The Dutch Bros Secret Menu Will Make Life a Little Sweeter (Updated Dec 2023)

Updated December 4, 2023 by Kyle

Dutch Bros has been serving delicious coffee since 1992. Founded in Grants Pass, Oregon, they now have over 390 kiosk locations located in 7 western states. Over the years they’ve built a loyal, almost cult-like, following of coffee connoisseurs who love their fun & wacky customer service and delicious coffee drinks.

But their “regular” menu is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what you can order at Dutch. The “hidden” Dutch Bros secret menu has become a legend unto itself it recent years. On it you’ll find some really creative, and incredibly tasty hot and cold drinks.

Dutch Bros Secret Menu

Most Dutch Bros employees know exactly how to make these “secret” drinks so you won’t feel like a fool for ordering a Bob Marley and having the barista stare at you with a blank look.

Also keep in mind that each Dutch is different and many stands have drinks specific to their geographical area…so be sure to ASK what popular secret drinks they might have.

Here’s how the secret menu at Dutch Bros. currently breaks down. I’ll keep adding to it as new drinks are discovered. Thanks to all the Dutch Bros employees, past and present, for helping me keep this article as updated as possible. Enjoy!

It’s worth noting that you can get these coffee drinks served hot or cold.

Also, I had a great suggestion from Dutch employee, Hope, who wanted everyone to know that they can add any flavor to any drink base, that includes coffee, tea, rebels, chai’s, or sodas.

Dutch Bros “Coffee” Secret Menu

B52 Latte: This is made with orange syrup and Irish cream, strange combo but quite popular. I think you can get it as a freeze as well.

Ba-Nay-Nay: This is a dark chocolate and banana mocha with whipped cream on top.

Banana Bread: This breve is made with hazelnut and creme de banana syrup and is suppose to be out of this world. Wondering what a breve is? Apparently it’s similar to a latte, but instead of milk, it’s steamed with half-and-half. It’s delicious, no doubt, but also rich and loaded with fat.

Bob Marley, AKA “Bob”: Order this cult-favorite and get a Cocomo (dark chocolate and coconut) with a banana thrown in. It’s a heavenly combination that would make the Rasta legend proud.

Candy Cane: As you can probably imagine, this is basically a peppermint mocha. Sure to be a holiday favorite for years, heck, enjoy it year round if you really dig it. (Note: If it’s ordered as a frost, they’ll add dark chocolate to it)

Caramel Nog: This is simply a caramel eggnog latte and it’s suppose to be heavenly on a cold winter’s day.

Chai Nog: This seasonal cult classic is an eggnog chai latte.

Cookie: This is a breve with chocolate macadamia nut and white chocolate added. It’s basically a fresh chocolate-chip cookie in a glass.

Crazy Hawaiian, AKA “Wallaby”: This is a caramel, chocolate macadamia nut, and dark chocolate mocha. Go nutty peeps.

The Cure: This is a shot of espresso with chocolate milk and cinnamon added.

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Dirty Macchiato: Order this and you’ll get a breve with English toffee and caramel.

The Fleck: This is a breve with white chocolate, hazelnut, and coconut. Thanks to Ashlea for the tip, she got the drink from a Broista at the Blackstone location in Fresno, CA. She says it’s “SO GOOD!”

French Toast Breve: This breve tastes just like the breakfast favorite and is suppose to be delicious. You can also order it as a mocha.

German Chocolate: I love mixing coconut and chocolate together and this one doesn’t disappoint. It’s simply caramel, coconut, and dark chocolate. Yum.

Golden Eagle: This cult favorite is a breve made with espresso, caramel and vanilla syrup, milk, and topped off with caramel drizzle and whipped cream.

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon (Dutch Canyon): I’ve heard of people ordering this and loving it, just not sure what’s in it yet. If you know, leave a comment, thanks! Update from reader Taylor: It’s simply “a white chocolate Annihilator with caramel and cut with chocolate milk.”

The Grasshopper: This is simply a crème de menthe mocha with mint and dark chocolate.

Molten Lava: This is a yummy mocha with cinnamon and chocolate added.

Ninja Turtle: Order this and you’ll get a crème de menthe and white chocolate mocha.

The Nutty Irishman: This is a regular breve with Irish cream and hazelnut.

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Picture Perfect: Ask for any coffee drink “Picture Perfect” and you’ll get caramel and dark chocolate drizzle on top of whipped cream.

