How to Use Ibotta’s New “App to App Rebates” Feature to Save a Bunch of Money

Updated November 1, 2022 by Kyle
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I’m big on saving money by doing very little, which is why I’m in love with the Ibotta app. (Click here for a $10 sign-up bonus). The app lets you quickly redeem rebates on stuff you’re going to be purchasing anyways from the grocery store. Think of it like saving money without clipping coupons.

Today I wanted to introduce you to a cool new feature on Ibotta called app-to-app rebates. The feature let’s you actually get cash back at other popular shopping apps. Very cool feature that has already saved me $18 since it launched a couple weeks ago. Below is everything you need to know to start saving too.

iBotta App to App

The Scoop on Ibotta’s New App-to-App Feature

Here’s what you need to know to maximizing your savings with this new feature:

  • How does Ibotta’s app-to-app feature work?  The most important thing to know is that “App to App” rebates are only valid when an app is launched from Ibotta. Because of this, you’ll want to have the partner apps downloaded on your device.
    • Step 1: Within iBotta, simply tap the offer you want to unlock from the Rebate page.
    • Step 2: Next, tap the Launch App button (see above screenshot) and the partner app will load.
    • Step 3: Make your purchase just like you normally would.
    • Step 4: Wait for your purchase notification. It will also show as “Pending” on your Ibotta activity page.
    • Step 5: Count your cash as soon as the rebate goes from pending to complete.
  • Do I need to verify a receipt or anything? – No, Ibotta will do all the leg work on this one.
  • Can I shop at one of the partner websites and get Ibotta credit? – No, you have to shop via their app to get your cash back by starting the process on Ibotta.
  • Do I need the partner app on my mobile device? – Yes, in order to get your cashback, you need to download the partner app(s). If you don’t currently have them on your smartphone, you’ll be redirected to the Google Play store or iTunes store (to download) when you press the Launch App button within Ibotta.

Also, keep in mind that your partner app purchases will still count towards your teamwork bonuses which is awesome. As soon as your app-to-app rebate goes from pending to complete it will reflect in your bonuses.

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Current App-to-App Partners:

Here’s a list of the current partner apps which you can shop and save at via iBotta.

  • (5% back) – is positioning itself to compete with Amazon and was acquired by Walmart. Get an extra 5% cash back by starting your mobile Jet shopping via the Ibotta app.
  • Groupon (40% back)  – Shop the Groupon app via Ibotta and get an astounding 40% cash back.
  • (5% back)  – Book your next hotel stay with the app and get 4% cash back. Remember, you have to start in the Ibotta app and launch the app within the Ibotta interface.
  • Boxed (15% back)   – Boxed sells wholesale grocery goods that get delivered directly to your door step with a low price guarantee. You can shop thru Ibotta and the Boxed app and get 15% cash back on all Boxed purchases.
  • Handy (10% back)  – The Handy app is a cool new service that helps you find trusted house cleaners and all-around handymen in your local area. Use the Ibotta app to launch the Handy app and you’ll get 10% cash back.

Be on the lookout for new partner apps in the near-future. I’ll be sure to add them to this list as they’re introduced by Ibotta.

Ask the Reader:  Have you tried the Ibotta app yet? If you haven’t, be sure to get your free $10 bonus and give it a test drive. It’s saving my family a good chunk of change every month, about $50 on average.

Happy savings.

By Kyle James


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