How to Easily Score a 16oz. Grande Coffee at Starbucks for Only $0.93

Updated July 30, 2020 by Kyle
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I’ll admit it, I love Starbucks. But I hate their ever-rising prices that seem to be heading toward $5 “coffee” milkshakes being the norm. But I’m stoked to say I have an awesome way to save money at Starbucks every time you walk through the doors. Use this trick and essentially score a 16oz. Grande coffee for a very affordable price of $0.93 (instead of the regular price of $2.10). Here’s exactly how it works…

How to Score a 16oz. Coffee at Starbucks for Only $0.93

Use a Reusable 16 Ounce Cup

Starbucks Reusable Cup

For this Starbucks hack to work you’ll need a reusable cup or tumbler.

Most Starbucks locations still offer the $2 reusable 16 oz. Grande cup which is perfect. The cup will score you $0.10 off any cup of coffee.

You can also spend a little more and get one off Amazon.

You can also bring in your own mug from home or even a Mason jar and get the 10 cents off.

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Order a Tall

Next, be sure to use your reusable 16 oz. cup and order a “Tall with no room for cream”, not a Grande.

Not only is a Tall cheaper, but most Baristas will fill it to the brim giving you a Grande for the price of a Tall.

A Barista on this Reddit thread even said as much, “I work at Starbucks. In my personal experience with Starbucks whenever some body brings in a mug of their own, including the 1$ cup, I just charge them for a tall size and fill that bad boy right up. Charging them for more money seems pointless when it’s only a few more ounces of coffee.”

How cool it that? While not every Barista will fill you all the way up, many happily will, especially if you’re friendly and chatty.

Score a Free Refill (or Really Cheap)

After you finish your cup of coffee and are ready to leave your local Starbucks, make sure to grab a free refill on the way out.

You’ll score totally free refills with your registered Starbucks Card.

Don’t want to join? You can still get refills at the very affordable price of about $0.50 (varies by location).

I’ll often take the cup with me and use it later in the day for a tasty iced coffee.

Rinse, Repeat and Save

Do this Starbucks trick every time, and depending on how often you visit, you’ll save a large chunk of change.

For example, if you visited 3 times per week and ordered the Tall brewed coffee for $1.85, versus $2.10 for a Grande, you’d save $39 a year.

But the best part is you stand a great chance of getting the same amount of coffee.

Throw in free refills and basically the price of a 16 oz. Grande cup of coffee drops to $0.93. (Math: $1.85/2 = $0.93 per cup)

The price drops even more when you factor in the 10 cent discount Starbucks gives you for using your own cup.

Ask the Reader: How do you save money at Starbucks or do you just stay home and brew it yourself for pennies on the dollar?

By Kyle James

Photo Credit to Kurtis Garbutt.


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