Pocahontas, AKA “Trifecta”: This sucker includes caramel, white chocolate and dark chocolate. If you would like it the way it used to be made, order a “Caramel white mocha” and everyone will know what you want. Why it’s called “The Pocahontas”? I have no idea. Help me out peeps. Update: Thanks Tay…”The Pocahontas is named that because she’s the caramel and John Smith is the white chocolate.”

Pumpkin Pie Breve: It’s basically a slice of warm pumpkin pie in a cup.

Bob Marley

S’more Breve Latte: This campfire favorite is made with dark chocolate, white chocolate, chocolate macadamia, and some brown sugar/cinnamon syrup. Update: Dutch no longer has brown sugar cinnamon…so the solution is to substitute with black sugar syrup and cinnamon syrup.

Snickers: I love a Snickers bar. This drink tastes incredibly similar to the candy bar favorite and is made with dark chocolate, caramel, and of course some hazelnut.

Sugar Cookie: This is a white coffee breve made with almond roca, vanilla, and white chocolate. It’s suppose to be amazingly delicious.

The Vader: According to a comment, one taste of The Vader and you’ll be scared you might die. It’s made with dark chocolate, double mint, 3 shots of espresso (wow!), and blue rebel for good measure.

White Chocolate Lavender Oat Milk Latte: Thanks to Catherine for this one as it’s one of her favs. Apparently you can only get it during the Spring when other lavender syrup drinks make an appearance.

White Coffee Cookie Breve: This white chocolate and macadamia nut sensation will offer you the same taste of freshly baked cookies.

White Coffee S’mores Breve: This one sounds amazing. It’s a breve with black sugar syrup, cinnamon syrup, chocolate macadamia, and both white and dark chocolate.

White Russian: Fan of the “Kicker” at Dutch Bros? Well, then order a White Russian and they’ll throw in some white chocolate to make it that much better.

White Zombie: This bad boy is made of white chocolate and vanilla breve.

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Dutch Bros “Frost” Secret Menu

If you’ve never had a Frost from Dutch Bros, they’re delicious creations that’ll remind you of a tasty milkshake. In addition to the Frosts on their regular menu, they’ll happily make you one of these “secret” cold-creations.

Birthday Cake Frost: This cool treat is made with vanilla ice cream, whipped almond roca, white chocolate, an topped with confetti. Throw a candle on top and you’re good to go.

Bubble Gum Frost: This is made with vanilla, banana, strawberries, and ice cream. I wonder if you can go blow a bubble with it?

Cake Batter Frost: This is a cake-inspired frost made with almond rocha and white chocolate.

Capt’N Crunch Frost: This has the feel of the crunch berries as it’s made with strawberries and hazelnut.

Cinnabon Frost: Order this and you’ll get a tasty cold beverage with black sugar syrup, cinnamon syrup, and salted caramel. Gotta have way fewer calories that an actual Cinnabon cinnamon roll.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Frost: This is made with white chocolate, black sugar syrup, and cinnamon syrup. If it’s a frost there will be no espresso added. If it’s a freeze, there will be espresso added. It’s bound to wake you up and keep you going until nap time.

Cotton Candy Frost

Coral Reef, The: Thanks to MCat for this one, she calls it “a classic shake with a citrus twist. Try out this orange and vanilla dream, topped with a blue raspberry drizzle.”

Cotton Candy Frost: Not sure exactly what’s in it, but it’s guaranteed to be on the sweet side of the street. Scratch that, thanks to reader Ethan, it’s made with white chocolate and blue raspberry.

Creamsicle Frost: As you might guess, this is made with orange and white chocolate and will undoubtedly take you back to your youth.

Freedom Frost: This is a vanilla frost topped with red and blue raspberry drizzle.

Molten Lava: This is made with cinnamon and dark chocolate and is suppose to be really freaking good.

Ninja Frost: This frost sounds awesome. It’s made with white chocolate and creme de menthe. Apparently, it’s pretty much the same as the thin mint frost listed below.

Orangesicle: Order this and you’ll get an orange and vanilla treat.


Peppermint Bark: This yummy treat features dark chocolate, white chocolate, and of course…peppermint.

Pink Flamingo Frost: This is made with white chocolate, strawberry and peach and is the “BOMB” according to reader Nicole. Also, apparently this use to be called Skittles frost.

Pumpkin Pie Frost: Sure to be an autumn favorite, this frost is made with spices and pumpkin flavoring.

Toasted Mellow Frost: No marshmallow sticks required for this one. It’s simply made with vanilla and chocolate macadamia nuts.

Vanilla Bean Frost: Similar to Starbucks Vanilla Bean Frappuccino, this frost is made with vanilla and chocolate macadamia syrup.

