Macy’s Return Policy: Everything You Need to Know On a Single Page

Updated September 19, 2023 by Kyle

The Macy’s return policy WAS fairly liberal, but now not so much, plus it has many exceptions that are worth noting. In the wake of many department stores struggling, it’s good to see that Macy’s is doing so well. Strong customer service and a decent return policy definitely has something to do with their success. Here’s everything you need to know about the return policy at Macy’s, both online and in-store.

Macy's Return Policy: Everything You Need to Know


How Many Return Days at Macy’s?

As of March 2023, Macy’s now ONLY gives shoppers 30 days to return items.

Their policy used to be 180 days but was cut in half in 2019, and now it has been reduced again.

They state that “items being returned must be in their original condition.”

The one big exception is cosmetics and fragrances as they can be in “gently used” condition.

Do I Need My Receipt?

Not necessarily.

If you lost your receipt Macy’s can usually look up your purchase internally.

They’ll do it via your credit card, return label, packing slip, or even a registry number.

If they can’t find any evidence of your purchase, they’ll typically give you store credit for the lowest selling price in the past 180 days.

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Any Exceptions to the 30 Days?

Yes, there are a bunch of exceptions to the 30 days.

Here’s a quick summary of each…

Apple Products – iPhones must be returned within 14 days, all other Apple products get 30 return days.

Area Rugs – Rugs bought online still have 30 days, call 1-800-289-6229 to facilitate your return. Rugs bought in-store also have 30 return days.

Backstage Items – 30 days.

Beauty Box – Not eligible for a return or exchange.

Bridal Salon by Demetrios – All items are final sale and not returnable.

Bonus Gifts – If you return an item that came with a bonus gift, you must return bonus gift as well. If you don’t, you’ll be charged for it.

Designer Brands – Burberry, Gucci, Longchamp, Louis Vuitton, and Tous only come with a 14 day return window.

Dresses (Juniors and Socials) – These come with a 60 day return window.

Finish Line – All Finish Line items come with a 30 day return policy.

Furniture – You must contact Macy’s within 3 days of delivery if you want to return furniture.

Fur Vault – 30 days.

Gourmet Food & Wine – Not returnable.

Jewelry (including Cosmetic Jewelry) – 30 days.

Mattresses – Try for 120 days and if you don’t like it, you have 14 days after your 120-day trial to contact them for a 1-time re-selection or mattress return.

Last Act Items – 30 days.

Locker Room by Lids – 30 days.

Optical – 30 days.

Style Your Ring – 30 days.

Tech Accessories – 14 days.

Can I Return Online Purchases to my Local Macy’s?

Yes, absolutely.

Just return your item, and invoice, back to any Macy’s for a return.

If you don’t have your invoice, you can simply print your email confirmation and that will suffice.

If you don’t have that either, you can CLICK HERE and get online access to your order details and print them.

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How Do I Return Online Purchases via the Mail?

They call this their Easy Return system.

Any purchase made at can be returned via UPS if you so choose.

Visit this page and follow the easy instructions.

Who Pays Return Shipping Fees?

Macy’s will pay the return shipping fees on ALL purchases that were originally made online.

Unfortunately, you cannot return purchases made in-store via the mail or UPS.

When Returning Gifts, What Should I Know?

This is an easy process with a gift receipt.

Just return to a Macy’s location and they’ll give you store credit for the purchase amount.

Without a gift receipt you’ll need to plead your case and depending on the Macy’s location, they may or may not be able to help.

It’s always worth a shot. If you get turned away just sell your loot on eBay.

What About Getting a Price Adjustment?

Yes, Macy’s does price adjustments.

If the item you bought goes on sale within 10 days, just bring back your receipt and get a credit for the difference in price.

What If I Made an Online Purchase via PayPal?

If you need to return an item that you bought with PayPal, it’s an easy process.

You just mail back your return like you normally would and your PayPal balance will be credited accordingly.

Can Macy’s Gift Cards be Returned?

No, they can’t.

But if you lose your Macy’s gift card they can re-issue you one with proof of purchase.

Ask the Reader: Have you recently used the Macy’s return policy? Was it an easy experience?

By Kyle James

Photo credit to Mike Mozart.


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I bought foundation from macy’s store, I used it once felt unmatch my skin tone, I went to macy’s store for return, but they don’t accept it, reason is I used it. I sent email to macy’s customer service tried to figure out this returned policy, she reply:“ Please be advised that it is a store preference if they will accept your return, please partner with the store where you purchased the item. and Macy’s store have different policy.” So, where is store policy? Macy is really sucks!

