Save By Knowing The Items You Should NOT Buy at Target

Updated March 31, 2023 by Kyle
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Rather than going into a store knowing where the best deals are located, it’s often more helpful to know what items to avoid. This is definitely the case when shopping at your local Target as many departments are a bit “hit-and-miss” when it comes to deals. Big thanks to DailyFinance who recently did the grunt work for us and came up with the 10 items we should never but at Tar-Zhay.

Save By Knowing The Items You Should NOT Buy at Target

Here are a few of the worst Target buys they highlighted:


This one surprised me a little bit, especially on HDTVs.

“Target had one of the highest prices for 55-inch Samsung TVs at $1099.99, with the same model $769.99 at Costco and $998 at Walmart.”


They say batteries at the dollar store (Sunbeam brand) is the best deal and way cheaper than Target, Walmart, and Costco.

No doubt they are cheaper, but the question is how long do they last? Without answering that question it’s like comparing an orange to an orangutan.

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Infant Formula

Shop at Costco, not Target.

When examining prices on store brands, the Kirkland brand at Costco ($17.99 for 40 oz. canister) easily beats the price on the Target ($23.49 for 40 oz. canister) and the Walmart store brand.

The same holds true for brand-name Similac baby formula, the best deal is at Costco.

Gallon of Milk

Even though Target restocks milk on a daily basis because they sell so much of it, it’s still expensive.

Buy it anywhere but Target according to Daily Finance. A gallon at Target is $4.49, compared to $2.79 at Costco and $2.98 at Walmart.

If your family chugs two gallons of milk a week, that equates to savings of almost $200 a year by buying it from Costco, instead of Target.

Kitchen Stuff

Shop Walmart. Wally World easily beat out Target when it came to pots and pans, a KitchenAid stand mixer, and the Keurig 2.0 coffee maker.

Check out the article below to see the other products you should buy elsewhere.

10 Things to Never Buy at Target | Daily Finance

Photo by Mike Mozart.


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