All the Stores That Allow You to Return Items Without a Receipt

Updated September 19, 2023 by Kyle

Have you ever been stuck with something that’s brand spanking new that you know you’ll NEVER need or use? Whether it be that Tiger King t-shirt your Mom gave you, or that 2nd crock pot from the in-laws, there is always something you wish you could return if you just had the dang receipt. Well, now you can. I researched a bunch of popular retailers that will happily take back items without proof of purchase.

The Stores That Allow you to Return Items Without a Receipt


Because Costco keeps track of all your purchases in their computer system, they don’t require a receipt to make a return.

As long as you have your membership number they can look up your buying history and verify the purchase.

Pretty handy, especially since they allow you to return items at practically any point in the products lifespan.

The only exception is electronics which has a 90 day return policy.

I have personally returned a Keurig coffee maker without a receipt over a year after I originally purchased it. They took it back with no questions asked.

Dick’s Sporting Goods

According to the Dick’s return policy, “If you no longer have your receipt from an in-store purchase, contact our Customer Service team by phone at 1-877-846-9997 or chat now to have a copy of your receipt sent to you, if available.”

If they can’t find it, they’ll ask for a photo ID and issue you store credit for the lowest selling price.

Home Depot

If you try to return items to The Home Depot sans receipt you won’t be completely out of luck.

According to their return policy, “Returns made without a valid sales receipt or an expired receipt may be exchanged or refunded to a Home Depot store credit or a Home Depot Commercial Account for the lowest advertised price.”

Store credit is WAY better than being stuck with a set of wrenches that you’ll never use.

Home Goods

If you lose your Home Good receipt you’re not completely out of luck.

They’ll give you merchandise credit buy you’ll have to show them your I.D. so they can track your return history.

Their website also states that the name on the merchandise credit must match the name on the photo ID if you ever want to actually use the credit in-store.


According to the Kohl’s return policy, if you don’t have you receipt, no problem.

From their website, they can “cannot locate your original purchase and/or for non-receipted returns, information from your valid ID will be stored to monitor your return activity.”

Kohl’s won’t give you cash back, but they will give you merchandise credit based on the lowest price of the item in the past 13 weeks.


According to the Lowe’s website, “In most instances, your receipt can be retrieved by using the original credit card, checking account number, MyLowe’s card or by your phone number.”

Lowe’s also leaves the option open to only give store credit (at the current selling price) on returns without a receipt in case they are unable to retrieve it.

5/15/20 Update: I received a comment from someone saying that Lowe’s has placed a $100 limit on items you can return without a receipt if you’re requesting CASH. Any truth to this? Let me know in the comments.


Macy’s claims they will take back items without a receipt as long as the product still has the original tags or price stickers on it.

As I wrote about here, they can also look up your purchase using “the credit card you used to make your purchase, your return label, packing slip, order or shipping confirmation email or registry number.”


Nordstrom should be able to help you find your purchase but they’ll probably need your original form of payment to do so.

If they can’t find it, they’ll ask for a valid ID, track your return, then give you credit via a Nordstrom gift card.

Office Depot

The folks at Office Depot will work with you if you don’t have a receipt but there are a bunch of caveats.

First, all returns without a receipt require a valid ID card and tech products without a receipt are NOT returnable.

From the Office Depot website, all other items returned without a receipt “that are active in our computer system will be refunded in the form of an Office Depot or OfficeMax Merchandise Card in an amount equal to the lowest retail price during the preceding 90 days.”


Not only will REI let you return something for up to a year after you bought it, but you don’t even need your receipt to make it happen in most cases.

If you’re a REI member they can look up your purchase easily, if you’re not, they can use your original form of payment to track it down.

You might be stuck with store credit but that ain’t so bad.

ROSS – Dress for Less

While it can be a bit tricky to return an item to Ross without a receipt, it can be done.

From their website, “Merchandise returns without a receipt will require a valid picture ID and if approved by the refund system, will be refunded in the form of a store credit or exchanged at the item’s current selling price.”

Hey, always worth a shot. Return items sooner, rather than later, as stuff gets lowered in price quickly at Ross and you’ll want to get the highest price-point possible.

