9 Brilliant Hacks to Save Money at Gymboree (Plus 25% Off Your First Order)

Updated November 15, 2023 by Kyle
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Gymboree has grown in recent years into a favorite among parents looking for quality clothing at a good price. But if you shop at Gymboree without a plan, you’ll often pay WAY more than you should. It’s with this in-mind that I did the painstaking (not really) research to discover some brilliant tips and hacks to maximize your savings, both online and in-store. I was even given a 25% off Gymboree coupon for new customers, to pass along. (See tip #1 for details)

9 Brilliant Hacks to Save Money at Gymboree

1. Take Advantage of a New Customer Coupon

If you’ve never made a purchase from the Gymboree website, make sure you DON’T do it at full-price.

To help you with this goal, Gymboree gave us an online coupon to hand out that’ll give you 25% off your first purchase of $40 or more. Not sure how long this coupon will be valid, so use it before you lose it.

Click HERE to get your 25% Off Gymboree Coupon

2. Find Hidden Gymboree Coupons

If you’re a loyal Gymboree customer, and don’t qualify for the 25% new customer coupon above, here’s a cool tip. Check out these two magazines: Parent’s and Family Fun.

They both regularly have Gymboree coupons within good for 20% off your entire purchase.

You can either subscribe to either one for about $10-$15 a year, or you can swipe a coupon out of one when you’re in the waiting room at your doctor’s or dentist’s office.

3. “Gymbucks” Hacks

Gymboree has these cool things called Gymbucks. A few times a year, they have what they call “Gymbucks Earning Periods”.

For example, right now you can earn $25 in Gymbucks for every $50 you spend (though January 8, 2017). Then between January 12 – 22, 2017, you can redeem your $25 Gymbucks on a $50+ purchase.

Yes, that’s essentially a 50% off coupon.

A Couple Gymbucks Hacks:

  • Redeem them on Clearance Items. Yes, you can redeem Gymbucks on clearance items, many of which are already marked down 60-80%.
  • Save Gymbucks to your Phone. This program is on shortcode 65635. Just text them at that number and you’ll be able to save your Gymbucks directly on your phone for easy retrieval. You will receive one message per request to the mobile number provided.

I’ll add more Gymboree savings hacks here as I discover them.

4. Be Social When Shopping In-Store

When you’re shopping the clearance racks at your local Gymboree location, you might notice that the shelves seem a little picked over, or maybe the size or color you want is MIA.

Don’t walk out of the store empty-handed, instead start a conversation with employee and polite ask if all the clearance merchandise is currently on the sales floor.

Because most Gymboree locations are on the small side, typically not all clearance inventory makes it on the floor.

By having the conversation you can often have a helpful employee check the back for exactly what you’re looking for.

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5. Always Buy Discounted Gift Cards

I’m a HUGE fan of using a site called Gift Card Spread.com to buy discounted gift cards for Gymboree.

For example, right now you can buy a $152 Gymboree gift card for $143, and a $81 card for only $76.

You’ll essentially get savings in the 6% to 10% range by doing nothing but buying the discounted gift card from them. Easy money.

6. Always Stack Your Savings

While Gymboree doesn’t allow you to stack coupons, or Gymbucks with coupons, you can absolutely stack a coupon along with a store-wide sale.

As a matter of fact, this is probably the single best way to save money at Gymboree.

They often offer 40-50% off store-wide sales, then use a 25% coupon on top of that, and you can buy clothes for your kids for darn near cents on the dollar.

This makes for a great time to stock up and save. Buy a size or 2 up and store the clothing for your kids until the following year.

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7. Shop Gymboree End-of-Season Sales

While this tip seems fairly obvious, it amazes me how many folks ignore it and buy items at full-price “in-season”. Shop in March and stock up on clearance deals for the following winter.

Shop in September and stock-up for the following spring and summer. Just buy a size or 2 up and store it at a HUGE discount until your kids need it.

8. Follow Gymboree on Social Media

Gymboree does a great job of posting exclusive coupons and deals on both Facebook and Twitter. For example, they offer free shipping via their website on $75 or more.

Pretty steep, right? But if you follow them on social media and “check-in” with their feeds before you checkout, you’ll know when they offer free shipping with NO minimum.

A promotion that they run many times throughout the year, especially around holidays and special events.

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9. The Gymboree Rewards Program Rocks

Let’s face it, most reward programs suck out-loud. Spend a ton of money for a few reward points that have a bunch of restrictions. But not the Gymboree Rewards program.

They’ll give you 1 reward point for every dollar you spend, both online and in-store (retail or outlet).

Earn 250 points and you’ll score a $5 savings certificate.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg as their reward program also gives you exclusive coupons and discounts, members-only coupons and deals, early access to special shopping events and promotions, and free Gymboree Play & Music class pass, plus $20 off enrollment.

Ask the Reader: What Gymboree savings tips would you add? Let me know if I missed any good hacks.

By Kyle James

Photo by Mike Mozart.


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