Can You Get Spotify Premium Free? Here’s The Real Scoop

Updated October 26, 2020 by Kyle

My family absolutely loves the music streaming service Spotify, so much so that I actually splurged for Spotify Premium last year. Now each kid can build their own playlists and listen to any song they want from their personal device. So when I heard online rumors about people figuring out how to score a free Spotify Premium account, it piqued my curiosity. Could it really be possible? I ended up doing a bunch of research and here’s what I discovered.

Can You Get Spotify Premium Free? Here's The Real Scoop

First, the Scams, Myths, and Sketchy Stuff:

When it comes to getting Spotify Premium for free, there are many folks who are trying to outsmart the system and illegally creating a way to get free access.

Here’s what you need to know to not fall victim.

– Change the Date On Your Phone “Hack” – I discovered several illegal “hacks” where people extended their 30-day Spotify free trial be simply changing the date on their phone to something in the past.

This would extend their free trial by however many days in the past you went back. Don’t do it.

Not only is it wrong, but it can really mess up your smartphone apps that need the correct date to function and stay updated, not to mention your calendar.

– Use a 3rd Party Spotify App – I also discovered a YouTube video where some dude used a bogus Spotify app which got him full access to Spotify Premium free of charge.

He never really said who created the app which is a good reason to stay away from it. Don’t do it, as you run the risk of picking up a nasty virus on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

– Free Spotify Premium Codes – Apparently, there are these Spotify “codes” floating around the web which require you to download a “code generator” onto your computer which you can use to get Spotify for free.

These are very shaky sites to say the least, and many are riddled with spyware, viruses, and malware. I’d stay away from them all.

4 Legit Ways to Get Spotify for Free (or Really Cheap)

While there exists some shady ways to get Spotify Premium for free, there also exists some legit ways to get it free, or for very little money. Here are a few:

1. Get a Really Long Spotify Free Trial

Spotify normally comes with a 7-day free trial when you redeem your trial via mobile. So don’t redeem via mobile….ever.

Instead, start your trial via your desktop or laptop and take advantage of their 60-day free trial. This 60-day trial only works for users who’ve never had Spotify Premium before and are willing to enter their credit card info to get the free trial started.

2. Share a Premium Account

Did you know that you can share a Premium account with others and split the monthly cost?

Get 3 friends or family members on a Family account with you and each will only pay $3.75/month.

Make it easy: Have one person pay the monthly bill, then just collect money from the others every 6 months or so.

3. Student? Get Spotify Premium for Cheap

Did you know that students can score Spotify Premium for only $4.99/month via Spotify Student for up to 12 consecutive months? To qualify you’ll need a .edu email address and be able to show proof of enrollment.

4. Guaranteed 30-Day Free Trial Without Getting Charged

After you start your 30-day free trial, go into your Spotify account and under “Subscription”, click on “Cancel your Subscription”.

You’ll still get your free 30 days and won’t be charged once your trial ends.

The best part is you’ll no longer have to remember to cancel your free trial before getting billed for your 1st month.

Ask the Reader: How do you save money on your music and entertainment costs?

By Kyle James


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Anyone know how to get the free trial for 30 days without putting in my credit card info?


This is not the “real deal.” This is you tainting people with your own “goody two-shoed” morals. Thanks for your input, Dad. No, seriously. Many of us are adults and we don’t need people like you telling us what to do. Or what is wrong and what is right. If the developers of the application do not bother patching security-holes in their software, then it’s perfectly fine if someone takes the time to learn how to breach them. I’ll certainly keep everything you said in mind though, while rockin’ out to my Spotify Freemium.

El barto

What a douche.


“goody two-shoed” morals. and what you should have said after that is – No, seriously. Many of us are adults with NO morals and DO need someone to tell you what is wrong & right !! You sound like it’s OK to steal from a store IF YOU DON’T GET CAUGHT! ?
You sound like our president Biff !!


I’ve downloaded those shady 3rd part apps, on many different phones. They work perfectly without viruses. Some make the app think it’s a tablet, others use the beta version of Spotify. The beta one that I use is ad free. And has 99% of the premium features. Just it won’t update with new versions, and it won’t do some things like you can’t do offline

Don't believe me?

Haha this is fake. Any software is free if you know how to use a computer. People just don’t want to put time and effort into digging around on it. But it’s okay if you don’t want it. Just more free stuff for me. It’s not hard to get it either with out any risk. 😉


Can you teach me how to get premium acc for free?


I want to know how to get Spotify premium account for free too? I now using Tunelf Spotify Music Converter to download Spotify music for offline listening now, but it also need to paid.


Hey bros, here is an easy way for you to get Spotify music without premium. To do that, you just need to get a DRmare Spotify Music Converter Mac or Windows to help you. After trying, you will find a new tip to enjoy Spotify music with ease.


I don’t think there’s a real free Spotify Premium out there. For me, I’ve been using TunesKit Spotify Music Converter to download Spotify songs without Premium. This is the feature that even Premium can’t get from Spotify.

Marcel Kofler

Thanks for the introduction. Actually, there is a totally free solution to listen to Spotify offline without a premium – using a third-party tool known as AudFree Spotify Music Downloader. With it, you can listen to Spotify music offline with the lossless sound quality on any device without a premium subscription to Spotify.


I also love using AudKit Spotify Music Converter as the replacement of Spotify Premium. It helps me download Spotify songs as local music files and block the ads inside.


You can also try Tunelf Spotibeat Music Converter to unlock the unique features of Spotify premium.