Sam’s Club

Similar to Costco, Sam’s Club has some solid ways to find your receipt so you can make a return.

First off, you can visit this page, login using your membership number, and print any receipt from the past 3 years.

In most cases, you can also show up at a Sam’s location and they can lookup your purchase history so you can make a return without your receipt.

Worst case scenario you’ll get store credit or a partial refund if they can’t find any proof of purchase.


Staples will do their best to try and find your purchase using your debit or credit card.

If they can’t find it, and the item is still in sell-able condition, they will issue you store credit for lowest price in the past 30 days.

They reserve the right to say “no return for you” if they feel you are abusing their “no-receipt” return policy.


Target has the ability to look up your purchase, making an original receipt totally optional.

If the item was a gift, and you don’t have a receipt, you are going to be stuck with store credit.

But if you made the purchase with a Target RedCard, Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, or Discover card they can usually find your purchase.

If they can’t find any evidence they will deny the return or give you store credit.

TJ Maxx

TJ Maxx will happily give you store credit if you return items without a receipt but a valid ID will have to be provided.

Your store credit is redeemable both online or at any retail location.

If you’re returning an online purchase you can use your email confirmation if you lost your packing slip.

Tractor Supply Co

Tractor Supply has no problem taking your return if you don’t have the receipt, but be prepared to show a valid ID as they’ll track your returns that way.

If it’s a large order it will require manager’s approval.

You won’t get cash back but they’ll give you store credit for the item’s current price.


Walmart also has a fairly liberal return policy when you return items without a receipt.

With NO receipt, Walmart gives customers the option of a cash refund (if the purchase was under $25), or a gift card (if it was over $25), or an even exchange for an identical product.

It has also been suggesting in the comments that the number of allowed “no receipt” returns at Walmart varies from state to state.

Ask the Reader: Do you know of any other popular stores who will take something back without a receipt? Let me know in the comments and I will check them out.

By Kyle James


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mary schmidt

KOHLS–Before Christmas I was able to receive full refund for an item without the receipt. They were able to pull up the transaction using my ID and the debit card that was used in the transaction. I was able to get a full refund rather than the lesser sale price which they first offered me. I told them that I had paid more for the item than the first offered price. Then they asked for the ID and the card used and pulled up the transaction.


As long as the store still sells what you bought there (at Bed Bath and Beyond) they will take it back no questions asked. You don’t need the receipt or even the packaging. Just make sure you have everything. I returned a vacume that I had for a couple years that stopped working. They still sold it so they took it back. They even let me pay the difference and upgrade to the next model.


Well not in my case I have some cutlery and some pot that were bought at another store that I tried to return them to they told me they record of it whatsoever and then Cab Company items and they gave me a receipt saying that once they find it they will gladly give me a call that hasn’t happened yet and that was by the month show yeah I don’t really appreciate that the return policy that could have just been me and didn’t want to deal with a black man and believe me racism is still alive and well


They have no record of it because you bought the items from another store. Try returning the items to the store you purchased them from.


It bought at another location, same store. Stay in your lane , you will need to comprehend the issue before trying to interject


You could be right since I recently had a situation similar at Walgreens. Unable to locate purchase at a different walgreens than where I made the purchase…went to the one where I purchase & nobreceopt no prob! So your “interjection” that you took the time to post…good advice soooooo!!!


It’s not a black thing it’s more like you were trying to scam them into giving you money for something that wasn’t even bought from them in the first place and it didn’t work. “Pulling the race card when something doesn’t benefit you is still alive and well”

Floopity doo

I would of let you rerurn the *pot* no problem…


You were committing fraud by returning nasty vacuums that you used for 2 years for a full refund. This abuse of their return policy is why they changed it to a very strict one. I can’t believe you’re bragging about having used a vacuum for 2 years and instead of throwing it away, you got a full refund for it. So they had to eat the cost of it and you got a free vacuum. You disgust me.


Why does she disgust you? A good product should last longer then a couple years. Especially if u paid decent $ for it


LOWES has placed a $100 limit on items you can return without a receipt. If your gift sells for more than $100, better have a receipt or the credit card used to paid for it. Thanks for the article.


Can you return without a receipt items that total over $100 for store credit though?


