Amazon Hack: How To Get the Lower Price After a Price Change

Updated June 30, 2020 by Kyle

Amazon has become famous for constantly changing prices on shoppers. It’s quite common for an item to be raised or lowered in price by up to 25% on a regular basis. For shoppers, it can be really frustrating to add items to your cart, or wishlist, only to see that they’re way more expensive the following day when you’re ready to place your order. But alas, I have a cool little hack to get a price adjustment if a product has gone up in price. Here is what you need to know.

Start a Live Chat Session With Amazon and Ask for a Price Adjustment

Amazon is making it a little trickier to start a live chat session as they’d rather have you find answers to your questions in other ways. So to help you out, here are the step-by-step directions to start a live chat:

  • On the bottom of the Amazon homepage, in the “Let Us Help You” section click on “Help”.
  • Next, in the “Browse Help topics”, go to “Need More Help”, then click on “Contact Us”.
  • Then in section 2 of the “Contact Us” page, select an issue, I usually select “More order issues”.
  • Finally, click on “Chat” in section 3 and a separate browser window will open and launch a chat session.

Once you finally start a live chat, simply explain the situation in a polite manner. My wife did this recently on a Christmas gift we were buying for our daughter. The item was priced at $84.99 one day, and a whopping $99.99 the following day.

On a whim, instead of waiting and seeing if the price came down again, I suggested she try getting a price adjustment via live chat. And guess what…it totally worked! Made me look like a genius in her eyes, and more importantly, saved us a quick $15.

Here is a screenshot showing my wife’s chat session last night:

Amazon Live Chat

Don’t Abuse It

Like any good customer service feature, if you abuse it, you can bet it will quickly go away or you’ll get blacklisted. The operator even called it a “one time exception”, although I’m guessing you could get a price adjustment like this several times a year as long as they aren’t all within a short period of time.

It would be smart to only use this savings hack on more expensive items where the savings is worth the effort.

Consider Automating Amazon Price Changes

If you consider yourself a loyal Amazon user, you’ll want to consider using the free browser add-on called CamelCamelCamel, strange name for a very useful resource.

It will help you track Amazon price changes as well as price histories for individual items so you make sure and buy only when the price is lowest. That way you won’t have to rely on a live chat operator continually hooking you up with a price adjustment.

Ask the Reader: Have you ever been nailed by an Amazon price change? If so, how did you handle it?

By Kyle James


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I just tried the blueprint. The rep said that Amazon is no longer offering price adjustments on items other than TVs 🙁

Christian Pasquariello

me too. sucks.

amazon customer

yep they sent me to a price adjust meant team who did nothing but say “we do not offer price adjustments” keep in mind I was trying to get a price match on two of the same items of different colors. one was 9. 99 and the other 39.99. funny how there was 1 left then Amazon jacks the price up 4X.. . I don’t know they should have some leniency on stuff.

oh well they lost out on a sale on this one


That’s not a hack, that’s just contacting Amazon.


I just followed your advice on an Instant Pot that was $20 cheaper yesterday. They said they could not price match but would be glad to offer a $20 refund once the item shipped! I’m a Prime member since 2008, don’t know if that helped but I bought an item I wouldn’t have bought at the $20 higher price point. Thanks for the tip!


I found a Kindle book that i was interested in for $3.99. I downloaded a sample. After 6 minuets i decided to buy it… it is now $9.99!!!


As of March 4, 2018, Amazon have updated their policy and does not offer price match/adjustment anymore. I have tried it today with 3 differente guys on the chat (one passed to the other and so on) and this was the reponse: in the past, yes, but not anymore.


Ooooh, such the clever hack! Talk to customer service. Straight-up genius here, folks! Maybe you should rather-be-reading-a-book once in a while, smart guy.


Didn’t work. The price changed on my item within 10 minutes. Went up $15! Not buying the item any longer. I’ll shop for it somewhere else.


Didn’t work, they do not offer price adjustments.


I tried this tonight. A Fire TV stick dropped $12 from my purchase last week. They refunded my account. Said it was not normal policy to price match, but “since [I’m] such a valued customer”, she made an exception. Never hurts to ask!


I’m experiencing something where as soon as i add to cart the price increases $7. I’m trying to order instant coffee and the landing page says “$21.99” but once I add to cart, the pop-up box that appears says “cart total $27.99” that’s before tax.


I just tried in and it worked, they are suppose to follow up with a refund once I received the order. I saved the chat just in case, they did say it would be a one time type of refund. I rarely buy there I won’t abuse it also I’m in Canada.

Last edited 3 months ago by Kersie

I too am supposed to get credited once I get my item. They waited while I ordered to get my order number. But I did have to keep them on the line until I got a real person. Automated chat told me they did not adjust prices.


I tried it twice. But the same customer service opened. This was a good trick but unfortunately it did not work with Amazon India.

Robert McDonald

Amazon uses computer algorithms to jack up prices on items you are interested in. Another trick, they raise prices if you decide to re-order an item (or get a ‘2nd or 3rd’ of something shortly after the original purchase. I think such tactics are extremely predatory and unfair to the consumer (especially local “prime” members!) When I encounter such things, I ask for a call-back (HELP link) and then ask for UNITED STATES customer service. The folks offshore follow scripted policy dialogs and are unable/unwilling to ‘do the right thing’ even when Amazon’s price strategies fly in the face of common sense. I bought a single end table and decided to pick up a second one 2 days later. The price of the $44 table rose by 18 dollars in just 2 days. Had to be their computer stabbing me because I clearly liked it enough to re-order. No wonder Amazon has so many ‘issues’ with customers feeling the pain of their algorithms. It never seems to happen that they LOWER their prices 2 days after you bought.


$10 increase? A rowing machine I put in my cart yesterday went from $158 to $250! I followed your advice and they were very sympathetic, but no dice on the price.