one at a Costco location within Mexico.

Also, when it’s time to renew your membership you can’t do it at a U.S. Costco location, it’s gotta be done in Mexico.

In Conclusion:

While this Costco hack is not for everyone, it’s still worth sharing with y’all.

This is especially true if you’re heading to the southern border in the near future.

Ask the Reader: Do you have any experience using this hack to score a Costco membership discount? If so, was it worth the effort?

By Kyle James

Photo credit to Mike Mozart.


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I have a Mexican Costco card. You CAN use it at Costco gas. At least at the ones I’ve tried in California. Also, it is not a hassle at checkout. Never had any issue.


I use my Costco Mexico card for gas and shopping at US stores regularly. I’ve never had a problem. In fact, on one occasion when I’d forgotten to bring my card to a store in San Diego, the Membership desk was able to find my number and create a temporary card. Differences using a Mexico-based card in the US could vary depending on region or familiarity of the staff with Mexico-based cards and cardholders. In San Diego, it’s very typical to encounter.


Can you share how they were able to find your info? Went into a Sunnyvale location and as much as they tried they couldn’t help.


I had and used a Mexican Cosco card in eastern Canada in the early 90s. I never had a problem.

Robert C

I just wanted to add that I too have a MX Costco card and live in Canada. I’ve renewed 3 times.

Here is what I have found:

1. I got the membership in Cabo. I used the address of the Costco, and made up a 13 digit RFC number

2. You can renew online. I use Paypal. Simple and easy to register your account. Just make sure you are on the MX website.

3. The only downside is if you’ve lost your card or need account changes, you’ll need to visit a MX branch.

4. I signed up for the Exclusive membership. It has zero benefits. I’ve got points, but can only use them in MX. I can’t even use online exclusive rewards as my address is the Costco. Lol. And now I can’t down grade until I revisit MX.

Hope this helps. As of 2023.