Yes you can but I do think they have the right to refuse it over 200.00 and maybe a lot if smaller questionable items that could be easily pocketed and returned(understandable).

Justin Hardy

That’s probably just in your state for the $100 returns, because i do returns that are up to $600 at Lowe’s without receipts


How did u do that?


Are you dense? Lol…why would you advertise that….wow! I can picture the lifestyle!


As a former Home Depot associate, I can tell you that returns of high value (like $600+) are far from uncommon and not cause for an automatic assumption of theft. Contractors, for example, return big ticket items and left over materials without a receipt all the time. Because home improvement stores rely on Pro business far more than many small sales from families, we bend over backwards to keep them happy.


Thanks Elle…glad you shared this!


Problem is…small families can dress like contractors and abuse the return policy.


What state do u live in cause i need THAT


What? Put me On! Lol


Hi Justin, can I ask you when you say “returns” do you mean you’ve been able to return more than one $600 item w/o receipt and have been successful in obtaining a gift card? I am asking because my fiancé, a builders, has not been allowed to return so much as a snickers bar w/o receipts! No warning , no number to call just an annoying store manager that follows him around the store!! I’m in mass btw…where are you ?


Same issue in Reno. So I just have others return for me then flip off the manager when I am leaving. Works everytime Note: I spend over ten thousand a year at home depot and still get this treatment.

mike watsey

lowes will return ANYTHING without a receipt on your 1st or 2nd time doing it up to about 500


What type of items do they accept without receipt?


Not true. I just returned almost $200 worth of merchandise yesterday without a receipt


best buy will return items without receipt more likely if the item was never open


I’ve never EVER been able to return at BB w/o a receipt and/or over the 14fay return policy ugh they’re brutal!


But not if its over 200$ I tried to return a vacuum that was bought as a gift and they needed to be able to find the receipt. I think its more based off what they have profiled you as from the jump


Kohl’s no longer issues actual gift cards for no-receipt returns, you get a gift certificate that looks like a paper check with your name on it and they mail it to you in 7-10 days, just like Old Navy does. Best Buy returns depending on the manager’s preference, and phone accessories i.e. cases, chargers, etc. will not be accepted without a receipt. I personally have returned $150+ worth of merchandise at Lowe’s and Home Depot without a receipt. Wal-Mart will accept up to $100-$150 worth most of the time, depending on the store, and you have 3 returns/exchanges without a receipt per 45 days. JC Penny’s will return but only give you the lowest selling price EVER, so $200+ worth of clothes can equal less than $25 in store credit. Office Depot will not return printer ink without a receipt. Target will allow a no-receipt return worth $75-$80 per year. Dillard’s, Pet Smart, Old Navy, Earth Fare will also allow no-receipt returns most of the time as well. Marshall’s/Home Goods/TJ Maxx will allow up to $200 worth, depending on the specific manager’s discretion and they usually will deny returns for smaller and more expensive items that can be easily stolen, like sunglasses, make-up, perfume/cologne, and some wallets. Please keep in mind, this is only based on my personal experience!


Walmart’s policy as far as how many returns you can do without a receipt in a given period of time vary state to state. In Virginia you can only return 3 times per year without a receipt. In Michigan you get 3 returns without a receipt every 6 months. And if you’re a dedicated returner without a receipt person (you know what I’m talking about…..) the systems at Walmart are not linked between states. They also do not go by your name to track the returns. They go by your drivers license number. Say you have a Michigan drivers license, and a Virginia license. You can return 6 times every 6 months in Michigan using the 2 ID’s or 6 every 12 months if you’re in Virginia using both ID’s…


In Arizona, Wal Mart allows 3 returns without receipt every 45 days up to $50.00 each. Some locations allow 3 returns every 45 days without receipt up to $25.00 each. Those are few & far between. Every now & then, you’ll get an employee who sees you have maybe $10 over the $50 per return without receipt limit & will allow you to get a Wal Mart card with credit up to $60.00 or so. However, if you ask a Wal Mart employee what the policy is, they’ll tell you it’s 3 returns every year without receipt up to $50.00 each. Not sure why they aren’t better informed.

