Sam’s Club Return Policy: Your 12 Burning Questions Answered

Updated December 15, 2021 by Kyle

The Sam’s Club return policy is pretty darn solid. But is it as good as Costco’s? Not only will we explore that question, but we’ll answer all your other concerns about Sam’s policy. Here’s everything you need to know so you can shop smart and carry on.

Sam's Club Return Policy: Your 12 Burning Questions Answered

How Many Return Days Do I Have?


Similar to the Costco return policy, Sam’s allows you to return items ANY TIME after your purchase on most items.

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Any Exceptions to the Unlimited Return Days?

Yes, there are quite a few note-worthy exceptions.

Tires and Batteries: Depends on the manufacturer’s warranty. Check it out first.

Cell Phones: 14 days from date of purchase.

Televisions: 90 days.

Computers and Tablets: 90 days.

Contact Lenses: 30 days.

Electronics: 90 days. Before you return an item you might want to call 1-877-758-4346 for free technical support from tech experts.

Games and Software: 90 days.

Movies and Music: 90 days. If you open it, they’ll only take it back if the CD or DVD is defective.

Can Items Be Opened or Used?

Yes, items can be opened and used and still be returned.

What If I Lost My Receipt?

They prefer that you hold on to your receipt to make your return a breeze.

But…if you don’t have your receipt, they’ll do their best to locate it within their computer system.

Apparently it is not a given that they’ll be able to locate your purchase history.

In any case, be prepared to show your driver’s license so they can track your return history.

This is NOT as a good as Costco as they’ll always be able to look up your purchase when sans receipt.

UPDATE: Thanks to Dirk for letting me know that you can login to your Sam’s account online and access all your old receipts.

You can simply view and print copies of them and make your return at Sam’s a piece of cake. 

Can I Return Items Bought Online to a Sam’s Warehouse?

You can return 99.5% of items bought online to any Sam’s location.

A few of the notable exceptions include golf carts, vending machines, and auction purchases.

I have NO idea what a Sam’s Club “auction purchase” is. If you know, let me know in the comments, thanks.

Are Any Items Non-Returnable?

Yes, glad you asked.

You’ll have a hard time trying to bring back any of these items…

Alcohol: This one varies by state, ask at your local Sam’s if you’re not sure about your state law.

Cigarettes and Tobacco: This is not 100% true. Some Sam’s locations do allow you to return cancer sticks.

Personalized Items: Think about items like a personalized birthday cake.

Contact Lenses: This is only true if you open the box they came in.

Eyeglasses: 14 days from date of purchase.

Gift Cards: BTW, Sam’s is a great place to buy discounted gift cards for local restaurants and retailers.

Hearing Aids: Make sure they work before you leave Sam’s.

Ticket Sales.

Prescriptions: There are some exceptions, ask the pharmacist about it when you get your free consult.

Car Tires and Batteries: This one depends on the manufacturer’s warranty.

What’s the Return Policy on Mattresses?

Mattress return

I started a live chat session with Sam’s Club as I couldn’t find their return policy on mattresses anywhere.

At first they told me they need to contact the vendor as they give them return instructions.

I then said, “It’s a Serta, will you take it back? It’s very uncomfortable and hurts my back.”

They immediately said, “Yes, definitely we can take it back.”

If you bought it in-store, take it back to Sam’s.

If you bought it online, call them at 1 (888) 746-7726 for specific instructions.

Who Pays Return Shipping Charges for Online Returns?

If you decide you simply don’t want the item then you’ll have to pay return shipping charges.

If the reason for the return is an error by Sam’s, or a defective product, then they’ll pay the return shipping fees.

Can Items Bought in a Club Be Returned Online?

Nope, bummer.

You’ll have to return them via their online return system.

Can I Return Items to a Different Club?

Yes, you can with these 3 important exceptions:

– Alcohol: If you live in a state that allows you to return alcohol you have to bring it back to the Sam’s Club that you bought it from.

Cigarettes and Tobacco Products: Same as above.

Contact Lenses: Unopened contacts must be returned within 30 days to the Sam’s where you bought them.

Can Their Return Policy be Abused?

Because their return policy is quite generous, Sam’s inevitably gets shoppers bringing back some pretty crazy items.

Many of which border on “policy abuse”.

Keep in mind that like any generous return policy, it will eventually go away if abused.

Can I Be Banned From Returning Items?

Yes, you’ll be banned if you regularly return items like brown bananas or an invisible watermelon.

Return smart and carry on.

Which Return Policy is Better: Costco or Sam’s Club?

Tough question, but I’d go with Costco for ONE reason.

Costco is better in terms of tracking your purchases so you don’t need a receipt.