Isaac Burton

Yes, I agree. Macy’s Return Policy doesn’t really mean anything because if you go into any Macy’s store they will tell you that they do NOT honor their return policy. They will NOT return items if they are a gift unless you have a receipt. If they cannot find a proof of purchase they are NOT very likely to allow an exchange even for the lowest sale price in the last 180 days. That just goes to show you that the item they sold you has nowhere near the same value as the price they sold it to you for. Even if it is the lowest price in the last 6 months it is still WAY overpriced, because otherwise they would be glad to accept it back for that low sale price. Provided it is still in new condition. However, once an item is sold, like most stores they will look for ANY reason they can NOT to accept it back, weather for return or exchange. Because they know that they just sold it to you for about 4 times it’s actual value.

Marie pritchard

I need to return 3 items.i don not have a printer can I get mailed a return Macy’s stamp?Your phones are closed.unable to reach you.

ann. lauria

I also do not have a printer, store closed, can you mail me one?


Yes I just had that experience with Macys not accepting a return on a necklace because I thought I had 90 days to return it, it turns out I had only 30 days. Since it was costume jewelry I did not think that the 30 day exception applied to it. So now I am stuck with a way overpriced necklace that is now 50% off. However, I consider it my fault, because what I should have done was check the return date when I had thought about returning it. Also most important, don’t buy anything unless you are absolutely sure you want it, because returns are always a hassle. For example, you could get a makeup product that has already been spilled or used. I have gotten expensive sweaters that were stained. Then you have to convince them that you didn’t do it.


My comment is still awaiting approval but I mentioned that their return policy is deceptive. It should not be up to the store to decide what can/can’t be returned and they should have their return policy clearly stated at the time of purchase. If the item your purchasing online or in-store has a shorter/stricter return policy than their not-so-liberal 90-day policy, the customer should be made aware BEFORE they purchased. An item I bought in the last 90 days stopped working but I can’t return it because unbeknownst to me, it had a 60-day return window that has already closed. I looked at my order on my account, the email receipt, and on the item page, and nowhere does it state it has a 60-day return policy. Even after going to their return policy page, I can’t find where this item was an exception to the 90-day policy. It’s deceptive and a terrible way to conduct business.


can i buy from one store and return at another store?

ritchie_lss2004@yahoo. com

Need an address. for return


You mean you need an address for them to mail your refund to? That’s what they just told me and I was wondering if I’m actually going to get my refund or if it’s gonna be a letter saying I’m not getting my refund and I’m just out the money that I spent.


i’m waiting too for my refund in the mail…. i’m worried

ALICE smith

I’m trying to get address to send coat back.

Linda Blanton

I too cannot find an address to send returns back…HELP

Julie Hansen

I just returned 2 juniors formal dresses without a receipt and they are mailing me a refund. I’ve never heard of them mailing it.


Yes they do it, it’s going to be a store credit card and it takes a long time.


I purchased a pair of boots from Macy’s online and I wore them once. There was a piece of the boot that was digging into my ankle and killing me all day. I definitely will not be wearing these boots anymore. I have the receipt and the tag. Can I return them?


I just tried to return a dress I got for Mother’s Day which didn’t fit. My family bought it on sale. It was on our charge so we had the receipt. It was purchased 32 days ago so I was told I could only get .01 for it. I wish I had known as I would have returned it sooner. My daughter is going to cut it up and use the fabric to make something else if she can. Happy Mother’s Day from Macy’s.


That’s exactly what they do. The problem is that when the item is a gift the person has no idea that the giver bought it 6 months ago or that it was a clearance item which means you only have 30 days to return it, not 90 days.


I bought a Martha Stuart grill pan, used it for the first time and it was a headache. I dont know if they will take it back. Did anyone had this problem before?

Yanet cueto

Hi i have 3 mens jackets that have never been Worn i found them in my husbands closet and one of them hay the receipt in the pocket but the receipt is from 2017 can i still return it even for store credit


No they won’t take it back at all. not even for store credit.


I placed an order, but items were not picked up. The item was charged to my Visa card, when will I be reimbursed?

connie vanderpol

can’t find out if my account has been credited. do not show credit on this end

Susy Smith

What does “item must be returned directly to vendor” means? (Macs’


People, PLEASE BE WARNED…As of December 2019, Macy’s RETURN POLICY is only 90 DAYS.

Hey now

You say Macy’s online orders CAN’T be returned in store then later in the thread say they can. Do you know which is correct?

Additionally, do you know if you return a gift whether or not you can get cash instead of a gift card? Or at least have the original card credited even if you don’t have it physically with you?


You need to update your information, because you don’t want to spread misinformation to people. Macys return policy is currently 90 days for regular items. It is not 180 days anymore and has not been for months. Secondly, there are many exceptions of common items that wouldn’t think are exceptions. For example, most costume jewelry items are only 30 days. The best way to know for sure, is to look at your order online and it will tell you when you can return it by.

gilda santalla

confusing info. to return on line purchase to local store or only in the mail ?