Similar to Target when they changed their policy (in Arizona. Not sure about other states.) a year ago to somewhere around $300.00 per year without receipt. It used to be $75.00 a year. Not 1 employee knows the limit nor do they know that it’s around $300.00. Some, very few, locations still go by the $75.00 outdated policy & don’t allow a larger return. That may be per visit, though. Not sure if those few locations that limit the credit amount being given to $75.00, do so per visit, only. Or if they see in their system that the customer had been given credit for items returned without a receipt prior to the current return they are attempting to process & will then deny the transaction due to not being able to exceed the $75.00 yearly without receipt return limit, or so they believe it to be.

None of it makes sense because I would imagine employees would realize when a customer has reached their policy regulated limit, the system won’t allow credit to be given & will stop the transaction via automated tracking per drivers license number used. As this does happen somewhere around the $300.00 per year mark. Whether a customer does 4 returns around $70.00 each or 2 returns close to $150.00 each or 1 return at about $280.00, the system will deny additional credit to be given at a certain dollar amount. There is no rhyme or reason for it since I’ve seen people denied at $240.00, $290.00, $320.00, $275.00, whatever. I’ve gathered that $300.00 is on average, the amount that’s rarely exceeded.


That’s not true Walmart is linked state to state.


From my experience, Target does not have a limit of $75-$80 per year. I just made two returns back to back without a receipt and was issues store credit for both. One item was $216 and the other was $165 (total of $381). Also I made a recent return without a receipt to Home Depot for $276. I was given in store credit as well. I have also returned at Kohls without a receipt just last week and received in store credit, not some coupon mailed to me. The one you have to watch out for is Walmart. They are starting to limit returns over $40 without a receipt and the Manager must approve anything over that amount. The Manager will give you some run around about it in some cases.


What state are you in??? Anyone in Cincinnati area with info??


I worked at a nicer Walmart for 4.5 years and I can tell you that at least my store got rid of the price limits after a while. Our front end ASM decided that imposing such a limit wouldn’t really stop the thieves who found ways around it, and our system could track your ID for no receipt returns for the entire country. If you returned something over $10 and a few days later did it again, we knew where and what day you did it and we strictly enforced the three return limit. Most people returning things without receipts seemed to be honest but there’s always someone wanting to cheat the system.


At alot of these places if you exchange your item without a receipt, for another item of the same value, ,they will give you a recipt when you do the exchange. You can then bring the exchanged product back and receive cash.


Umm no you will not get cash back as the receipt will
show that your original item was exchanged for credit or like item.
You will maybe get another store credit depending on how sketchy you look/act when you go back in.


Walmart doesnt do that!! I Work for Walmart if somebody bring an exchange item for return we always asked for the original receipt if the customer tell is doesn’t have then we give store credit if some Wal-Mart’s give cash is depend the person to take care but in my store we don’t do that!!.

mary jane

ive recently for some reason have been doing alot of returns w no receipt….at walmart you get 3 returns every six months.i a hispanic female was only given 2 $50 returns then $26.whereas my white cute bf got one for $62 then $106 then $ seems easiest for the first one and as you go it gets harder on your third.a friend of ours did $40 then $46 then $26. it pays to be babyfaced in walmart.and white.i have tattoes and our friend is kinda shifty looking. get 3 no receipt returns every 180 man got $28 a $54 and a $48. our friend was denied 6-7 times.never got a return at target.i had already used mine earlier in the year…jcpenny.they only give two returns wout receipt every 180 days. and their haircare products you only get half. it doesnt seem like their as raceist as walmart….$106 my first one.second was $ man hasnt gone there yet…homedepo…i got $88. so far thats all weve done…oh on a side note resale stores for sports gear you can sell sports gear for cash.

Megan Tresner

Here in Kansas I have never done a non receipt Walmart return that was less than $200 and trust me I’ve done my fair share of them 😉


Fred Meyer will also do that although I believe they are only local to the Pacific Northwest


I purchased a dress (Baba suit) for my kid and it was not fit perfectly and he wore that still but the next day the button was gone and he could not wear that. I did not have the receipt and went to return.