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Dutch Bros “Rebel” Secret Menu

FYI: You can order these secret Blue Rebel energy drinks either blended or on ice.

You can ALSO get these as an iced tea, lemonade, Dutch Soda, or Dutch Frost.

Aftershock: Thanks to Moe for this one…it’s made with strawberry, red raspberry, blackberry, and lime syrups.

Bugatti Berry: This tasty rebel is made by infusing grapefruit and blackberry into your Rebel.

Cowboy Sunset: This drink includes peach passion and grapefruit and is supposed to be REALLY good.

Daydream Rebel: According to commenter Sabrina, this is a seasonal rebel (typically in the Spring) that consists of passion fruit and elderflower.

Dino Egg Rebel

Dinosaur Egg Rebel: If you love raspberries, you’ll like a Dino egg rebel. It’s a Blue Rebel energy drink with blue raspberry and a unicorn blood drizzle. (Which means there is no blue raspberry in the drizzle)

Dirty Girl Rebel: Thanks to commenter Crystal for dropping the 411 on this one. If they don’t know what it is, ask for a Rebel with blackberry and almond.

Dirty White Girl: The same drink as above but with white chocolate added as well.

Double Rainbro: Strawberry, peach, and coconut all infused into a Rebel. Sounds good, eh bro.

Electric Berry Rebel: This is a rebel infused with lime and blue raspberry.

Fuzzy Navel Rebel: This is a blue rebel infused with peach flavoring. Update: Apparently this isn’t on their secret menu, order a Peach Rebel instead.

Galaxy Fish: Thanks to Tina on this one, it contains lime, strawberry, and passion fruit syrups.

Gummy Bear Rebel: It’s a rebel with white chocolate, kiwis, and lime mixed in. I love gummy bears so I’m going to have to order this one from the Dutch Bros secret menu soon.

Irie Rebel: This Jamaican-inspired Rebel is infused with coconut and banana.

James Dean Rebel (Now called the Double Rainbro): Best name of any item EVER found on a secret menu. It’s a rebel energy drink with strawberries, coconut, and peach and it’s magically delicious.

Jungle Love: This one is made from pomegranate and passion fruit syrups.

Kings of Leon: Thanks again to Moe for this one…it’s made with orange, kiwi, and lime syrups.

Laser Cat Rebel: It’s a rebel, with some raspberries and coconut mixed it.

Midnight Rebel: Cool name for a Rebel infused with blackberry and pomegranate.

Ocean Water Rebel: Rebel infused with blue raspberry, coconut, and lime.

Oil Spill: I’m curious what this one looks like, it contains blue and red raspberry syrup.

Pixie Stick Rebel: Apparently, according to Ethan, this one is discontinued. See Trixie Rebel below.

Sex on the Beach Rebel: Similar to the popular cocktail, this rebel is infused with peach, orange, and pomegranate.

Shark Attack Rebel: This one debuted during Shark Week a couple years ago and has been on the secret menu ever since. It’s simply Ocean Water with pomegranate drizzle on top. Funny.

Sour Patch Rebel: This is made with green apple and pomegranate. I’m gonna have to have my wife try this one as she loves Sour Patch candy.

Starburst Rebel (Now the Unicorn Blood Rebel): I love Starbursts. This is a rebel with strawberry, white chocolate, and almond. Gonna have to try this one as the white chocolate twist sounds interesting.

Starry Night Rebel: This beauty comes infused with blackberry and blue raspberry.

Stop Light Rebel: This one is quite refreshing and made with kiwi, pomegranate, and passion fruit.

Trixie Rebel: Use to be the Pixie Stick Rebel. This new addition to the Dutch Bros secret menu is a rebel infused with almond, orange, and pomegranate.

Turkey Trot Rebel: If you like fruity blended rebels, give this one shot. It’s made with an orange & peach rebel with strawberry drizzle. Throw some whip on it and you’ll be in heaven.

Unicorn Blood Rebel

Unicorn Blood Rebel: Apparently unicorn blood is made from strawberry, white chocolate, and almond flavoring. Good to know.

Vampire Slayer: Great name for a rebel that comes with strawberry and pomegranate.

Wookie Spice: This one is a steamed Rebel and Oregon Chai. According to reader Aalisa, it’s amazing and “tastes like apple cider with a kick! Sooooo good!”

Dutch Bros “Italian Sodas” Secret Menu

Shirley Temple: Order this and they’ll throw in some cherry and almond flavoring in your soda. Update: This isn’t on the secret menu, order it and you’re likely to get something different every time. Also, they no longer have cherry flavoring, but red raspberry is a great substitute.

