Father’s Day 2020: The 15 Best Gifts For Dad

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Just about everyone can agree that Dads aren’t the easiest to shop for. So when Father’s Day comes around, many people give costly presents that hardly get any use after the holiday is over. But shopping for a Father’s Day gift doesn’t have to be such a pricey guessing game. We compiled a list of the 15 hottest gifts for Dad, with ways to save, so your special present won’t be such a high risk.

Father's Day 2018: The 15 Best Gifts For Dad

1. The Amazon Echo

Treat Dad to the most desired tech by gifting him an Amazon Echo this Father’s Day. The smart device acts as a helpful personal assistant through Alexa by responding to voice commands.

Users can play music, get sports scores, make phone calls, control other smart devices, and receive information via internet search without lifting a finger.

Hands-free technology can sometimes mean hands-off prices for some shoppers, which is why Amazon offers five-month financing with monthly payments of just $20 to make it possible for anyone to buy an Echo while on a tight budget.

Price: $99.99


2. Everyday IPA Beer Making Kit from Brooklyn Brew Shop

A great gift for Dads who love a craft brew is this IPA Beer Making Kit. It’s the perfect present for his sophisticated beer palette.

Kits are available for a variety of beer types and come with all the tools, supplies, and ingredients necessary for creating your own batch.

The reusable brewing kit comes with a bag of mix that creates a gallon of beer. So if you want to create another round, all you’ll have to buy are the ingredients.

Price: $49.95

3. Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

Let Dad browse the internet in sleek style with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. The tablet, which runs Android, is the latest model released by Samsung and features several innovations, including the best screen that the company has ever made.

Other upgraded specs beyond its AMOLED screen are its stylus pen and fingerprint sensor.

Not only is the Galaxy Tab S3 an impressive device, but its price is also an impressive bargain compared with most new tablets on the market.

And if you’re an Amazon Prime member, or you know someone who will share their account, you can even get your order shipped for free.

Price: $498


4. S’well Traveler Bottle in Teakwood

Most people struggle to drink enough water throughout the day because it’s inconvenient or they’re simply too busy to remember.

If that sounds like your Dad, a stylish and reusable traveler bottle from S’well can be the motivation he needs to stay hydrated anywhere he goes.

The BPA-free bottle has the ability to keep liquids hot for 12 hours or cold for 24 hours.

Whether Dad is working at the office or hiking outdoors, the quality traveler bottle will hold enough to keep him conveniently refreshed and looking extra cool with it’s teakwood design.

Price: $33.99

5. Birchbox Man Subscription

For the father who forgets to pamper himself, you can’t go wrong with the Birchbox Man Subscription.

The monthly subscription box is filled with five top-notch men’s grooming products that your Dad would likely never buy for himself but would be delighted to have on hand. Items range from skin moisturizers and hair waxes to shower gel and body lotion.

The service offers the option of a 6-month subscription that costs $60 upfront or a monthly subscription for $10 a month that can be canceled at any time, allowing you to gift quality grooming supplies for Father’s Day, or for all the days after.

Price: $10/month

6. Fossil Flip ID Bifold Leather Wallet

Sometimes, it’s best not to mess with the classics when it comes to Father’s Day presents. If you’re ever in doubt of what to get him, the Fossil RFID Flip ID Bifold Wallet is a foolproof choice.  

The affordable leather wallet is one of the brand’s top-sellers for its practical design and premium material.

Features include multiple slots, a clear ID pocket, and protective lining to guard cards from unwanted RFID scanning.

Price: $45.00

7. Sriracha2Go Bundle

Some people just enjoy their food on the spicier side. And if your Dad is an avid heat-lover, surprise him this Father’s Day with a Sriracha Keychain Gift Pack to help keep his food fiery while on the go.

The package comes with two mini Sriracha keychains and a large bottle of Huy Fong Sriracha for refills.

So whenever he’s about to eat a meal without a hot sauce bottle in sight, he can just reach for his keys, belt loop, backpack, or wherever his mini Sriracha bottle is clipped to get his fix.