If you lose your receipt with Sam’s, it appears to be a 50/50 chance that you can make the return.

Ask the Reader: What has been your experience with the Sam’s Club return policy?

By Kyle James

Photo credit to JJBers.


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here is the link to Sams club auctions

Dirk The Impailer

Maybe this is a feature they added since this article was written, but if you log in to your account at, you can view and print copies of all receipts going back to August of 2015 (as of today, 1-6-2019). I have never had a problem returning anything to Sam’s Club!!!


I can’t find the option you’re talking about. Can you tell me where you’re able to find that information? TIA!


When you log in it’s under YOUR ACCOUNT and then PURCHASE HISTORY

Maribel A. Evans

I’m having trouble getting a Serta mattress refunded. They picked up the mattress but the refund has yet to be processed. Does anyone have a direct number to someone that can assist? The CS department has not been helpful.

Jessica M.

Have you gotten your refund? I have a Serta mattress & adjustable base that I need To return and have been wondering if they will pick it up and what the process is for that.

Joseph DAndrea

Our Sam’s Club in Williamstown New Jersey just took back a five-year-old mattress that was cave then no problem 15 minutes in the store 15 minutes home but I did have a receipt why did you not like adjustable frame I didn’t know Sam’s have it

Alisha H

Did you get your refund yet? How long did it take, I’m trying to return a mattress and find it a hassle.


This happened to me too. They have two processes…1, cancel/return and 2. Is rhe actual creduting of your refund…after waiting for 2 Months to get $1000 back, i dispute my transaction with my cc company and got my money back. Good luck.


I am dealing with this hassle right now and it’s really frustrating. It will be almost 3 weeks now and nobody reached out to me yet. I have called 3 times already! Should I just dispute my transaction with my cc company?? TIA!


How do you write an article about Sam’s Club, and not have full knowledge about ways to purchase from this store?! Yes, Sam’s Club has an online auction on their website, with distinct rules on returns that differ from regular store or online purchases.

Mary Banks

This site is WRONG! “Sam’s allows you to return items ANY TIME after your purchase on most items.” It goes on to say that TVs, computers, electronics and some other items are 90 days. The truth is NOTHING will be accepted for return after 90 days–EVEN IF YOU HAVE YOUR RECEIPT. EVEN IF THE BOX IS UNOPENED AND IT IS A CURRENT ITEM ON THE SHELF. At 91 days you are out of luck. I can’t wait to move to an area that has a Costco!


Not entirely true. I returned XBOX after 6 months with no hassle and it was used. Bought online and returned online. Thing is there are items that are covered under Sam’s club satisfaction guarantee (cant recall exact term but it is mentioned on the listing) and if so the item can be returned anytime as long as you have continued membership.


Thats not true. I just returned some unopened jigsaw puzzles that i had forgotten to return from last Christmas, so about 13 months.

Ben Robinson

Can you return without the box?

Birju Master

Mary is not wrong. Sams club has either not trained there employees correctly or there are now just giving people a hard time. I have went in multiple times with items that are not electronics and I have had to argue with them that there is no 90 return policy and please refund my items. It takes me speaking to the supervisor but SAMS club 100 percent has something in there system to give people trouble returning if it is passed 90 days. They are changing and not posting there return policy updates. Costco is a million times better

Elsa albovias

I bough a portable air con last yr can I still exchange it it’s not working no cold air I have no reciept


I purchased an air conditioner and paid $29.88 for 3 yr warranty. I returned the air conditioner 2 months later, but they refused to refund me for the 3 year extra warranty. So now I ended up paying $29.88 for a 3 yr warranty for an item I no longer own! Very mad!!

jack hasselhoff

this part is true i returned a battery powered speaker and i was forced to keep the 3yr warranty on it even though i dont have the product.

Nikki price

I had the same prob at walmart. No return on warranty after 30 days


Want to perch a bed at SAMS. Worried if I don’t like it. Will they give me a hard time?


I was given a gift that was purchased from Sam’s club. Can I return it for a refund or exchange if I don’t have a membership?

Jessica Kelly

What is the policy for mattresses?


Short answer; no, the return policy from Sam’s
Club is subpar in comparison with Costco.


What if merchandise was bought for you by a club member. Can you return an item without receipt?


Took back an unopened fire pit that I bought in February. I had my receipt and paid cash. They would only give me store credit. Reason, “because it has been a long time”. I wanted to speak to the manager, but was in a hurry and decided to take the store credit.


I think the return policy experience varies from club to club. I took back a $50 garden hose that failed after two years. I just wanted a replacement but they gave me cash and said if I wanted a new one, I would have to take the cash and then wait in the checkout line and purchase a new one.


Can I return headphones at Sam’s club purchased over 90 days?