Kohl’s Return Policy: Here’s How It Actually Works + Tips for Success

Updated September 19, 2023 by Kyle

The Kohl’s return policy has long been thought of as one of the best in the known universe. But with all of the creative ways to save money at Kohl’s, returns can get a little fuzzy. Things like Kohl’s Cash, coupons, and reward points create a lot of confusion when it comes to returns. But alas, this article answers all of your burning questions so you can enter a Kohl’s store for a return and know exactly what their return policy is.

Kohl's Return Policy: Here's How It Works + Tips for Success

How Many Return Days at Kohl’s?

180 days.

The Kohl’s “Hassle-Free” return policy now gives you a whooping 180 days to return items.

While still generous, this is a drastic change from their “forever policy” which did NOT have a time limit on returns.

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Any Exceptions to the 180 Days?

Yes, there is one exception.

All “Premium Electronics” come with a 30-day return policy.

Make sure you keep the original packaging and receipt to make the return go smoothly.

Here is a full list of all the electronics brands that fall under this 30-day return policy.

Do I Need My Receipt to Make Return?

No, you don’t need your receipt.

In most cases, Kohl’s can look-up your purchase on their computer system. This is done via your credit card or Kohl’s account.

If you paid cash and don’t have your receipt, NO worries. They’ll simply check the item SKU number and the price. You’ll have to settle for the current price of the item so hopefully it’s not on clearance.

Can Items Be Worn or Washed?

I asked this question to a Kohl’s live chat operator and they told me YES, you can return items even if they’ve been worn and/or washed.

They even said “No questions would be asked.” Crazy.

What About Returning Items Bought With Kohl’s Cash?

If you’re return something you used Kohl’s Cash to purchase, you can expect to get that Kohl’s Cash back in-full.

This also applies for price adjustments.

You’ll be able to redeem this Kohl’s Cash at any time within 30 days.

It’s also worth noting that if you’re returning a purchase that earned you Kohl’s Cash, the value of your coupon will also be decreased.

What About Returning an Online Purchase?

Online Return at Kohl's

Returning online purchases in-store is the fastest and easiest way to get your money back. Be sure to bring in your order invoice for a quick return.

But if this is not an option you can return items via the mail. Unfortunately you’re responsible for any return shipping charges unless the problem is Kohl’s fault.

Visit this page to get the online return process started.

Also, it’s worth noting that purchases made in-store cannot be returned online. You’ll have to take the items into your local Kohl’s store for a return or exchange.

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What Happens to My Kohl’s Reward Points When I Make a Return?

According to Kohl’s, “Your rewards points balance will be correspondingly adjusted for any returned merchandise.”

This may result in a negative balance if you’ve already converted your points into a rewards certificate.

Does Kohl’s Have a Special Holiday Return Policy?

Yes, but it only applies to premium electronics.

All electronics purchased between November 1st – December 25th can be returned by January 31st with the original packaging and receipt.

What About Returning Items Bought With a Gift Card?

If you return something you bought with a Kohl’s gift card, you’ll get a refund back to the gift card if you still have it in your wallet.

If you used the balance and threw the card away you’ll have to settle for store credit.

How About Returning Items With a Gift Receipt?

When returning something to Kohl’s with a gift receipt in-hand, you can expect to get store credit or an exchange.

Unfortunately they won’t give you cash.

Devil’s Advocate Time…

Here is what some shoppers don’t like about the return policy at Kohl’s:

  • “Returned Item No Longer On Sale” Scenario: Some shoppers have complained that when they try to exchange an item that is no longer on sale, they’re given store credit instead of a straight exchange. This forces them to have to re-buy the item at a higher price than what they originally paid. This seems to mainly be an issue with those exchanging items with a gift receipt.

Ask the Reader: What has been your experience with the Kohl’s return policy? Any tips you want me to add to this article?

By Kyle James

Photo credit to Mike Mozart.


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What about things bought under the old “forever” return policy? Are those things still returnable after 180 days?


Yes, as of today still worked.


If the item is out of their system, then No. They are not playing because I went in at day 181 and I was told No return. I asked for a manager and she over road it for me because it was 1 day. You can attempt a return without a receipt but more than likely the items will be way less.


This happen to me, 3 days late but manager fixed it very unhappily. Also the system didn’t add the extra 30 days for covid closures.


Watch out Kohls is dirty when u have to return Never. Ur online

Christina Delancey

I recently returned a pairs of shoes to Kohls. I did NOT have the receipt or gift receipt. Also it was not purchased thru the purchasers Yes to You rewards program or on the kohls charge card. With that being said they had to look up the item which was no longer on sale online nkr in the store. My only option would have been to exchange the boots for another pair at the same exact price . but they were no longer stocked so my ONLY option was to receive store credit. And it is Not credit issued the same day, I had to agree to a “Corporate Refund” . So that means I am currently waiting the 7 to 10 days to receive my merchandise credit via USPS. So just a heads up fpr anyone that goes to the store with the same kind of return (online purchase). Now you know what to expect!!!


