Lowe’s Return Policy: Make It Work For You (and Rock Your Next DIY Project)

Updated October 20, 2021 by Kyle

On the surface, the Lowe’s return policy seems pretty straight forward. But once you dig into it a little bit you realize that it has some nuances to it that are worth knowing, especially if you are a big DIY’er and shop at Lowe’s regularly. I also have some insider return policy tips at the bottom of this article to help you even more. I hope this helps.

Lowe's Return Policy: Make It Work For You (and Rock Your Next DIY Project)

How Many Return Days Does Lowe’s Give You?

90 days.

The Lowe’s return policy stipulates that you have 90 days to return items to their store.

Are There Exceptions to the 90 Days?

Yes, there are exceptions and here they are…

Winter/Holiday Seasonal Items – Must be returned by December 31st of the same holiday season.

Major Appliances – 30 days.

Outdoor Power Equipment – 30 days.

Trailers – 30 days.

Plants – 365 days. More on this below.

FYI: You can only return trailers to a Lowe’s store in the same state that you bought it.

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Do You Need Your Receipt?

Typically, NO.

If you don’t have your receipt, Lowe’s can usually use your credit card, MyLowe’s card, or phone number to find your order details.

If they can’t find any record of your purchase, they’ll typically issue you in-store credit at the item’s current price.

Be aware that if you try to return too many items to Lowe’s without a receipt they may limit your returns or deny them completely.

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What If You Paid with Cash or a Check?

No receipt is required to get a refund or exchange if you use cash or a personal check.

Lowe’s can actually look up your purchase with your phone number. For this reason, be sure to provide a phone number when you checkout.

Obviously this only applies to in-store purchases.

Can I Return Used Outdoor Power Equipment?

If you bought a lawn mower, chain saw, weed eater, blower, pretty much anything that takes gasoline, I was told by a manager that you can return it within 30 days.

But you MUST drain all the gas from it before you bring it back and you MUST have the receipt.

What About Online Purchases?

The same 90-day return policy exists on purchases made via Lowes.com.

Most items bought online come with a prepaid shipping label which is WAY cool.

Just repackage the item with the original box, manual, and parts and send it back at no charge.

Or even easier, return the item to your local Lowe’s store if you have one in your area.

Unfortunately, when you return an item via the mail you’re out the original shipping charges (if any).

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Can You Return Items Bought In-Store via the Mail?

If taking items back to the store is not convenient, you can indeed return items via mail.

Because you won’t have a prepaid shipping label, you’ll have to call Lowe’s directly at 1-800-445-6937 to initiate the return process.

What About Defects That Happen After 90 Days?

You just might be eligible for some relief if your product/appliance has a manufacturer defect after your 90 day return window expires.

Just call Lowe’s at 1-888-77-LOWES to schedule a factory-certified service appointment.

If the repair is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty you won’t be charged a cent.

What’s the Return Policy on Plants?

1 year from date of purchase.

This 1-year “plant guarantee” does not include annuals or clearance plants.

Just bring the dead plant back along with your receipt and you’ll get your money back.

If you still have the plant’s original container bring that back too, it will make the return process much easier.

Gift Cards…Can You Return Them?

The only way you can return a lost or stolen gift card is by presenting the original receipt.

Once presented, Lowe’s will reissue a new gift card for the remaining balance.

4 Lowe’s Return Policy Insider Hacks…

Here are some insider tips and hacks to make their return policy work best for you.

1. Major Appliances.

Always inspect them closely upon delivery. You have 3 days from date of delivery to call Lowe’s at 1-800-445-6937 to report any damage or missing parts.

2. Return Item When Competitor has Lower Price?

If you notice that a local competitor like Home Depot or Ace Hardware has the item you bought at a lower price, you can get a price-match without returning the item. Just bring in proof of the lower price and you’ll get cash back for the difference PLUS an extra 10%.

3. Double Dip Your Savings with Store Credit (Not a Return)

Shop online at Lowe’s.com, but first use my favorite cashback site TopCashBack as they’ll give you 5% back on your Lowe’s online purchase.

When you’re checking out online, choose “store pickup” then stop by your local Lowe’s and pick-up your order.

