Want a Job at Amazon? Get Paid $15/Hour (No Joke!)

Updated October 17, 2022 by Kyle
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Looking for work? Amazon may be the BEST place to check out right now as they’ll be offering $15/hr starting wage beginning on November 1st, 2018. Pretty darn solid if you ask me. Here’s everything you need to know to apply…

Want a Job at Amazon? Get Paid $15/Hour

Amazon To Offer $15/hr Starting Wage

This new pay scale will affect 250,000 current employees and 100,000 seasonal workers.

The generous wage hike makes it a great time to get your name in the hat for either holiday or full-time employment right through December and beyond.

So…How Do I Apply?

Glad you asked.

Just visit the Amazon Job website and search for employment opportunities in your local area.

Just follow the steps to apply for the job of your choice.

What Type of Jobs Does Amazon Have?

They currently have 988 open positions at fulfillment centers, 162 student program jobs, and 277 open positions that allow you to work-from-home as a customer service rep.

That’s over 1,400 open positions and that number will surely increase rapidly as we inch closer to Black Friday.

All of these jobs will start at $15/hour.

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It’s also worth noting that this new $15/hour policy applies to employees at Whole Foods as well.

If you have any specific questions about applying for a job at Amazon, I found this Amazon Employment page very helpful.

I just happened to stumble upon it and it’s chalked full of great content and answers to frequently asked employment questions.

Ask the Reader: Are you looking for seasonal or part-time work? If so, Amazon might be an excellent choice.

By Kyle James


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