Lowe’s Price Match Policy: 11 Things You NEED To Know to Save

Updated November 17, 2023 by Kyle

I love a good price match policy and smartphone technology has made it really easy to get some extra savings. With a phone in your pocket it has become a breeze to score a Lowe’s price match. Here’s exactly how their policy works so you can save some money on your next trip to the big-box store.

Lowe's Price Match Policy: 11 Things You NEED To Know to Save

How Many Days To Score a Lower Price?


You have exactly 30 days from the date of purchase to get a Lowe’s price match.

Keep an eye on those competitor’s ads, especially when making a large purchase like an appliance, BBQ, riding mower, or paint sprayer.

How Do I Make It Happen?

When you find a lower price from a competitor, simply bring in the advertisement on printed paper or via your smartphone.

The Lowe’s website says you can provide this to “any employee” but I like to go the customer service desk as they are usually better versed in their price match policy.

They’ll verify the lower price on the “printout, local ad, photo, or smartphone display” and match the price on the spot.

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What Stores Will Lowe’s Price Match?

ANY local competitor or online retail competitor.

This includes your Home Depot, Menard’s, and Ace Hardware’s of the world as well as local “Ma & Pa” stores.

The key to making this happen is Lowe’s must be able to validate the lower price.

So make sure you bring in evidence via a print ad or have the competing website “pulled up” on your smartphone or tablet.

Are There Any Exclusions?

Yes, here are the most notable exceptions.

– Non-Verifiable Prices – If Lowe’s can’t verify the lower price, for whatever reason, you won’t get the price match.

– Out-of-Stock Items – If the competing retailer does not have the item in-stock you won’t get a price match.

– Discontinued Stuff – If the item is no longer produced and sold by a competing store there will be NO price match for you.

– Refurbished Products – Same goes for items that are refurbished and selling for less at a competing store.

– Senior, Military, and Employee Discounts – Pretty straight forward.

– Pricing Errors – If the price is wrong then you won’t get the price match.

– Prices from Auction Websites – Sorry, you can’t price match items sold on eBay.

– Competitor Coupons – If the lower price is because of a coupon offer you can’t get the same price from Lowe’s.

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What About Online Purchases?

Yes, they’ll indeed price match online websites that have a lower price.

Consider downloading the ShopSavvy app so you can scan the barcode of an item and see if it’s cheaper online.

Then use that lower price as evidence and get an easy Lowe’s price match.

Does This Include Amazon.com?

It absolutely includes Amazon.

Because of this I highly recommend using the Amazon app so you can quickly check their price when shopping at Lowe’s.

When you find a lower price just go to the Lowe’s customer service desk and get your savings.

Note: Lowe’s will only price match items sold directly by Amazon and not 3rd party Amazon sellers.

Will Lowe’s Price Match Costco?

Yes, Lowe’s will happily match Costco pricing.

Just make sure the item is identical which can be tricky as Costco products tend to have different quantities than Lowe’s.

They’ll also match other wholesale clubs like Sam’s Club and BJ’s Wholesale.

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What About Items on Sale or Clearance?

Sale merchandise, YES. Clearance stuff, NO.

So check out those sale ads from Lowe’s competitors and get the lower price when you can.

Doesn’t Lowe’s Beat the Competitor’s Price by 10%?

There was a time when Lowe’s would indeed beat competitor pricing by 10%.

But unfortunately those days are gone.

Does Lowe’s Match Competitor’s Coupons?

No, you can’t use a competitor’s coupon to score a lower price at Lowe’s.

Also, from their website, “Customers can either use a Lowe’s coupon or price match to a lower competitive price but not both.”

Can You Price Match on Black Friday Weekend?

As far as I can tell, YES.

There is nothing on their website that stipulates that you can’t get a price match on Black Friday weekend.

Because of this, check out those Black Friday ads this year and use them to your advantage at Lowe’s.

Ask the Reader: Have you received a Lowe’s price match in the past? Was it an easy process?

By Kyle James


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I was wondering if Lowe’s matched the 11% off from Menards

Liz P.

No, Lowe’s cannot price match rebates like the 11% from Menards.


Called multiple Lowe’s stores throughout the day to get the grill I wanted with a price match from Amazon.com. All stated local competitors only, none will oblidge.

Liz P.

Lowe’s will price match an item from Amazon as long Amazon is the main seller and the one shipping the item, it cannot be a third party.

marvin rodeheaver

why will the lowes in Oakland md. not always ad match and not even on line lowes ad,s and is so hard to get help too load lumber bigger stuff


will lower price match an item plus the 10 percent and the military discount of 10 percent?


– Senior, Military, and Employee Discounts – Pretty straight forward.

D dunn

Lowe’s does not match sale prices from competitors, it has to be an everyday price (according to my local Lowe’s)


That’s what they told me to but that’s not the way the policy reads. I’m pissed off.

Kim Freeman

I bought a microwave on sale and found it on sale at another store for 20$ cheaper. Lowe’s refused to give me the price difference. I’m still upset that is not what I’ve read on the price match policy.


Lowe’s won’t price match when you already bought the item, they can adjust the price if the item lowers the price at Lowe’s, not at a competitor’s store.

Yogesh shah

hello I bought air filter 3 M 1500 cost me &16.97, same item at Walmart is $15.88 now I bought the item but due to and for safety reason how will you reimburse the diff I’m prize matching


Is the time and effort really with $1?

joyce smart

i purchased a set of outdoor furniture at lowes bay garden 5 pc for 380.00 on6/25/2020. i saw the same set at Wal Mart for 297.00.i called my local Lowes NateGraham at Woodstock,Va said he will not price match. Whats the deal. why do you advertise if you dont price match,

Penny wright

If I’ve already done a price adjustment and the product goes lower will Lowes do another price adjustment


How about stuff you order online for free pickup in store? Do you pay full price online and then ask for a price match at the Customer Service counter, showing them the item on your smart phone, when you are picking up the item? Will they do an adjustment when you already paid full price when ordering it?


Lowes will not match pricing from either Costco or Sam’s Club


At the Lowe’s in Harper Woods I was told they do not price match Menard’s.


At the lowes in Harper Woods I was told they do not price match to Menard’s.


Was going to buy new Refrigerator at Lowes noticed that Home Depot had safe item and color on sale. Lowes would not price match with Home Depot sale price. So off to Home Depot.


Lowes does not match everyday prices of other Lowes stores