Next, walk around the store for a few minutes, then return to the customer service desk and ask for “store credit” as you changed your mind on the purchase.

Result? You’ll still score the 5% cashback and have store credit to use on your next purchase. Rinse and repeat.

4. Lowe’s vs. The Home Depot

Whose return policy is better?

From talking to store employees, it seems to come down to individual store managers and how they handle returns.

Some managers (at both retailers) are very willing to bend over backwards to keep the customer happy and accept a return on darn near any product, regardless of age or condition.

The takeaway here is to get familiar with both retailers in your area and figure out which store is more lenient on returns and take your business there.

Ask the Reader: Do you have any tips to make the Lowe’s return policy even more useful? Let me know in the comments section below.

By Kyle James


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Same thing happened to me. Im a contractor and I spend thousands of dollars at lowes every year. I go in to return a shop vac that’s never been opened and they treat me like a criminal, giving me no explanation why they won’t return it. It’s offensive, I’ve never stolen an effin thing from lowes in my life. I’m so offended that I’m done with lowes. I’ll drive past 2 lowes to get to a home depot or menards. Lowes blows!!!


Home Depot will not take back appliances. The manufacturer will replace them if damaged but that’s it. Wish I had known before I bought a refrigerator from Home Depot that takes 3 days to fill the ice cube bin.

Jean Dib

Agree with you they are the most disgusting store chain in the USA
I’m surprised they are not out of business yet
I order Weber grill 435 paid over 1200$
They brought me a junk Weber 335 cheaper model AND used
So I returned it back and they wouldn’t not refund my money , they are bunch of thieves

Mrs. Feher

I returned a washer and dryer to Lowes 28 days ago. I went into the store 3 times to find out why I had not received a refund yet. Today they gave me a receipt that said they had already given me the refund the day before. But it was not in my bank account today. How can they justify not refunding my money for 28 days? We she gave me the refund receipt this morning with yesterdays date on it it was actually printed out on a piece of copy paper in very tiny print. She told me that it may take a while for my bank to show that it had been refunded. I DON”T TRUST THEM!!!!

James H

That’s standard for any return that you use a debit card for payment.

Timothy J Liebrand

I tried to return 4 electric circuit breakers without a receipt. Was told by both the clerk as well as the manager that without a receipt the items were not returnable. Said the computer system wouldn’t even allow it.


Same here , a facet that is currently still being sold , will not give even store credit without a receipt.

Gary R Kreppert

I attempted to return a Christmas item that was purchased on Dec 21, 2020 in store. I went to my local Lowes where the item was purchased on Dec 27 and explained that the item was defective and I either wanted an in-store credit or adjustment to my debit card. The clerk said she could not accept the return since the deadline to make the return was Dec. 26. I told her I had looked at your page and the deadline stated was Dec 31, 2020 with no mention of in-store or on-line purchasing.. She said that was only for items purchased on-line. Who is right?


If I’m reading this correctly, she is wrong on two separate levels.
First of all, the extra leeway for holiday season returns is because many gift items are purchased earlier say mid Nov, but not gifted until Christmas time which normally would be passed the 30-day deadline, so the holiday return exception allows returns until the end of Dec, from what I understand…
However…. a Dec 31st or even a ‘Dec 26th’ deadline would have No impact on an item purchased less than 30 days prior! The holiday return exception is to give consumers extra time for returns, never less time, especially not less than a week like in your case!
Secondly since you stated your item was defective, it would actually be illegal for a retailer to refuse your return within 30 days, even if you didn’t have a receipt, they would have to except your return of defective item!… 👀

Jean Dib

So can you please explain to me how after they brought me the olde used cheaper Weber grill and returned to store they wouldn’t refund my credit card

chris anaya

tried to return my Christmas lights I purchased online today & was told they do not accept returns after Dec 25 on Holiday Lights

k c

return policy on tools is now 30 days even with a receipt.. no credit or returns without a receipt.. pitiful

carolyn Johnson

home depot handled returns easily. Lowes refused everything. It was after a big project so I had a lot of items for both. The items were purchased by a contractor which I reimbursed him for so they didn’t have my phone or credit card info.