This happened to me this past xmas, my sister bought me a bedding set but I had also just gotten a new one so I returned it, without any receipt.. the price point was over $100, I did have to call after the initial 7-10 days passed and did not receive anything via mail, the system is pretty good, you input your info once prompted by the system.. and for me it said they needed more info before issuing/authorization of a refund, it connected me to a live operator and they just verify the return is not fraudulent, once I talked to operator I received the credit through mail fairly quick!!!

Judy J Corbett

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE OPEN YOUR ‘RETURN ITEMS’ in your store (with corona virus safety codes in place) so that I do not have the expense of a mail in return. At todays shipping prices, every exchange I have to make by mail is damaging to my limited budget. Thank you. Tukwila WA store is the closest to me. P.S. i like Kohls. i want to afford being able to continue to shop there.

Last edited 3 years ago by Judy J Corbett

what about redline items? are they returnable?


I hate the new return policy!! I purchased some items in December and did not make the return because of the Corona Virus and then the stores were closed here and there because of the rioting and looting. I finally felt comfortable to go to the store and I was told NO!!!!!!!! They offered a no receipt return but the amount I would get back was a joke. All of the items I bought were full price Under Armour Apparel. I wish Kohl’s would put the final return date on the receipt like Menards.


Hello,I bought a home gym on line but has so many parts missing . How can I get refund or store credit if I don’t have the same credit card anymore?

Christine S Woods

If I paid with Kohl’s card and have receipt can I receive cash back


I agree. Kohls has a terrible return policy and if you have used Kohl’s cash in the transaction they take it back. I spent over $200 when looking at my receipt and when I returned 2 shirts from the purchase for my husband I only received $5 each because they took back the $15 Kohl’s cash. At the very least they should give back the $15 Kohl’s cash as in-store credit since it was earned on previous transactions.

Tiffany Skinner

Yes! It’s like using a gift card (that you earned) so why would they take your money. Sometimes if I return an item from an order they take the entire kohl’s cash I used off the order. I received a drone that wouldn’t charge. They no longer sell them. So refund was only option I was suppose to get back 22.78 I had used 15$ on the purchase. 6$ showed up. That doesn’t even add up that’s more than 15$ taken off. So I really hate shopping at kohl’s.

Douglas C Martin

Just returned some Xmas gifts today for the proper size–and had to pay $30 for two pairs of pants in my size. When they were purchased for me as a gift, they were purchased on sale. Doesn’t seem right that a gift cost me $30.


Seriously? Did you have a receipt?


I’m reading all. Of these and I have been a loyal shopper for decades, no one likes change but what I’m reading, is alot of complaining and people thinking they deserve something for nothing, yes ideally a forever policy sounds great, but as a small business operator myself I can see what issues that causes. Not to mention the greatness of the dishonest people, that wardrobe (the act of wearing items and returning) which is illegal.

I don’t think people like to read, and yet they love to argue, and I feel bad for the people employed to uphold those company policies when someone thinks it’s OK to return their used shoes, or used appliances.

I get that people are not always financially able to afford big purchases, but what people try to return is just terrible, and I’m sure it happens with Amazon and other big retailers. And that’s a factor in why there a lot of retail stores that close.

I would never have the moral indecency to walk into a store like Kohls or target, etc, and walk up to a counter and try to return my ratty old worn washed clothes, bras, shoes, etc I would be so embarrassed. Nothing and I mean nothing could make me do that, clothing has never had a warranty.

That’s just in bad taste. But those same people complain when prices go up, or sales decline. Kohls is one of my favorite stores, and I woukd like to see them stick around for a while, so I choose to be honest and do the right thing.

But I’m sure their are billions that don’t. I can only imagine the number of retailers that have also had to listen to the now covid return excuse, but I’d like to know how many of those people still went to a grocery store, or left their houses period.

And further more after looking at other stores while writing this, most stores are 30 days with a receipt, maybe sixty, some have only 15 days on electronics with everything.

So if people are whining about six months that is terrible as well, you know within days of most things are not liked, and need to be returned, so why drag it out, and why try to return something you bought 1,2, or five years ago, who does that, you might think your getting something free, but in the end you’re paying more.

I see people saying oh big business can afford that, well they should ask sears, bug lots, gordmans, younkers all tjose questions because I’m sure the loss was a big factor in the numbers games retail stores must play.

Kelly A Bergeron

You just made yourself look like a dick!



