Here’s Why Amazon Is Providing a Refund But Telling You to Keep Certain Items

Updated October 30, 2020 by Kyle

The return policy at Amazon has always been a bit confusing and COVID-19 has only added to the grey area of the policy. This was made abundantly clear when I recently returned an unopened clothing item and was told to keep the item and not send it back. Here’s how the whole deal went down.

Here's Why Amazon Is Providing a Refund But Telling You to Keep the Item

First, the Item in Question…

Amazon chat session

As you can see from the screenshot above, it was a horse hoodie that my daughter didn’t like.

She never wore it and it still had the tags on it.

So much to my surprise I was told to KEEP the item when I initiated the return.

And yes, I got a full refund as well.

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So Why Did This Happen?

I started a live chat session to figure out what was going on in the hopes of writing a useful blog post about this.

I was told the Amazon 3rd party seller was not taking items back.

I then asked if this was a COVID-19 related issue as some retailers are not taking back clothing in certain areas of the country.

The chat rep said “Yes” it was more than likely a COVID issue as to why the seller didn’t want the item back.

The rep then told me I could keep, dispose, or donate the hoodie.

Is Amazon Doing This With Orders They Fulfill?

In the vast majority of cases, Amazon will take back clothing, shoes, and apparel accessories without any issues.

This only seems to be an issue with 3rd party sellers.

Don’t Abuse the Policy!

If you think that after reading this it’s the perfect time to redo your wardrobe with clothing bought on Amazon, think again.

This policy will surely go away if shoppers do this and clothing WILL BECOME NON-REFUNDABLE.

Are Other Retailers Doing This As Well?

For a while Walmart was not accepting in-store returns on clothing but has since returned to their regular return policy in most states.

Ask the Reader: Have you ever had Amazon tell you to keep the item when making a return?

By Kyle James


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Edith McCray

Yesterday I returned a nose ring and they told me to keep it