Price: $17.99

8. Eno Giving Back Hammock

If your father is a fan of the great outdoors, he’ll love the ENO DoubleNest Hammock. The versatile hammock is large enough comfortably fit two and is compact enough to fit inside the barely-there sack attached to it.

From the trail to the backyard, Dad can effortlessly kick back and relax in this breezy hammock wherever he goes.

Price: $69.95


9. Pit Mitt ® Grilling Glove-Oven Mitt

I think it’s safe to say almost every Dad likes to grill. Between the raw meat, the open flame, or the small thrill of danger, it’s a pastime that fathers can’t get enough of — but also need protection from.

With the durable Charcoal Companion Ultimate Barbecue Pit Mitt Glove, users can keep their left or right hand safe as they handle tools and food in hot spaces.

The mitt is designed with heat-resistant aramid fiber and lined with cotton for a comfortable fit. Whether he’s an amateur griller or experienced pitmaster, he’ll get plenty of use out of his gift.

Price: $15.81

10. Marvel Thor Hammer Tool Set

Hit Dad’s funny bone — and help him hit every nail square on the head — by getting him a Marvel Thor Hammer Tool Set. Both comical and practical, the tool set will bring out his inner child every time he needs to make a household repair.

The unique set is modeled to look like famed superhero Thor’s hammer — called Mjolnir — yet it comes stocked with a whopping 44 pieces that include basic tools such as a wrench, screwdriver, tape measure, and more.

Price: $99.99

11. Pair of Thieves Pixel Dad & Kids Socks Set

Imitation is one of the best forms of flattery.  So if you have a youngster that’s in need of a gift for Dad, pick up a Pair of Thieves Dad and Kids Sock Set for an adorable Father’s Day present your entire family won’t be able to get enough of.

Not only do the sock sets have playful designs, but they’re also crafted with materials that are breathable and moisture wicking, so they’ll get plenty of wear after Father’s Day.

Price: $8.00


12. Texas Beard Co. Beard Oil + Balm Combo

Did Dad’s facial hair stick around after no-shave November? Then show your support by giving him a Texas Beard Co.Tumbleweed Beard Oil this Father’s Day.

The handmade artisan oil is made with all-natural ingredients that work to soften hair and improve overall beard health.

Both unruly beards and mustaches can be tamed with this formula, with the added bonus of a sharp cedar scent to keep his facial hair smelling good.

Price: $19.95

13. Stanley Classic Flask

This Father’s Day, give your Dad a Stanley Classic Flask so he can take off the edge wherever he goes.

The retro style of the flask makes it a fun throwback if your Dad is a sucker for nostalgia. It’s also BPA free and made with stainless steel, so he’s guaranteed to never have a leak or spill between swigs.

Price: $19.85

14. Tile Slim

Save Dad from the occasional panic attack when his wallet goes missing by getting him a handy Tile Slim.

The Tile Slim can be slipped into anything you don’t want to misplace and works by connecting to a smartphone app that can help you locate it when lost.

And if you lose your phone, the Tile Slim can also make it ring — even when it’s on silent.

Price: $19


15. The Tie Bar Seersucker Tie

Fashion trends tend to be the last thing on the minds of most Dads, so help him out by adding some pizzazz to his wardrobe with the Seersucker Tie from the Tie Bar.

The stylish, seersuck-patterned tie is made with 100% cotton and works for both casual and formal functions. And if stripes aren’t his taste, the brand has several other tie prints and designs that still rock the same bargain price tag.

Price: $19.99

Get on Dad’s Good Side with One of These Gifts

The cost of a good present can easily add up, and it can be even more of a challenge to find something that will actually see some use. So don’t take a gamble when shopping for gifts for Dad this year.

Cut out the risk and take a cue from the ideas on this list. That way, he’ll be completely convinced that you read his mind — and you’ll know the cash you spent will be well worth it.


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