Last edited 2 years ago by Ash
NotA HugeK💩hlsFan

I think you’re choosing to base this opinion on only a few instances shared along with issues you feel strongly about that no one is even discussing and then finding some way to apply an assumption on people who aren’t even trying to scam and go as far as to vocalize their concerns about they themselves being taken advantage of based on pandemic and social issues, a less than clear return policy change that greatly deviates from its very long, previous return policy. Clearly, Kohl’s isn’t exactly on the outs when someone actually loses earned credit/cash, value on an item or has to pay to exchange for the same exact item in another size.
Kohl’s has a reputation for many perks, but they are dwindling. The Kohl’s cash program is a messy trap of a game in itself and never motivates me to shop there. Too many restrictions, lack of clarity and loss involved. And that’s not just a Kohl’s thing; same goes for Old Navy or whoever hocks the same hurdles, loopholes, confusion, wastes time and ends up creating value loss or squeezing more money out of people in the long run. It’s not worth it. The only thing that motivates me to ever step foot in one anymore are a specific item selections, sales and discount codes that make the final cost reasonable for the slightly lower quality. The regular prices are obviously so grossly inflated to support the constant sales gimmicks and the almost non stop, typical Kohl’s cash trap.
And just so you understand properly: ‘wardrobing’ is not actually illegal. Nor a real, profit threat or majority of Kohl’s issues -but it IS certainly a gross and trashy morale woe that almost all of us would appreciate going away.
I know it’s easier to judge and view people via the lenses of your own bias, but a little empathy and effort to understand what people are saying and talking about woukd go a long way.

Professional buyer

Post I agree with the earlier post I know exactly why Koss changed the Kohl’s cash policy back in the early 2000s I knew a coworker who wanted an expensive KitchenAid stand mixer but did not want to spend $250 on it. She went to Kohl’s every day on her lunch hour for a week and bought things and then return them the next day until she had enough to pay for the stand mixer.

She basically stole the mixer because she spent zero dollars. that is why now they track whether you are the cash and returned items so this type of thing cannot happen if you are and $50 in Kohl’s cash and then return every item you didn’t earn the $50 if you have already spent that 50 in Kohl’s cash then yes they are going to take that amount off of your return because again you didn’t earn it.

I do a ton of charity shopping every Christmas for teenagers and often have a lot of returns as we get more items off the kids wish list and our backup items go back. I have never had a problem with a return even if I lost my receipt, they will check any credit card not just a Kohl’s card and have always been able to find my receipt just like at Menards even if I have cash or a gift card I put $1 on my card so if i lose the receipt or it rubs off they can find my transaction.

I’m sad to see the forever return go I’m just glad they didn’t change it to 30 days bed bath and beyond used to also have it and I was in there one day and the lady in front of me was returning a coffee maker. She had bought three years before that she did not have a box, and the hot plate portion was all peeled off and damaged.

You could tell it had been used for all three years and she raised holy you know what until they gave her a refund what happened bed Bath and beyond also got rid of their. forever return policy. People who wear clothes and to parties or whatnot and then wash them, or bring them back in dirty, and they cannot be resold make it bad for people with legitimate returns .


Hi. I bought a vacuum from Kohl’s, got it home put it together and tried it out and don’t like it. Can I return it for a refund? I have my receipt and it’s only been a few days.


I bought a toy for my grandson online and it was too big for their yard so it was returned to the warehouse took 12 weeks to get my credit back on my card and then when I went to Kohls Brighton Denver Co they would not give me my money back in credit so they called for me the credit card company Kohls and she told me who I could hardly understand foreign language Asian that had the wrong address which was not true and I had just verified all with her got her manager told me to call another time systems down today and then I told her this was4 time I called about this refund so could she just take info now and then when computer comes up she could do it she would but it’s against policy WHAT?? So then I asked how long it would take to get it back she said Weeks This is awful customer service and really stealing peoples money Amber if u get caught up with kohls refund to get cash Terrible Company Greedy Big company Again. Don’t buy anything online and make sure u use all ur coupons and let’s treat them like they treat the public Get all u can cheap and pay the last day on ur acct


Thanks for the info! I’m struggling to understand something still, though.

What would happen in this scenario?: I purchased an item and earned $30 Kohl’s cash. I then purchased another item and redeemed the Kohl’s cash with this second purchase. I returned the first item and they refunded my original purchase amount less $30 since I’d already used the Kohl’s cash from that purchase. Now I’m considering returning the second item. Will they refund the $30 as actual cash since they shorted my initial return? Or will I just get Kohl’s cash for the $30 (if so, how long would I have to use it)? Or am I totally out of luck and short $30?


I know this post is old but I bought two items got $5 each cash, got another item with the cash. Returned all 3 items same transaction and they still shortened me 5.35 [on each item that I returned. I would understand if I would had returned the two I got cash but not the 3rd all at once

Robert L Johnson

I purchased a toaster back in January and it’s not working anymore. I’m not looking for my money back, just an exchange.
Thank you,
Robert L Johnson


I bought a 30 dollar necklace from Kohl’s and within 5 days it had turn the silver to brown on the clasp of the necklace I have my receipt and it’s only been a few weeks since the purchase date can I return it?