Night time around 10 pm I went to the walmart which opens 24/7 and customer service person said use on of the billing location. I waited more than 15 mins in the purchasing queue and I said the situation then asked is it possible to return?

That employee told that why you guys are not keeping the receipt and it is a hassle for us to do return without receipt. Also said if you stand 8 hrs then you know the pain. Also said that it is used and returning, is it worth returning for the money?

I said that ok I am sorry give it back I don’t want to trouble you. But she tried with some tag inside and asked manager finally they said cannot return it without receipt.

This was so embarrassing to me, without the button no one can wear. I have to trash it.

Not sure, I did anything wrong on this but I felt so sad on the the billing women, who is old and expressed her feelings. Still I cannot accept the way she talked. If the customer service person would have told come next day, I might have visited next day.

Customer service persons may be trained to handle customers but not the billing persons, they should not send customers there.

Also I think, they feel return happens just for money after use, in this case they why they accept returns?


English as primary language

“I purchased a dress (Baba suit) for my kid and it was not fit perfectly and he wore that still but the next day the button was gone and he could not wear that.”

1st, why is your son wearing a dress?

2nd, why are you complaining about people that return items after having worn them?

3rd, if your dress-wearing son wore a dress long enough for this button to come off, how can you have the nerve to even attempt a return? And you are surprised and embarrassed that they didn’t give you a refund? Most would be too embarrassed to attempt a refund in your case!

Btw, English is the native language of this country. When used in a forum such as this, your point would be more easily understood if you could get a better grasp of it. And a dress for your son that is trash because of a missing button? Sewing a button can be a handy skill. Especially when raising cross dressing children.

Good luck to you! 8/


you clearly understood what they were trying to say because you replied to every sentence they made, so what is the real problem? do you know how hard it is to learn english when it’s not your native language? i think it was very easy to understand. BTW there is no official language of the united states english is just the most popularly spoken one. the REAL native languages in this country barely exist anymore because the natives were massacred by people with the same mindset as you! take your blind nationalist ignorance somewhere else


Actually it really is. Granted were awash in the words sh@t however English for the time being is in fact the language of the us of a. Don’t take my word for it simply look it up.


You are an asshole! I bet you’re a trump supporter aren’t you? Jack ass

Floopity doo

First it was probably a kid that sewed the button on to begin with working in some sweatshop overseas. Second, English is not the native language of this country- the native language(s) of this country are spoken by the native people who inhabited this land long before any english speaking folk arrived on the shores. Third, didn’t your momma teach you to keep your mouth shut when you haven’t anything nice to say? Learning manners is just as important as learning to sew…

Ps. I would’ve taken the garment back too with full dignity in tact. We participate in a global economy that utilizes work labor that is questionable and at many times unethical. All the while the corporation reaps billions plural in profits. Just because we have labor laws here in the US don’t mean them same laws are in effect over this global free market economy we ALL participate in. So yeah, take it back if it don’t work.

Renee Rules

Wow, how horribly rude and insensitive! You must be one of those people that knows EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING and always articulates said knowledge seamlessly…hahaha! More like “I scold people for having the courage to share & learn because I am…am….???? Uneducated? In an abusive relationship? Your compelled to do it because it’s the only way you feel better about yourself? All of the above? Listen, only two kinds of people talk like you did to that person bully’s & bigots neither of which is a redeeming quality.
My suggestion is, like mama used to say, obviously not yours, if you don’t have anything nice to say…don’t say anything at all. Seriously your like a litter bug mouth! You open it and garbage comes out!


Ross does however they give the current price so you can loose a lot, theft is huge there so it’s a concern, target used to have a limit of no receipt returns but usually you can call corp and they will waive it, same with Ross. I have heard that Macy’s lets you return almost anything even used FYI, but I think they require receipt.


Walmart employees will tell you that you only get 3 receiptless returns within 6 months, which isn’t true. You get 3 within 90 days but the trick is that you have to wait 90 days from the 3rd return for their system to clear. On the 91st day, when you do a receiptless return it will be like your first return. On the 89th day, the system will flag and the manager will see that you’ve done 3 recently and they will decline it
Target had recently changed their receiptless returns Bc it use to be only $75 a year that you could return. But this past year, I’ve been able to get a lot more returned to target without an issue.
Kohls, any receiptless return over $200 will be sent to corporate and they will send you a merchandise credit. Once that happens, any receiptless return you attempt to do at Kohls will be sent to corporate for them to send you a credit.
Happy returns 🙂


Home depot in the state of ga. No longer takes returns without a reciept.