Pamela Bratton

I also returned an air conditioner that I never received on delivery, they never shipped it but charged my card 30 days ago, still waiting on refund….NO MORE LOWES!!

David A Shockey

I’ve been doing a home renovation since April of last year and so I’ve made many purchases at Lowes. I’ve never had a problem returning things at Lowes. They scan my MyLowes card, see that it is in my purchase list, and issue a refund to my credit card the same day. A couple of times I’ve come back with something that was a little past their 90-day policy and they issued me a store credit for it. The cashier did this, I’ve never had to ask for a manager.

The only problem I’ve had with them over the years was when I purchased a bathtub that they had in stock and asked them to hold it until Friday (it was Wednesday when I made the purchase). I watched the lady put a “Sold” sign on the box. So I show up with my brother-in-law and a truck on Friday only to find that my bathtub is no longer in stock and my order shows that they are shipping one in for me but it had not arrived. If the tub were just gone I would have thought someone ripped the sign off and took it. But since an order for another was placed for me it is clear that someone thought they could sell that one and get a new one in by Friday. Didn’t happen. I was so angry I went to HD to buy my tub.


The return plants they said we have 30 days only and clearance plants cannot be return!

Mark B

Lowes has the worst customer service ever and also will not even return anything without a receipt. I buy thousands of dollars at Lowes each year and they would not return minor items. Home Depot has so much better customer service.

I am like most who purchase large volumes of items at the store regularly, keeping all receipts can be difficult when you have so many on occasion. I feel like printing all my 1000’s of receipts for the past year and say here are my receipts. They are ridiculous!

Now, I am never shopping at Lowes again. Let Lowes go out of business!

They also do not even describe anything to the customer besides that they think I may return too many items without a receipt which is also SO FAR FROM TRUE. They treat me like some criminal and it is offending. I used to be a loyal customer now they lost thousands of dollars of business.

Who would shop at a store with such poor and rude customer service. Instead I am going to Home Depot always. I will drive out of my way to instead go to Home Depot instead of Lowes. They do not appreciate their customers at all and it is ridiculous how poor their service is now days!


I’m about to find out how the used outdoor power equipment return part is in an hkur or two…because I bought a new chainsaw without realizing it was a 4 stroke until I got home and got the saw out of the box. So I tested it because I have a ton of downed tree limbs from recent ice storms and I wasn’t impressed with the performance of it at all. Take my advice amd never buy a 4 stroke chainsaw the low displacement makes the saw super slow amd I cpuld literally count the teeth o. The chain at full throttle when cutting through small logs…and I tested it for less than ten minutes…hopefully the store ma manager works with me on this I’ll take store credit if they don’t wanna do cash and I’ll buy a two stroke husqvarna and pay the difference.

Ronald R McDaniel

IF you are a DIY’er / contractor you may be in trouble. They call a “contractor desk” purchase a “special order” and subject to the 30 Day rule. As a contractor, you often over buy and return at the end of the project. This has/is a big problem for us. They are looking for a way to not take any merchandise back. PLUS, they are kind of incompetent when they pull orders (young kids that don’t know stuff) and they send the wrong material to the jobsite. Sometimes it takes me two weeks before I realize the product was the wrong size. For contractors this is crucial – until they really want the contractor business – they should stay out of it.


My husband is a contractor so he is always returning odds and ends that were purchased by mistake or someone changed their mind, etc. We found ourselves in a situation where we attempted to return something that was purchased at Home Depot. Lowes didnt sell this item, though it was in a couple of items they did. As a lost receipt isnt something new for us, he proceeded to give the associate his i.d. When it kicked it out, I presented mine. Unaware of the mix up, from both of our i.d’s being scanned. We both got black listed from returns. Lowes gave us the email to the company that logs their returns and so far we have only been provided a copy of our return transactions. Nearly a year ago. This has become a very costly headache for us!

Last edited 7 months ago by Elizabeth

HAHA…so many of these comments start out with basically,” do you know how many thousands of dollars I spend at your store?” Nobody cares.If you are that dumb that you dont save a receipt or use a debit/credit/mylowes card etc…thats on you.