Surprise Soda: Order this soda and get “a random combination of flavors — usually the particular worker’s favorite.”

“Odds & Ends” Secret Menu Drinks

Christmas Morning: This is an Oregon Chai with white chocolate added. The barista will also use half-and-half instead of 2% milk.

Dirty Caterpillar: This is a smoothie made with green apple and of course, caramel.

Ocean Water

Ocean Water: No, it’s not salty. It’s an Italian soda with blue raspberry, coconut, and lime mixed in. Suppose to be terrific.

Electric Berry Green Tea: This delicious beauty is a green tea drink, infused with lime and blue raspberry.

Dutch Mojito Iced Tea: It’s an iced tea with lime, coconut, and mint. The result? A classic Caribbean treat without the alcohol.

Iced Paris Tea: This sweet tea will make sore a lovely hot weather treat.

London Fog: This cult favorite is Earl Grey tea with honey and steamed milk. Order it “Old School” and it will also come with vanilla.

Pup-a-ccino: According to a recent comment, this is “A dog treat covered in whip cream. What Dutch pup wouldn’t love that! Our dog gets so excited when we are in the drive-thru!” So awesome.

Sexy Love Potion Iced Tea: I might throw in a #9 when I order it. It’s green tea infused with lime, passion fruit, and strawberry.

Sweet Sunrise Tea: This popular Iced Paris Tea is made with peach, passion fruit, orange, and banana.

Thanksgiving Morning: This is basically a Christmas Morning only they add pumpkin spice to it. “Yummalicious” according to Jos, thanks for the tip!

The Bob Freeze: Named after the Jamaican bobsled team, this freeze is made with chocolate, banana, and coconut.

The “Why Bother” or “The Just Stay Home”: This is decaf espresso with nonfat milk and no sugar. Stay home and save money if this is your coffee drink of choice.

Trifecta Freeze: A perfect treat on a hot day, the Trifecta freeze is made with caramel, white chocolate, and dark chocolate.

Wallaby Freeze: This freeze is made with chocolate, caramel, and chocolate mac.

Whip Stix: This one is fun for the kiddos in your car. It’s simply a straw with a dollop of whip cream on the end.

Ask the Reader: Am I missing any drinks from the Dutch Bros secret menu? Let me know in the comments and I’ll investigate. It’s hard work, but somebody’s gotta go it.

By Kyle James

Photo credit to Erica Wheelan.


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Ethan M McNeely

Vanilla bean is vanilla and chocolate macadamia syrup. However, you can always order a golden eagle which is the vanilla and caramel πŸ™‚

Ethan M McNeely

And for thin mint and white chocolate mint (you listed the same thing two ways And they are kinda wrong. Instead some options are:
Peppermint Bark: dark chocolate, white chocolate, peppermint
Candy Cane: peppermint (and if it’s a frost they will add dark chocolate)
Ninja: white chocolate and creme de minthe (a green mint flavor)
Grasshopper: dark chocolate and creme de minthe


Are these in the frost/ freeze?

Ethan M McNeely

Dirty macchiato, at dutchbros, is a breve with English toffee and caramel

German chocolate is caramel, coconut, and dark chocolate

Snickers has dark chocolate, caramel, and hazelnut

Cinnabon is a nice mall cinnamon roll joint. A cinnamon bun is a secret menu drink that has brown sugar cinnamon and salted caramel

Cinnamon toast is white chocolate and brown sugar cinnamon. If it’s a frost there will be no espresso. If it’s a freeze there will be espresso (this goes for all of them as well.

Cotton candy is white chocolate and blue raspberry

Birthday cake and cake batter are the same thing, just ask for whip and sprinkles:)

Ordering orangesicle will get you orange and vanilla. Creamsicle, on the other hand, will get you orange and white chocolate (hence the cream part)

Pixie stick is a discontinued name, Trixie, however, is the same thing (orange, pomegranate, and almond)

James Dean is now called double rainbro

Starburst is now called unicorn blood

Dinosaur egg is blue raspberry with unicorn blood drizzle. (So no blue raspberry in the drizzle

If anyone is curious about a skittles flavor, it is the pink flamingo.

There is nothing called a just stay home, there is a why bother. Decaf, Nonfat, and sugar free πŸ™‚

Ocean water is blue raspberry, coconut, and lime (which is correct in the article) but it is not supposed to taste like a blue jolly rancher, do not order it thinking that’s how it taste, instead order a blue jolly rancher.