My dad just gave me a TV that he won in a raffle. It had a Costco sticker on it, so I took it over to Coscto. They shook their heads and called a manager. Then the manager came and she shook her head and said that I needed the original receipt and only the original purchaser could return it. I wanted to exchange it for store credit so I could get a different tv.


In Arizona, this is what I have found: Petsmart, Petco, Marshalls, T.J.Maxx, Home Goods, Bed Bath & Beyond, Frys Grocery, Safeway, Albertsons, Walgreens, CVS, Best Buy, Staples, Office Max, Dicks Sporting Goods, Winco, Big 5, Crate & Barrel, Auto Zone, J.Crew, J.Crew outlet, Ross, Target, J.C.Penney, Kohls, Wal Mart, Toys R Us, Babies R Us, Lowes, Home Depot, Victoria’s Secret, Joannes, Michaels, Old Navy, Bashas Grocery, & The Disney Store will all give store credit for returns done without a receipt. These are only stores that I know about first hand.

There are a lot of other stores I’ve heard will give credit. I was either informed by other people or in reading online policies. Unless I personally have succeeded at receiving credit without a receipt, I wouldn’t put it on the list of stores. And store policy really doesn’t mean a whole lot unless a company just doesn’t do any refunds without receipt, no exceptions. Other than that, even if online policy says they do & in calling corporate office you are told they do, none of that means anything when u walk in & are at the register. At that point, whatever employee you speak with or whatever the manager of that location has told employees is the supposed policy according to themselves is the only answer that is going to be legit in that moment. At which point, even if different policy is plastered all over the register in large, red, bold print in your favor & you get corporate on the phone because earlier u were told you would be able to receive credit without a receipt, you will now be told by corporate that each location has the right to decide case by case whether or not to give out store credit in exchange for returned items that are unopened. As for all those big, bold, red signs screaming that you can return items without a receipt & be given store credit? Well they’re apparently all for show. Mere decorations to brighten up the place.


I love your follow up on how it doesn’t matter what corporate says or what the stores own policy is. It’s always up to the store associate who’s helping you. I’ve returned a few things with or without a receipt and when I’m at the return counter I’ll get a different answer and explanation of what the store/corporate policy is, even at the exact same stores I have had this happen.

Lori Beth

You are 100% correct, thank you, someone finally said it…in the moment when you are at the register, its anyone’s guess as to what part of their supposed return policy, if any, that customer service rep (if you can call em that half the time) will abide by or actually adhere to. Most of the time, its based on your appearance & demeanor as to what level of a refund they will allow you, factoring in little to nothing else besides that. As unethical & unprofessional as that ends up being…..its reality, plain & simple.
Thx again for your above post, it is the most realistic & definetly the most accurate.

Out of Luck at The Home Depot

I can tell you that The Home Depot does not allow returns on items for which you do not have a receipt. Someone brought me two packs of Bosch blades to use on my Dremel oscillating tool. Of course, Bosch blades do not work on Dremel so I brought the unopened package back to the HD to exchange for the correct blades. Keep in mind that I have been renovating an abandoned house since October of 2015 and have spent THOUSANDS in the HD. The clerk asked for my DL. She typed in my number, and my refund was declined. She tried it three more times with the same result. She gave me a number to call when I got home. I called the number and reached a third party vendor. Turns out, they track non-receipt returns. It was my first, but I am now in their database. Not cool. If you try to return an item without a receipt and they ask for your license do not give it to them or risk being put in their database. I wish I had a Lowe’s closer to my house so I could give them my business.

K 9

Lowes uses the same verification system actually a lot of stores do its a consumer reporting company that records your purchase and return activity. The company is called The Retail Equation I looked them up on The Better Business Bureau website and read the complaints. There was a couple people that asked for their file to be removed and they actually did it but if they did another return at any of those stores a new file would be made on them keeping track of their activity.

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