Free Starbucks For Life Is Back and WAY Better Than Before

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Who wouldn’t love to win Starbucks for life? If you’re a caffeine junkie like me, you’d be there everyday asking your favorite barista for your free coffee. Thanks to a recent promotion from Starbucks, free coffee for life could be a reality. Here’s everything you need to know to make it happen.

Free Starbucks For Life Is Back and WAY Better Than Before

How To Get Entered to Win Coffee for Life

First of all, you need to be a Rewards members to play. Sign-Up here for free.

There are 3 ways to be entered to win.

  1. Make a purchase at Starbucks using your Starbucks card linked to your Starbucks rewards. This will get you a free play to try and win. Maximum of two plays per day.
  2. Visit Starbucks for Life and get a free play without making a purchase.
  3. Do the “Life Challenges” and earn more plays. (See below for more details)

So basically the more you order, the more chances you have to win.

Match three game pieces and win the corresponding prize.

See image below which shows that I have one of the 3 pieces in a row necessary to win Starbucks for a year.

Starbucks Gameboard

Do the Life Challenges to Earn Extra Game Plays

Life Challenges

Every week through the end of 2018, Starbucks is offering “Life Challenges” as a way for you to earn extra plays to try and win.

Here they are broken down for you by week:

Week 1 (11/27/18 – 12/02/18)

Make 1 mobile order by paying ahead = 1 Free Play.

Make 3 mobile orders and pay ahead = 3 Free Plays.

Week 2 (12/03/18 – 12/09/18)

Buy something from Starbucks 2 days in a row = 1 Free Play.

Buy something from Starbucks 5 days in a row = 3 Free Plays.

Week 3 (12/09/18 – 12/16/18)

Make 1 weekday purchase after 2 p.m. = 1 Free Play.

Make 1 weekend purchase = 3 Free Plays.

Week 4 (12/17/18 – 12/23/18)

Make 1 purchase over $10 = 1 Free Play.

Make 1 purchase over $30 = 3 Free Plays.

Week 5 (12/24/18 – 12/31/18)

Make ANY purchase at Starbucks = 1 Free Play.

Make ANY purchase at least 4 separate times during the week = 3 Free Plays.

These free plays will automatically be added to your rewards account.

I highly recommend using the free Starbucks app as an easy way to guarantee you’re getting proper credit for your purchases.

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What Other Prizes Are Available?

In addition to handing out coffee for life to 5 lucky people, Starbucks is handing out these other prizes which total $1.6 million.

– Free coffee for 1 year.

– Free coffee for 6 months.

– Free coffee for 3 months.

– Free coffee for 1 month.

1,000 bonus stars.

500 bonus stars.

250 bonus stars.

125 bonus stars.

Having multiple prizes makes this a way better promotions than things Starbucks has done in the past as you have a much higher chance of winning something.

The Fine Print:

– This promotion ends 12/31/18 at midnight.

– “Free Starbucks” means you’ll get 1 credit added to your account EVERY day which will get you a free drink or food item. The credit will only be good for that day and can’t be carried over.

– Also, if you do happen to win the “For Life” prize, it actually only means free coffee for the next 30 years.

Ask the Reader: How often per week do you visit Starbucks? It seems to me that if you visit regularly you have a darn good chance of winning something.

P.S. In case you were wondering, the estimated value of winning “Starbucks for Life” is right around $55,000. That’s a lot of mochas and lattes.

Good luck.

By Kyle James

Image credits to Starbucks.


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