Shark attack is just Ocean water with pomegranate drizzle on the drink

And I think most importantly! All of these secret menu drinks are just flavors! They can be mixed and matched. Double rainbro may have been featured as a rebel, but it is not exclusive. Get it as a soda, get it as a tea (green or black) get it as a coffee (please don’t do that, it’s disgusting)

And the same goes for freeze, mochas, breve, and frosts.

Frosts are actually a special thing that branches between the two. Frosts are milkshakes so they taste good as fruity flavors but they also taste good with the flavors used to make coffee!

I know this might feel like nitpicking but let me tell you, Dutch Bros employees love sharing their favorite secret menu drinks with their customers, but secret menu article like this with loads of outdated names and incorrect, here say recipes end up giving people the wrong idea and they end up dissapointed when they get something they weren’t expecting or just being corrected by employees because they said the wrong name.

Ethan M McNeely

I am! We love that you all want to know the secret menu and try all of our crazy combinations. We just want these online lists to be accurate and current to avoid confusion and wrong expectations.

Much love, Dutch luvπŸ’™πŸ’›β€οΈ

Lori B

Unfortunately, online lists are never going to be 100% accurate, except for what Dutch publishes themselves.

What does Dutch Bros. Offer for diabetics, sugar-free? Are there any special names for a drink that’s sugar-free?

Octavio Ferrer

I tried the vampire slayer rebel. To me it has like no taste.

Elizabeth Tyler

Next time ask for it extra sweet. They will add 1 scoop of flavor for every “extra” you say! 😊


what is the pink syrup they put in the dinosaur egg rebel? is it called something?


The pink drizzle is called “unicorn blood” and it makes for a great rebel its own too!


Unicorn Blood


That’s the unicorn blood flavor


The pink drizzle around the dino egg is unicorn blood (strawberry, almond and white chocolate),


Everytime I go to Dutch I order a chocolate hazelnut and macadamia frost and it is SO GOOD 10/10 RECOMMEND


Dirty gir: White Chocolate Chai with Breve


Aka Christmas morning


The name was changed close to a year and a half ago, it is now called a Christmas Morning. Many of the newer employees will know it by this name instead!


In Salem, OR we have a Bugatti rebel which is blackberry grapefruit. & a BeyoncΓ© which is blackberry passion fruit.

Lindsay W

Try the DW or DWG, Blackberry, Almond or Blackberry Almond and white Chocolate (Rebel) SO GOOD!! I get mine with extra Blackberry.


I worked there for 2 and half years and the only ones I’ve ever heard of were the gummy bear, starburst and pixie stick rebels. So I have no idea who came up with this? Ha. Unless it’s a super new thing.


They’re on the secret menus that they send from HQ!! They’re also in the updated version of the manifesto.

Ethan M McNeely

I assume 2.5 years was a little bit ago. We’ve really expanded the secret menu and have made them the same company wide


Is there a website for the newest names if the secret menu items


There is also a sour patch rebel: green apple, pomegranate.
jolly rancher: watermelon, green apple.
Vampire slayer rebel: strawberry, pomegranate.
Starry night: blackberry, blue raspberry.
Midnight: blackberry, pomegranate.
Bugatti berry: grapefruit, blackberry.
Tricky tre: peach, orange.


anything ordered “why-bother” will be decaf, nonfat & sugar-free πŸ™‚


I worked for See’s Candies at Christmas when they have the Black Forest Truffles, and went to Dutch Brothers and had them make me one after I found a recipe online. They were awesome, and gave it a try, it was delicious, even though they didn’t have their own recipe for it!


What is the recipe

Jessica (DB Broista)

A Black Forest is a mocha made with dark chocolate and cherry.


Hey there! I work at DB in So. OR. “Ninja Turtle” aka “Turtle” is Creme de Menthe and White Choclate just to let you know and “Pocahontas” aka “Trifecta” is carmel, white choc, dark choc. “Gummy Bear” also has white choc. in it andddd “Starburst” can be done in any flavor too! doesn’t have to be just strawberry the “Unicorn blood” is basically a strawberry “Starburst”.

Ryan C

But how many of the Dutch girls know all of these?

Ethan M McNeely

Dutch bros employees don’t have every single drink on this menu memorized, but nearly all of them. I still forget some of them but I would pass a test on it with at least a 95%


Co worker of mine often orders a black &white

Ethan M McNeely

Or it could be called a tuxedo mocha, dark chocolate and white chocolate πŸ™‚