This Is How I Score Free Starbucks 3 Days Per Week (Oh, and It’s WAY Easy)

Updated April 20, 2022 by Kyle

Ever since I discovered Toluna, I don’t pay a cent for my Starbucks addiction. I stop by S’Bucks at least 3 times per week for a Venti caramel iced coffee and use my free gift card every time. By the way, if coffee isn’t your thing Toluna has a bunch of other gift cards available. Here’s how Toluna works so you can do it too.

How I Drink Free Starbucks 3 Days Per Week

How Exactly Does Toluna Work?

It’s pretty simple really. You take short surveys online with Toluna and they reward you with “Points”.

Points that you can then redeem for free gift cards or cash via PayPal.

The bottom-line is that businesses want your opinions and are willing to pay you for it via surveys.

Sign-Up with Toluna, score 500 free Welcome Points and start earning free gift cards right away. Also, be sure to confirm your registration when you get the confirmation email or you WON’T get paid.

I always opt for the Starbucks card as I have a bit of a caffeine addiction. Since I joined I haven’t paid for a Starbucks coffee in 6 months and I usually stop by at least 3 times per week.

Not too shabby for just a little bit of my time, especially since the surveys are really easy and actually kinda fun.

How Do You Redeem Points?

Score Free Gift Cards

Once your points balance builds up a little bit, you can redeem them for free gift cards.

A $10 Starbucks card, for example, will cost you 3o,000 points which is equivalent to approximately 6-12 surveys. A $50 Starbucks card goes for 150,000 points.

Each survey takes between 5-20 minutes. The longer the survey, the more points you’ll earn.

This might seem like a lot of surveys, I thought the same thing at first. But they really don’t take long, especially when you consider all the times in your life when you’re waiting in-line (or in a waiting room) and could easily crank out a quick survey or two.

I complete at least three surveys every time I’m waiting for my daughter’s dance class to finish. (BTW, before I get a bunch of “You’re a BAD Dad emails”, they only let parents observe once a month.)

To make it even easier to complete surveys, I highly recommend using the new Toluna smartphone app as it allows you to easily do a survey when you’re away from home. Also, for a limited time when you complete a survey via their app they’ll give you an extra 500 points per survey.

The surveys themselves really are no-brainers and can be completed with very little effort or brain-power. Believe me, I wouldn’t have stuck around with them otherwise.

Besides Starbucks they also have gift cards available for Amazon, Walmart, Red Box, Toys R Us, Bed Bath & Beyond, Best Buy, Kohl’s, Target, and iTunes to name a few.

Can I Get Cash Instead of a Gift Card?

Get Cash via PayPal

Yes, you can absolutely opt for cash instead of a gift card.

This is done via PayPal which allows you to transfer the funds directly into your checking or savings account.

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Give Me An Example of a Survey?

Toluna Survey

The survey will start by gathering some basic info and then point you to a survey that’s a good fit for you.

I’ve completed surveys on cars, T-Mobile ads, music streaming services, pizza restaurants, and home improvement products to name a few.

I always start with the “New Products” and “Lifestyle” surveys as they give you the most bang for your buck. Most of them will give you 2,000 – 5,000 points for a survey that only lasts 10-12 minutes.

They’re really fast and require very little to zero typing. Once they get to know you, they’ll start emailing you survey opportunities that make it really easy to build-up points.

Final Thoughts:

I’ll be the FIRST to say I’m not a big fan of doing online surveys. They’re often a waste of time and you rarely actually get selected for a survey.

Toluma is the first one I’ve stumbled upon that’s easy to use and you actually get gift cards or cash for your time.

Give it a look for yourself and you’ll be drinking free Starbucks too (or shopping at Amazon for free).

Click Here to try Toluna and get your 500 Welcome Points

Ask the Reader: Have you ever done online surveys? Were they worth your time?

By Kyle James

Disclaimer: While all opinions about Toluma are my own, I do receive a small fee if you sign-up and try their service. But I’m here to tell ya that I wouldn’t recommend them if I didn’t love the free Starbucks I get every week.


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